News is False

(National)    News Lies -    Ted Elden

As do national associations, universities, medical institutions for profit & control..

Congressional Record openly reports where national news was bought out.

Forgive me for shattering myths, but consider these concept.

We live in a world of myth, comfortable simplifications of our world.  Myths keep us from action, freedom, safety & more.  Who creates & sustains these myths ?

Think about thinking.

" Begin by forgetting what you have learned. "

" Since corrupt people unite amongst themselves to constitute a force, then honest people must do the same "

Count Leo N. Tolstoy


The essential is to get rid of deeply rooted prejudices
we often repeat without examining them. "

A. Michel 1959

After 1,000s of hours of studying 9-11, I found 100s of critical facts reported but not repeated in news.  I began to realize that news is not always true or complete.

Most of what we know, we get from other's reports.

We accept and believe the information because it is widely accepted.  We do not study, confirm, investigate.  We assume our news has considered all information and our news leaders only presents what is true & important.

When you begin to realize we use to have 1,000s of independent newspapers, but now, thru changes in FCC, only 9 corporations control 95 % of all main stream news, TV, books & movies.

What chance does an independent researcher or witness have to penetrate their iron grip on information ?

When you examine who owns & controls the news, you will find it parallels and interconnects with the rich elite, who own and control our military industrial complex, pharmaceuticals, & banks.  They limit the information we receive, so as to maximize their domination over us, their profits and control.

Information is bias by whom ever shares it.
My goal is freedom and knowledge, not control and profit (as is there's).

Simple logic and common sense will show you much news cannot be true, from other things you know, physical sciences or alternative information you can easily find, read, consider. if you are only curious.

So what important news this is not true ?

If you do your own research, or follow clues from this site,
 you'll easily find the back story. Here are some examples.

Ruby Ridge:  Randy Weaver was proven innocent in court, and gov. paid settlement for killing his wife and child.  No arrest or warrants were made. The gov. BATF far exceeded its authority in it's execution squad.

Waco - Branch Davidicans, exterminated without a search warrant, no arrests, way beyond the appropriate use of law & force to the death of many innocence. Those who escaped were also tried, and acquitted of any accused crimes.

Oklahoma City Bombing - Cover-up.  From citizens reports, those within the building and those outside, on early news clearly showed the bomb were within the building.  The secured building would only allow their own approved person within the building.  Aerial broadcast film moments after the explosion showed a flat street in front of the building.  The story that a truck bomb was the main force and that it created a crater in street before building is simply not true.

9-11 U.S. government was active to cover up the real event, and probably participated in causing it's damage.  NORAD had over 1 hour to react to the hijacked planes as they normally do, but make no reaction on that date.
Immediately after, congress passed Terrorist legislations, written long before

False Flag Operations are where one political party injures another adn leaves clues to blame a 3rd group.  These events expand anger, hate, war, all for
the profit of those who deceive us.

WW II - Pearl Harbor Attack.  was specifically provoked and known in advance by FDR, thru work of spies & ambassador, to cause damage to Americans to merit a reversal in popular opinion to get United States into war for the huge profits generated.  google FDR Knew      see The Barnes Review for articles.

Hitler burned his own Reichstag (government building)  to raise German anger against Poland to galvanize an aggressive attack and war.

Anthony Sutton has written extensively how many US companies aided Hitler's rise to power and aided in his war. IBM actively monitored their equipment to  number on each prisoner.  They did not sell computers but actively monitored their leased equipment, so they knew what was going on in prison camps.

  1. Hitler was chosen as Time magazine's Man of the Year for 1938 

  2. Many military leaders have written articulated in explaining what goes on behind the scenes to cause, expand war, adn who profits and how.

  3. War is a Racquet by Smedley Butler, decorated war hero

  4. Pawns in the Game, by Parr

  5. TerrorStorm video by Alex Jones

  6. Many may at first think the news is just incomplete, or not informed.

  7. When you study it, you'll see a pattern.,  The national news has many tentacles at headquarters adn across the nation. They often speak in direct conflict with local news, but they dominate.  News agencies across the nation repeat the news form the news leaders, they do not do their own research nor contact the local news.  Those who find conflicting information, simply yield to the loud voice, the national media, that which most people hear and believe.

  8. What is their agenda ?

At the top, the ruling elite, the bankers with power and money control our world.

They hold their power by the news they print, circulate.  Information that would lower their power, or call to question their operations, are simply eliminated from the public conspicuousness.


We think we elect representatives for us in congress.  But the ruling elite have the money, power, influence to craft elections, and control the representatives in office.  They are but the shadows of the real power, who finance and promote our representative, to do things for the controlling corporations.


The ruling elite have bought control over

our news, our government, our money (Federal Reserve), our health, our world.


Their agenda is to control our world, limit our thinking, increase their profit and control.  Their primary agent is the control of the news. See Georgia Guidestones for stated agenda. - depopulate world, - establish one world government; unified law, religion, currency, thereby dissolve each sovereign nation, cultures, and 90% of population.


We think we elect representatives to guide and fix our world, but they have little influence.  The (false) news keeps us for know or understanding our primary problems and the new keeps us focused on local fires, concerns, problems to occupy us so that we do not have the time or concern to look at the underlying foundations and at the deeper, more insidious problems.


Without a clear understanding or even perception of our serious problems, we cannot gather to consider and cure them.  They are beyond public perception.

This web site is to awaken other to the deeper problems inherent in our world, controlled and hidden by the ruling elite.


News controls our world, our thinking and perception.

What is not news is not perceived nor considered.


Evil flourished when good men do nothing.    Burke


As you understand how these controller work together secretly thru organizations like: Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderburgers, Committee of 300, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, Free Masons, Vatican, Great Britain.

Their goal is not the health, safety adn prosperity of Americans. They are international in scope, adn their goal is to help, protect and prosper their own, at the lost to most everyone else. With their power, influence, money and control, they have infiltrated all controlling organizations; government, justice, foundations, colleges and all forms of publication & news.


I ask none to believe me, but if you follow the clues,

.        the conclusion is inescapable.


So regarding other defenses from these revelations.


Truth goes thru 3 stages: - ridicule, - then   anger, - then   acceptance.


        To deny these truths, things unknown, most people say:


This cannot be true.

            It is different than what I and others know.

It is not important. 

            It does not effect my life, my family, things now.

What can I do? 

            I'm just one person against Herculean, gargantuan forces.


Let's tell others.    Develop broad knowledge of the problem to work on solution.

Find leaders and recourses, people, time, energy, funding.


Tarzan progresses in a jungle swinging from vine to vine.

He can only progress, when he releases vines he once held.


So with learning, as we come to know things more clearly,

we must release old ideas that are no longer true.


A car is hard to start moving or hard to stop. It has inertia, resisting to change.

So with our thinking, whatever we once thought, we'd like to continue thinking.

We can change our minds by study and thinking, but it takes time and energy.

Most just work for things with a direct and immediate reward.


Few are motivated or able to work for the community and our future.


We are so stressed with family, job, obligations, earning a living we are removed from a quiet time to reflect or act on bigger issues.


Most of what we know, we get form others ?  Who is your source of news ?

I had always lived in the main stream, believing and acting on the popular new, until my deep studies showed me news is not true, and there is much better, helpful, healthful information easily available to those who are curious.

This web site and our Truth Seekers meetings are to expand the important truths we are unraveling.


Think - you can have a better life !


Quotes from the linked  article: from the Western Socialist, July, 1947

"The owning class has also a supreme and invincible weapon within its grasp: political power, - control of the army, navy, air and police forces.'
'Hence the intense stream of opinion-forming influences which stems from their ownership and control of press, radio, schools to mold the workers to the view that Capitalism is the best of all possible social forms. And that only political groups who accept this view are worthy of workers votes."


Truth Seekers   9-11 The Great Deception  
Does no Law require income tax ?


Currently, the CIA and even the Bush administration constantly have manipulated the news, planning false stories, to lead public thinking to support their goals and actions.  More explained here:


Dependent / Independent    (on news/ authorities/ truth)                   from Elden


I think simply, If you want to know something, you can.

It just takes time, thought & energy. is another great source to see source documents

from which the revealed truths come.


While many rely on main stream (new/ books),

I believe we can build better knowledge and action by our own research.

& talking and meeting with other sincere Truth Seekers.    shows:    $ billions in Congressional reports and these:

FBI pedophile symbols


Category:Bilderberg Group


Category:Series/Bilderberg reports

Bilderberg meeting report Cannes, 1963




By Deception they do rule,           they do war.


See the Secret Covenant, from             or google it directly.


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