California DEW Fires Dec. 2018

allegedly Direct Energy Weapons, destroying people, homes, cars, but not burning trees.

Paradise Lost # 20 ~ @ 50,000 Murdered !!!...A Matter of Genocide; Copy and Share

California fires, News says 25 killed.

This report shows 50,000 missing (murdered !)

Paradise Lost #16 ~ PT. 1; "THIS IS MASS MURDER" ...
The Victims Speak Out and Share Their Stories

Homes, Buildings, cars, tires, metal & stone burn up, but near by trees do not burn.

Evidence points to DEW, Direct Energy Weapons, a technology developed by our military since 1960s.

Similar phenomena is occurring in distance places,
although this type of fires have never occurred in our past.

Visible laser rays coming down to scorched earth.

Chem trails raining inflammable aluminum, cell phone towers, 5G, smart meters.

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