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Robert Fox has won against felony charges on himself and others.


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Robert Fox In 1990, was tortured & abused 238 days in Fed. Torture Chamber (prison) in Springfield MO.  In mental evaluation, he was asked to make a plea bargain - What has that to do with mental evaluation ?

He had made his own passports.

He was charged with forgeries & counterfeit documents & He won. He beat their charges.

The legal parties against him included Sec. of State, James Baker, who presented his signed and red wax & sealed statement.

Wash DC big wigs wheels were flown in to trial in Tex.  It was a big case, He was charged with 2 federal felonies.

Fox stood against 4 fed. agencies.

He faced 100 years in prison.

2 felonies went to trial. They lost on both charges.

US vs. Fox 766 F Sup569 (1991)

After that, Congress changed the law.

18 Title 15 46 A

Fox made his own passport

A government passport cost $ 160 each.

There are 300 million Americans. 

If others did as he did, then the gov. could lose $ 45 billion.


His charge was 1546 A, The problem (for gov.) with the case against him was the charges were from immigration & nationalization laws which were (NOT) concerned forgeries & counterfeit of entry documents.  A passport comes from State Dept., not immigrations office.


What court do to enforce their claims on people is threaten, fine or jail you.  Your stress is so great you tend to accept a plea (admitting something you know is not true) to avoid a greater loss to you from court actions.


When you are locked up, you lose contact to the outside world.  You lose your friends, family & property - for lack of payment like apartment rent or car payments.  losing your job, wife, family or friends who presume you are guilty.

Fox was under siege in Jacksonville TX from 2008 to 2016, on 9 charges.

He won on 1-8 charges, but on 9 they were so desperate, they assembled 3 separate jury pools until they got a lying prosecutors, crooked judge, rigged jury.

State vs. Fox 418 SW 3rd 365 (2013)


Before the state attacked Fox,

IRS said IRS calculated $ 280,000 as Fox's yearly income in year 87-89.

He had never filed income taxes ever.

He said he had no contract with IRS.

Fox told a field agent, that Fox had no contract with IRS.

That stopped IRS's action against him.

When agents later came to haul off his office equipment, he had put a label on the entrance window and each piece of furniture:

All property at this location is on loan to Dr. Brooks

by private contract.

They are taking away file cabinets, computers.

IRS agent observed property owner laughing.

This property is owned by leasing company.

They had to return the property as is did not belong to Fox.

Fox wrote to governor of Intl. Monetary Fund

Issue: The IRS is unregistered foreign agents.

According to FARA Foreign Agents Registration Act

all of these people are Foreign Agents:

attorneys, IRS, judges, prosecuting agents, courts


Since they are collecting info & contributions for a foreign power, they must be registered or face 10 years jail.


If they have started action against you, then it is harder to extricate yourself then if you brought your defense up before they engaged you, or established a charge against you.


Use a habeas corpus to undo that

HC change you from being the defendant to be the prosecutor.


File a civil suit


Some one (Clinton) gave Am. nuclear secrets to the Chinese.

Government blamed & charged a Nuclear physicist, When Olee in Los Alamos.

Someone (Chinese ?) funded a criminal defense team for him.

They funded a separate team with civil law suit against the gov.

In the civil law suit they got discovery.

What they discovered, they used to crush criminal prosecution.


1980s when gold was high, Fox was buying gold at a kiosk in shopping mall.

He had there an old worn chess set. 

A Tournament player chanced by and played him.

They both found the game HUGELY stressful, sweating profusely.  Fox won.


Look at a US Fed. Resv. note signed by

Treasure of the United States and by

Sec. of Treasury (who is Gov. of IMF)

Sec. of Treasury is in DC


Sec of Treasury

FRn has serial numbers

In a copy of United States Gov. Manual

under Treasury Dept., flow chart, see


Sec of Treasury, is Gov. of Intl. Monetary Fund)

is foreign power.

Sec. of Treasury is expatriated

compensation from Intl. Fund

no allegiances to the United States


His allegiance to Intl. Monetary Fund

United Nations, typing pool,

to be in service of foreign power

have to be expatriated


Bar is Birth Accredited Registry

agents to the Queen


Failure to Identify

every state is a criminal event.

name to search their data base, where you live.

Nick name, failure to identify.


1990 He identified, he told someone his NAME.

Then he was charged, convicted and spent 238 days incarcerated.

Since then he has never identified, nor ever told or admitted his name to any one since.

Every state has a (bogus) law that you must Identify yourself or you can be charged with Failure to Identify.

In court, his judge was:

Judge Kristen Wade, daughter to Henry Wade who established the Wade vs. Roe - government funded abortions.


Once in Court, the prosecuting attorney was questioning a police man as to his actions against Fox.

Did you ask him to identify ? Yes, & he would not.

Did you tell him we have a law to identify or he goes to jail.  Yes.

Did he identify, handcuffed, cruiser, to jail.

Prosecutor beaming with smile.

Let his arguments rest.


Fox then asked the officer:

Officer - to be officer, you must swear oath to support the state & federal constitutions

You were armed, with gun.

Having sworn to support the constitution

you attacked me by force of arm to be a witness

against myself (forcing denial of the 5th amendment).



State dismissed charges against Fox.


Fox was in 3rd year micro biology when he quit

Zika virus, they say is carried only 2 kinds of mosquitoes

Virus is non living, it does not eat

You can't starve it, it cannot reproduce.

It penetrates cell wall and makes the cell



They say it can only come to you by 2 kinds of mosquitoes

It can be sexual transmitted.


Louis Pasteur's competitor spoke against Pasteur's germ theory.

If a sick woman coughs on many people.

Some catch sickness, some won't catch it.

The variable condition is the territory or state of each person's health.


Dr. C. Samuel West found the formula for life & death.  His book is Golden 7 plus 1


Jack Keaton: Mortuary, highway construction, oil fields, raising horses.  He had Lyme disease, named for Lyme Conn. where it was found (or created)


We discussed using Baking Soda and Maple Sugar as a cancer cure, and or oxygenating your body, Hydrogen Peroxide, or moving your body to more alkaline condition, less acidic, to stop the cancer growth.

Ted has seen an ancient Asian text, possibly 1,800 years old, suggesting that same cure to reduce or eliminate tumors (uncontrolled growth or cancer).

Rob Fox, Linda & Brian, Gilda, Jack, Mary Ann, Katie, Mathew, Ted