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The world is very different then mainstream news and government tells us. You're visitor:


To night we talk about this.

Please look at this website before coming to our call.

Cabal Finished


To join our open conference calls, send an e-mail to

Please state your name or nick name, your city & state.

You might also mention your primary interest like:

truth, taxes, false flags illuminati, etc.


I am the host to the conference calls.

To join the call, you dial a number, then enter a code.

then you will be among others on a conference call.

You can listen, talk or question.

New people would be kind to just listens for a call or two to understand better what we are doing.

We do not all agree on everything, but general we all agree that the general public is greatly deceived.

We also believe that many high profile people in government, corporations & Hollywood
have been engaged in huge crimes against humanity, child trafficking, human sacrifice & more.

It is shocking to learn these things, but we must know and tell others to have these evil people arrested, tried in military tribunal (court) , and put in prison or executed.


Please click here to know what we will talk about tonight, 19 Jan. 2021


I do many things, but this in particular.


I collect & connect people & ideas.

There are many ways you could help me.

I can teach anyone how to make calls, do e-mails, post to websites etc.

All I do is simple clerical work.

I have collected & I try to distribute 400,000+ files:

documentaries, books, articles & more.

I could do more research if / when I find people who will simply help me with clerical tasks:

- communicating with people, scheduling, hosting, preparing some presentation etc.