Under an Ionized Sky: from Chemtrails to Space Defense Lockdown by Elana M. Freeland, book to be released Feb. 2018

             Her current book is     Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth © 2014

Space is weaponized    https://youtu.be/N_yANDUFbgM 


Ted notes: This is possibly the MOST important video I have ever seen.


This is what the US military (privately owned) is doing to us now, hoping we don't see or understand.  Chem trails are being laid world wide to ionize the skies so they can do laser warfare & control (magnify horrific storms, earth quakes - coupled with Qwen & cell towers, and with nanotechnology to actually have individual contact/ control of all people on earth - and we are helping them as we don't understand how they are doing this.)


Rather than say: Not true !  learn the technologies & harm behind HAARP, chem trails, and many other evil technologies mentioned in these notes. 

    Evil flourishes when Good Men do nothing !


Notes below Video - Published on Oct 17, 2017    Ted's notes are further down.


Global Chemtrail Summit High Technology now makes it possible to monitor all of us and change the weather, monitor space junk in orbit for launching satellites and undreamed of control of our environment. A multimedia presentation. The following quote is from the writeup on her book.... Chemtrails HAARP & The Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth

We are entering a Space Age, but not the kind President Kennedy originally envisioned. This Space Age is replacing resource wars and redefines planet earth as a "battlespace" in accordance with the military doctrine of "Full-Spectrum Dominance."


This book examines how chemtrails and ionospheric heaters like the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) in Alaska service a full-spectrum dominance. This "Revolution in Military Affairs" needs an atmospheric medium to assure wireless access to the bodies and brains of anyone on Earth—from heat-seeking missiles to a form of mind control.


How sinister are these technologies? Are we being prepared for a "global village" lockdown? The recent release of NSA records have reminded Americans that "eyes in the sky" are tracking us as supercomputers record the phone calls, e-mails, internet posts, and even the brain frequencies of millions.


Elana M. Freeland's startling book sifts through the confusion surrounding chemtrails-versus-contrails and how extreme weather is being "geo-engineered" to enrich disaster capitalists and intimidate nations.


A deconstruction of Bernard J. Eastlund's HAARP patent points to other covert agendas, such as a global Smart Grid infrastructure that enables access to every body and brain on Earth, a "Transhumanist" future that erases lines between human and machine, and Nanobiological hybrids armed with microprocessers that infest and harm human bodies.


Ted's Notes on this video


Space Fence

Synthetic Biology

They are keeping skies ionized using nanotechnology


5 G tiny waves will shatter DNA

Making plasma, Plasma Orbs

Directed Energy Warfare (thru ionized chem trail skies)

PTB get nations to buy cloud seeding, and ionize their skies.

(PTB will list advantages but never reveal the horrific bad results.)


> Operations Served by Geoengineering

- Weather / Environment modification/ warfare

- Planetary/ Geophysical operations

- Electromagnetic operations

- Directed energy warfare operations

- Biological/ Tran humanism operations

- Surveillance/ Neural operations

- Detection/ obscuration of exotic propulsion systems

     UFO & anti gravity & other propulsion systems

National GeoSpatial - Intelligence Agency, Directs Global Info Grid (GIG)

Space Fence Watching Over Us

Lockheed Martin

Hollywood-military predictive programming

 of Battleship 2012

AMDB Air and Missile Defense Radar S-Band

AMDR-S Digital Array Radar, 2012

Digital Beamforming (DBF) Enables Rapid Scan Rates

Their games of space & warfare all need to have in place an ionized atmosphere,    hence the continual world wide chem trail spraying.

"News" sigils preprogramming us not just

for CERN but for Space Fence lockdown

Illuminati Black Magick Television Tricks

Revealed Part II

Sigil Magick Ahead

Note use of harmonics and sound in combination with sigil magick to induce a trance.

Columbia Broadcasting System, know as CBS is # 1 Illuminati programming network

Leader in mind control and sigil magick.

LDAL (Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens)

Force Shield Unveiled Combat

LDAL is HAARP tech rebranded



The Future of Spying (technology since 1995)

Earth's atmosphere can be turned into massive surveillance systems using LASERS, scientist discover.


GeoPhysical Warfare

Eco-type of terrorism to affect climate, set off earth quakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.

US Sec. of Defense, William Cohen. 1997



ARCO Technologies

EISCAT 3D, Generation 5 ionspheric heater

Europeans building FIVE new HAARP type VHF FM arrays

10,000 dipole elements per array.

at 33 minutes on video, note this new array of antennas covers acres and acres, HUGE !

They PTB will close down FM radio transmission to use for their space wars.

Sea-based X-band radar (SBX)

a mobile HAARP transmitter

NewScientist: A laser projector is mounted on a plane, and projects holographic image on a cloud

They MUST have an ionic atmosphere to do this, hence the Chem trails

Facebook wants to build 11,000 Drones

bring internet to Africa

Saturn's Hexagon, NASA's Cassini probe

Travel to Saturn, leaving nano particulate  electrical condictive particles

Aluminum, Titanium, Lithium, Barium

Plasma is the 4th state of matter.

It can be a gas, or fire

Hexagon: Nuclear bombs & devices show symmetry

Van Allen Belts problem

Why 1969 Apollo moonwalk is doubtful

39 min: NASA engineer Kelly Smith explains how to shield for Van Allen Belts

Jane's Defense Weekly; Nic Cook, Antigravity technology, microwave thrusters

Auroa, XB 37 or 47

Under an Ionized Sky: from Chemtrails to Space Defense Lockdown by Elana M. Freeland

$ 30, Feb 2018

We all are the subject of a Psych Op(eration) to confuse & deceive you.

All US people are cannon fodder, grist for their military machines and goals of dominance.

We, not foreign countries, nations and peoples.

Our US military is planning and doing, as they always have , cruel & unusual treatment and privacy violations to all of us,

supposedly think they are immune to prosecution as long as most people do not understand what is happening.

We are under the cloak of occult, diabolical, elite power.

Our awakening Consciousness MAY thwarting PTB's evil plan.

175 U.S. patents prove that geoengineering and weather control technologies are REAL… see the list here - tag Dane Wigington founder of GeoengineeringWatch.com

Also watch for the work of DARPA (Black Budget) projects

- - -

Ted's recurring theme:


People first deceive you then they steal your wealth, health, and clear thinking burying you behind distractions, money, popularity, news etc.


By Deception, they do Rule

          (or do war)


You can know all of this, from your armchair, or any library.

Go to the internet, learn to do searches on these words and terms. Eventually you can see how all this connects together.

It is NOT true because someone said so, some authority, or expert.

It is true because you, by yourself can question the internet to see all this source information.  You can see how it all connects.