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Conspiracies    click to conclusion at bottom.

My website develops thought.  It will persuade and teach you slowly.

If you are in a hurry, this page is for you.  Atlantean-Conspiracies This list several of the items from left column.

There are 100s of conspiracies on going. The popular world will deny these.

The conspiracies are hard to understand as you have to learn many things you've never seen or heard before.

In the left column, I am giving you a very brief explanation of some conspiracies.

Many people do not want to know about them.  The conspiracies are covered up by:
news, politicians, bankers, professors - and all those who profit through the conspiracies. 
They pretty much control our world.  Information is controlled by: government, news, universities.
They control us by giving us false or distracting, distorted info. and blocking important info.

    Evil flourishes, when good men do nothing.

You can learn of these conspiracies from many sources.  Books, articles, news, reports, lectures, internet, you tube, my website.

A general rule is that whatever is popular, commonly accepted, taught in universities,
shown in news & government reports is not true, or a distraction or exaggeration.

    What is taught and popularly believed is a thin lie to cover up the more complex reality on going.

    To understand how all these conspiracies work, you need to understand about:

        Secret Societies: Illuminati, Skull & Bones, & dozens more.   Government, politicians, laws, policies, ...

        Banks (Federal Reserve) & how they create money out of thin air..  They pay / bribe people to do their will.

    People, Presidents, directors, board members rise in power as they do the will of the evil rulers, the Illuminati.

The people who are truly ruling the world are unseen in news and history.  They employ lackeys to accomplish their purposes.

As they work to increase power & profit for the illuminati or any of these secret organizations, they rise in power & wealth.

If they awaken to and or speak of the truth, then they are shaken of their title, rank, income, perks, etc.

The truth sayers are heavily pressured, mocked, threatened or harmed to stop exposing the real rulers.

    We are conditioned to think that:

- if there was a problem, the news media, congress, courts & or the universities would tell us.

No, just the opposite.  Most people & organizations are so tied to the lie, they cannot consider, look at, name or stop it.

They have committed their jobs, income, property to maintain what they earned, and what they learned.

They do not want to consider the deeper truth as they guess they might lose something:

    - money, - job, - reputation, - be separated from others, etc. - fear, - threat, - harm.

Many Americans are asleep.  We are completely dependent on our institutions:

    - news - government, - court, - universities.  We do not want to and actually cannot think deeply of these areas of concern.

I suggest you take any possible conspiracy and study it deeply.

    I studied 9-11 for 1,500+ hours.  In conclusion, I know the government, news media & even universities

are intent to put up smoke screens, cover stories, and promote them widely.

They get a benefit, they keep the flock, the people blind to reality. They continue their other lies.

It is natural to believe the common lies.  Most people will forever avoid to know the truth until they have a big problem:

    - divorce, - bankruptcy, - law suit, - serious illness for you or someone close to you.

People could learn the truth, but MOST people (even me) will not look at harsh realities until we are personally threatened or harmed, or have loss. 
We wait until we are forced to think about law, courts, deceptions.

There are methods that the big guys (government, media, universities) use to suppress truth.

They mock, don't report, terrorize and or threaten people who do speak the truth.

The fancy ACTORS you see on news broadcasts just read their script. They don't know (nor want to know) the truth.

Their game is to keep us anxious, confused so we live in fear & submission,

    - fighting, - warring, - killing in nations world wide as an excuse to steal their wealth and resources.

We pretend this fighting is to protect our way of life, but really it is just to feed our military and corporate government..

We are fighting those wars so the banker can rake in huge profits for loaning money for armament, munitions to kill & destroy and later to rebuild, all that falls on the back of we the tax payers.

- - -

The Truth is hidden or heavily suppressed from the general apathetic, materialist, self serving public.

Only those who earnestly seek truth, remain focused and committed can find, confirm, and know the truth.

If you stay focused on any one of 100s of conspiracies, you can learn how the basic, cover story is formed and long protected by news, government, universities, etc.

Those in power want to keep and increase their power and control.

To do that, they MUST keep these conspiracies a secret.

As time passes, more and more is revealed of these hidden truths, but most people think these bad things happened long ago, and surely they think, this could not happen again.  The art of news is to keep people from thinking about current events more critically, to keep these conspiracies suppressed are kept from the general population for most of the time.

I neither intend to solve all the conspiracies nor to explain them all.

I show you some of the conspiracies so you might come to understand how they are hidden from the public, so you too might develop the skill to seek, find, confirm and know of them while they are current, years before the general public might come to understand them.

Anyone can contact me any time if they'd like a little help getting started. I encourage you to contact me for many reasons.

I have 1,000s and 1,000s of resources at my officer, far beyond what I post on my web sites.

Also, for 12 years, I've host conference calls where people come to listen, to learn, to talk and to question.

Among those people you may find others with similar problems to your who might help you find solutions.

There are much more important problems around us that news will ever admit.  They are engaged in keeping you from the truth. I am engaged in getting people to pay attention to obvious evil on going around them.  If we just see & talk about it, that is the first step to cause it to slow or stop.

Here are a few of the conspiracies I think are important to study, to understand how they work and to stop their progress on them.

> Unlimited money creation thru the Federal Reserve, world wide, controlling governments, currencies, corporations, news & education.

> Flat Earth & belief in God stops many false theories including: evolutions, the big bag & more.

> 9-11, > Chem Trails, > Moon Landing hoax, > Sandy Hook hoax, > Northern Calif. fires - Direct Energy Weapons

    You have to study any one or many to really understand ah all your public information sources are blocking you from knowing.

But when & if you want to know, your curiosity can drive you to 1,000s of viable sources disclosing he suppressed information.

toby or     2 b tru    a @ abodia.com


There are many conspiracies ongoing.  Study this website from the front pages:  www.abodia.com

Choose any one topic: 9-11, Moon landing hoax, Sandy Hook hoax.

Study it long and carefully, to understand that news, government, history, are not reliable.

They are all bought up to keep most people from understanding our real problems.

You can and should know the truth.  Most people are depending on government, news, courts to solve our problems,

    but since they openly lie and hide the truth, they are only increasing the problems.

As you understand the deceptions, you can find ways to avoid being harmed by them.

Step from the control of the UNITED STATES Corporation, which is pretending to be a de jure government.

Discuss these problems with others to awaken them.

I've studied these subjects for 12 years, so I can find and follow the conspiracies quickly and easily.

Most people just cannot believe these might be true, so they refuse to look at the hard facts.

By relying on government, news & popular institutions & politicians,

        we yield to their lies.  Even they may not know how deep & broad are the deceptions.

Most everyone has some tie to keep the lie, the deceptions hidden.

They fear to think or talk of them, they might lose:

- credibility, - reputation, - job, - perk, - property.

As long as we avoid these hard truths, the evil prospers.


Although we live in the world, our personal world is limited (or expanded) by the information that we get.

If YOU seek information, you will learn much that would not otherwise come before you.

Ask, it shall be given, Seek, you shall find, Knock and a door will open.  The Gospels.