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"There are only three major causes of illness:
- malnutrition, - toxins and - stress. 

You will most assuredly find any combination of these in any chronic disorder."

Dr. Robert J. Rowen

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see also health   disease cancer-treatments

 Natural Cures - What they don't want you to know.
by Kevin Trudeau, available in print or audio
Trudeau specifically says for every illness, or ailment known to man,
there is a natural cure

The pharmaceutical industry & food industry ( by laws and force),
are removing your options to find & use those inexpensive natural cures.

The new medical profession patents names for symptoms and locks a drug for it's treatment.
They are making it illegal for any one to proscribe any other cure

Eat Fruit on Empty Stomach for best benefit.

This is a collection of articles, notes, ideas & concepts gathered from misc. sources. 
If it works for you fine. No guarantee from this site.  It seems like simple, straightforward common sense.

Since the 1930's, there have been many miraculous cures for cancer, and many diseases. 
These discoveries have been suppressed, but they are easy to rediscover when you have the clues:

Royal Raymond Rife - worked with the military, then privately, developing incredible microscope (6,000+ parts) to view living organisms at 6,000 x magnification.  He learned that certain radio frequencies could kill specific diseases in the body - each has a resonate frequency that kills only that pathogen .  The Medial Industry celebrated his cures for all diseases, with journal articles, and banquets.  At that time, this was widely known, as articles attest.  AMA, CEO Fishborne was the controlling stock holder of the Am. Med. Assoc.  When he could not get a royalty interest in the selling of the Rife Machines, then he crushed Rife, vandalizing his laboratory, bribing his assistant and ruining Rife's life's work.

Rife machines are still available today, still performing their curing miracles.

Harry Hoxsey, in the 1950s also developed a cancer cure, curing 1,000 people per day in 17 states, supported by 50 US legislators.  But he was driven our of the US by frivolous court cases from the Food & Drug Administration, claiming his cures did not work.  For 20 years Hoxsey resisted their attacking, proving through his patients that his cures did work.  Finally they were driven out of US to Mexico.
Book/ Video:
Hoxsey - How Healing Becomes A Crime. alt. cancer cure

Gersen Institute continues to practice their cancer cures, driven out of US to Mexico by AMA.

Dr. Robert Beck, Doctor of Science, found a 1984 patent from NY Medial Center that cured all diseases by passing a weak electrical field over the circulating blood.  It does not harm the red & white corpuscles, but kills micro parasites in the blood, and there fore is a cure for all know disease as per the US Patent.

He spent $ 100,000 in developing a simple circuit that any can buy the parts at Radio Shack and build their own palm sized Blood Purifier, a Zapper, to cure their own diseases.

He developed zapper to cure any known disease, according to the US patent. It's the size of a deck of cards, wear it over your wrist and it's magnetic currents kill diseases in your blood.
It has 4 parts, build it for less than $ 200, You can get some parts on eBay or with donation from me.
You wear the device over your wrist for 10 minutes or longer. All the blood in your body circulates through the whole body every 7 minutes. The longer you wear it, the more times it bathes the blood that passes below it. Many sources tell more, You Tube, internet. etc.

Hulda Clark, Canada, did similar work.

Wonderful discoveries have been made in Health and many fields, but those in power, clinking to their profit, suppress, defeat, destroy their competitors, and keep this knowledge form the general pubic.

With time, energy and interest, you too can find these cures and methods through searching the internet, as we and our Truth Seekers have.

Explore Royal Raymond Rife's discovery - celebrated by medial filed - published, then destroyed and suppressed:

Overview of Health:

You have to learn and try some things before you see the benefit.  You cannot get the benefit without having the info.

Health (& many things) is simple - look deeply at the basics.

There are only 3 major causes of illness:
- malnutrition, - toxins and - stress. 

Our body is ill only from these causes:

- bad / lack of nutrition,

- toxin overload / blockage in liver, gall bladder, urine or bowels,

- stress/ anxiety from thinking or lack of faith or belief in creator/ sustainer.

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.

Let food be your medicine.

So when we are sick, it is not so much we caught a disease or  infection from some where, or some one, it is just that we have not provided proper care of our bodies.  The medical profession seeks to cover-up or remove your symptoms, but they don't see, consider or fix the cause of the dis ease.

If your liver or gall bladder is not functioning correctly because it is overloaded with toxins, you should clear or cleanse it of those overloads. You should cleanse in order, doing the things at the bottom first, then cleansing higher organs. Cleanse the bowels, then the liver, then the kidneys, etc.

If you clear an organ, but not those below it, then the toxins are released into the blood causing problems in other parts of the body.

For health we need: - good rest, - relief from stress (hobby/ meditation) - exercise / stretches, - good diet, - cleansing organs from toxic overloads.

All around us toxins come to us : in our air, water, soil, food (GMO & additives/ preservatives).  We need to constantly clear these toxic we ingest.

An unhealthy body manifest in diverse ways.

God thru nature has provided many natural cures to most all dis eases.  These are not learned nor told as they do not provide the huge income that doctors can earn by limiting their solutions to licensed pharmaceuticals.

There are abundant sources to show, teach, apply these, but YOU have to look for and apply them.

Diseases can start in the mind by harboring: hate, resentment, unhappiness.  Dispense with those though prayer, meditation, bible or church.  Embrace a deep relationship with our Creator.

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.

I have ( and will send or share on a DVD disc)

13 one hour audio presentations from Quest for the Cures -

Cancer (and all ? disease) is not a disease you get, but is the result of a body whose health, nutrition, or maintenance was neglected.

Thus, diseases are the product of something wrong with the bodies natural immune system.  Fix your health, don't chase after ways to mask your symptoms.

We are not told obvious simple, inexpensive solutions because many people make huge profit/ income from selling some complicated solution.

Most or many people seek income and benefit, to the point they become blind to options that would not yield them profit.

Knowledge is power.

Submitting to the control (limiting thought) of others is where we lose.

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Eat Fruit on Empty Stomach



the other side of the coin:

Fluoride is a Poison

Swine Flu vaccination is more dangerous than chance of flu.

The pharmaceutical industries uses flawed science to prove drugs have benefit. 
Many suffer causalities, few gain the benefits. 

For us: little gain, much risk.

For Big Pharm: much profit.

Natural food, natural cures, herb, ancient traditions, are all being crushed and outlawed.

Codex Alimentarius - 'Food Code' will forbid you to - use herb, - grow a garden, - wipe out small farms, as if big farms were safer, more humane !!!

Learn how the elites have infiltrated the health system

Rockefeller  - took over medicine, to profitable monopoly, crushing & outlawing ancient & traditional cures

The Rockefeller Files - By Gary Allen

1 - The Multi-Billion Dollar Myth
2 - The Saintly Sinner
3 - The Family That Preys Together 4 - Profit ..."


Like everything else, I had no idea this was on going until I studied it.


You may be revolted to consider this (we all were), but a thorough and careful study, echoed in public documents will prove this is true.


It continues right into the Bio-terrorism that is coming at us,

thru our own government and the pharmaceutical industry will be the big winner.


Jane Bergermeister from Australia has filed her 112 page report to FBI (from public records again)

I got a copy from

see more at     Vaccines, Swine Flu & more !


Natural Cures That they Don't want You to Know, by Kevin Trudeau

Elden's excerpts: The food industry purposely adds (harmful) ingredients to processed and restaurant food to heighten flavor and or intensify your dining to the damage of your health.  Bad food increases health cost. It is a closed system.


On any subject, I probably have collected much more information,

but I have not posted everything to the web.

I work alone, compiling 1,000s of articles

I sure would like any kind of help.

Elden likes to teach others how easy it is to uncover these suppressed facts, once you are curious to learn.

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Alternative Health  updated 05/30/2009     

Welcome !  I'm from a world of people who find that dominate voices from gov., media, corporations and institutions does not bring you the best information.
They're trying to control you, to their profit.

Information can change our world, improve our lives, health and safety.

Many people do not know how to think for themselves, outside of the "box".

If you will read and think, you have the opportunity for a better world.

On the world of health, I will try to expand this concept as I can.

I've seen evidence of many miraculous discoveries over decades that
removed the symptoms of many diseases, like cancer, aids, and many others.

The treatments were once recognized by the journals, media, celebrated at the Am. Medical Assoc. honored by 50 ? Congressmen & Senators, and winning in court cases for 20+ years.

Yet, the current media would wash away this rich history of successes to have you believe that current research & drugs is constantly improving your health.  We think it is removing from the public knowledge of the existing beneficial treatments that have proven to work.

By information only, our world is controlled, not by fences, guns, laws, just restricting info.
When good news is hidden, we are limited, crippled, dependent.

The internet is not the truth nor a final answer.  It is just a place to quickly and easily find information, from places people don't usually look; court cases, lost books, old news articles, congressional records and public records.

As you read, you can discern what is true, from many witnesses, evidence,
and what is just repeated without basis from news & corporations.

I've 1,000s of hours of research, videos, audio recordings, eBooks, Books.

If any might send me a donation, I could do more.

Ted Elden, c/o a mailing address for me on Charleston, West Virginia

.Talk to me via e-mail     a at

I'm good with computers, words, internet. I have about 1/2 million files.

I can quickly get to the core ideas, where the benefits bloom.

I am not limited by the thinking od others, and the controllers of the world. I delight to pierce thru  veil of secrecy, past assumption to find the foundation facts to enlighten others.

Thinking is what I do best,

on any subject, as I learn their language, people, events.

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