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Save $ 100s or $ 1,000s !        Learn laws & Court decisions - Don't be fooled by news media.    updated 05/28/2009

The truth will set you free.  John 8:32 Main Stream news, TV, books, education all close the doors of your thinking.

Million have discovered this information, but main stream will not include it.- Researchers are fighting for your liberty..

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William Conklin offers $ 100,000 reward to any who can show there's a law requiring most Americans pay income tax.  Check the web, links or these people / organizations for further info.


Only 4 groups of people need to file & pay - you're probably not one ! Maybe 3 % of US population who works for Federal Government.

Laws changed little, but there's progression of writing confusing rules to keep you from knowing fundamental facts.

Fed. Inc. Tax doesn't go to US Gov., but to PR Trust , then to Int. Money Fund abroad, where bankers ferments more wars.
Many beat IRS administratively (out of court) and in court.  Know the law, you prevail.

According to former IRS agent, 67 million have quit filing and paying income tax.
Court cases defeat IRS.  You benefit from knowledge, not show in news, TV, etc. - simply learn the actual laws.

-  President Ronald Reagan's Grace Report determined 2/3 of income tax is wasted - not a dime goes to any U.S. government program or service.  It goes to private lenders. Our federal income taxes do not go to our US government

From my research, I've found many reason you are not liable, and may step from their control.
You best advantage is based on gaining knowledge, and taking proper action.

Some have lost in court  because they were not clearly informed, or did not take the proper action.
Learn from those who have successfully defeated the IRS.

Tom Cryer, Louisiana lawyer beat IRS in Federal Court Summer 2007.  His web site offers much useful information and a course of action.  He has spoken to millions via radio, like Coast to Coast to show obvious point why he and most have no  liability for inc. tax.

Tom Cryer, LA attorney freed ! acquitted by federal jury of 4 counts of IRS.  He's not paid taxes for 10 years.  WorldNetDaily.com

 Know this is real case. Send $ 6 to court to get copies of Fed. Court Docket.  Go to Truth Attack web site to learn more.


-  861 Evidence - Flash slide show

Tax law has not changed for decades, but the code interpreting and explaining IRC has changed many times, making it more confusing and harder to understand, so more people pay, not knowing the simple truth of why and how they are exempt.

    in 1928 ? about 3.9 % of population paid, those in federal government, not private citizens, as the law dictated - then & now.

IRS Commissioner admits tax is voluntary & many drop from their rolls, 35 million at one time. NY Times noted many dropped out.
Supreme Court rules anything in conflict with constitution is null & void.  Income Tax law compromises your 2nd & 5th amendment rights.

 There are many legal reasons to Not File and Not Pay Income taxes - much is outlined here.  Excise / appointment.


Only these 4 groups of people need to pay Federal Income Tax

-  those who live or work in Wash. DC, PR, Guam, federal territories
-  those working for US federal government                    

-  those that make income from foreign (overseas) transactions
-  foreigners living in the united States who derive income in USA.

Wm. Conklin offers $ 100,000 reward to any who can prove we're required to pay taxes.

Only those people.  Most US residents do not have to file or pay income tax.  IRS does not have laws or audit authority over most people. Constitution guarantees you Freedom in pursuit of life, liberty & property. IRS is foreign private corporation for profit working in US.

Income Taxes don't go to US government, but to overseas bankers. Highway taxes pays for roads, property taxes pays for schools & programs.


    on this web site                            31 Questions & answers about IRS www.supremelaw.org/sls/31answers.htm

    links to articles on other web sites

Letters I've sent to Wash. D.C. via certified mail to: Sec.  of Treasury of US,  &  Comm. of Int. Revenue.  Here's summary:     

My demand is for a taxing statute enacted after the repeal of 1939. In the most likely event that you cannot produce it, I shall be at liberty to conclude that I am not a "taxpayer", and am not required to respond to IRS mail that refers to me as a "taxpayer".

If I am not a taxpayer, I do not expect that the government can file criminal complaints against me for failing to comply with an unknown law that applies to taxpayers. Further attempts to coerce me into paying this unidentified tax, by sending me letters in the mail, open the door for me to file suits against the senders for mail fraud and other violations of the United States Code.

Download PDF or read Irwin Schiff's banned Federal Mafia & Great Income Tax Hoax,  etc. at www.PayNoIncomeTax.com

Taxed in the USA -  31 questions & answers about IRS & IRC Int. Rev. Code – overview here - click for full text

I've certified documents - court cases proving these things from Supreme Law. San Diego Calif. from www.SupremeLaw.org/sls/31answers.htm

·         Court findings show Internal Revenue Service ['IRS'] in NOT an organization within the U.S. Department of the Treasury?

·       The IRS appears to be a collection agency working for foreign banks and operating out of Puerto Rico under color of the Federal Alcohol Administration.

·          IRS has no authority to established offices inside the 50 States.

·          IRS is NOT a U.S. federal agency of the US Dept. of Justice.

·          Federal regulations create an income tax liability for federal citizens, not state citizens.

·          Federal citizens are those who reside or work in Wash. DC, PR & US territories, or work for federal government.

·          Courts show one can be a State Citizen, without also being a federal citizen.

·          'Tax evasion' is the crime of evading a lawful tax.

·          For purposes of the IRC, Int. Revenue Code, the term 'employer' refers to federal government agencies, and an 'employee' is a person who works for such an 'employer.'

If a power is not enumerated in U.S. Constitution, then Congress doesn't have authority to exercise that power.

President Reagan’s Grace Commission admitted none of the collected income taxes funds goes to pay
for any federal government services. Get this info from FIOA requests.

IRS is technically a trust with a domicile in Puerto Rico, a foreign, private corporation for profit. - conclusions from court rulings.   Supreme Law - 31 Questions

Federal Reserve is also a foreign, privately owned corporation doing business in US, taking profits to European bankers.
They technically aren't an 'agency' of the federal government, as that term is defined in Freedom of Information Act and in Administrative
Procedures Act. The government of the federal territories are expressly excluded from the definition of 'agency' in those Acts of Congress.


William Conklin offers $ 100,000 reward to anyone who can prove law requires us to pay Federal Income Tax.

This offer has stood for 8 years. He wrote book, "Why No One is Required to File Tax Returns" - See Amazon.com

Irwin Schiff offers many important books on this subject.

Readers of Cracking the Code have taken back over $ 2 million in taxes they paid, when they asked to get their money back.

 They read and acted on the law.  Knowledge is power.   https://www.LostHorizons.com/

We lose rights, privilege, property, money and more when we believe in popular opinion.

When we read, think, look at law and sources, your world will be transformed.

Family Guardian org   Excellent, Very extensive list of articles, sources on IRS / income tax.

100s of articles, Supreme Court decisions, communications from IRS directors and more.

Forums, News, Evidence of Massive Hoax, Government and Legal Profession Lies and Propaganda

Articles & Media. Christian Tax Articles, 100s more articles forms, relief

More articles and discussion on this web site.  They offer forms to step out of system.

This is a compilation of information gathered from many sources.

It is not intended, nor does this information or author offer any advice and or tax advice
to any on your particular situation, nor on the accuracy of this information.

Your own research should yield great pearls of knowledge & your understanding of these issues.  

How you can find the original source documents.

If you want to see the source of any article, book, tax form, etc. just search google for a quoted string of the text.

Like a finger print, a quoted string or "thought print often finds the unique document" on the internet in seconds.

Yellow phrase is an example of a quoted string - with quotes on each end.
Search excludes occurrence of any combinations of the words.

Search finds those word in that order only,
which is usually a unique thought print.

If you want to be free from your slavery & deception, you have to act - read, think, learn act.
No one else will do this for you.  The evidence and information is clear, from many many sources.

The longer you read, dwell, talk with others, the more confident you will become.

Change your life, based on truth, to proper action, out of deception & slavery. The truth will set you free ! 

IRS Not Established by Law  

  The 1st document signed by  a congressional member states "...'Internal Revenue Service' was not established by law." 
  The 2nd document from Department of the Treasury states the U.S. Attorney General's Office has
no authority
to defend IRS agents in a civil or criminal matter. 
    The third document  from the U.S. Department of Justice also states U.S. Attorney General's Office has
no authority
to defend IRS agents in a civil or criminal matter.
  The last document from IRS Director of Customer Service Center
the Congressman, Dept. of Treasury and the Dept. of Justice.

  The media has the public hood winked in circulating half truths and intentionally concealing important info. we all should know.
Once the media was controlled by 1,000s of people & companies. 

Changes in FCC laws allow just 9 Corporations to control 95% of national media thru AOL/ Time Warner, Disney, Sony, GE, etc.
International cities; Rome, Paris, Madrid, Moscow have 12 to 18 daily newspapers. 

.    NYC & Washington DC have only 1 daily. 

In America, is their just one version to each story, no debate on what is truth ?

Web site prepared by Ted Elden, Architect, retired, Photographer, Computer guru.  I am of little importance,
but we've found, through extensive research, far beyond what the news media will release that
there are Supreme Court Decisions, and interrogatives with IRS that prove amazing things to your benefit.

 Grace Commission Report  < - - click here to report 

  Some may think "What will support the services offered by the government if none of us pay Federal Income Tax?"

  Well, below is a report requested by President Ronald Reagan to see just where the Federal Dollar goes.

The Grace Commission Report has no copyright notice in it. Since it appears to be in the public domain, the beginning of the report is found below. The Grace Commission confirms the allegation that the income tax revenues go 100% to pay the interest on the national debt and not a single nickel of it goes to the government. Whatever government services we have, they are not being financed by the income tax.

The underlined section of this report is from the Grace Commission that proves that none of the personal income tax goes to pay for any government services and is used to pay only the interest on the national debt.

Grace Commission List - Presidents Private Sector Survey

The first 2/3 of the income tax is either wasted or lost. Of the remaining 1/3, every dime of IRS income tax goes to private lenders for interest only on the exponentially escalating national debt. This fact was revealed by the Grace Commission (PPSS) in the Reagan Administration. Not one dime goes to reduce the national debt or run our government. Therefore, Congress must borrow more to pay for its ways to help the people by helping them out of their money. Congress does this by borrowing from the unconstitutional Fed, raising taxes to pay the debt to the owners of the Fed, and raiding the Social Security Fund, which is now missing $4 trillion. Clinton stole $10 billion from the Social Security Fund to bomb Kosovo. That could have given the retired people a nice raise. Those people did not pay into Social Security all their lives to enable Clinton to bomb Kosovo, or to raise the national debt by letting Congress cook the books.

Peter Eric Hendrickson describes the Word Art of IRC Internal Revenue Tax Code in his book, Cracking the Code.  Examples.  Income / profit. When you trade your time for payment, you have not made a profit, you have only traded your own time for money from another.  You own your time and you can trade with anyone.  You only make a profit if you trade something & gain something more than your original value. 

Words defined in a law (like tax code) mean only what the definition means for that law, not the common usage of the word.  Many things are included, but the broader definition are excluded.  If law states something in particular, then things not mentioned are specifically excluded.  The United States is defined as the 10 square mile area of Washington D.C, It's territories are Puerto Rico, Guam, the Samoas and the federal territories.  These do not include W. Va., Calif, Ohio, etc.  Many laws are passed, but not enacted, giving them no power or authority.  Only those enacted are laws in place, but both are listed in the law books.  You have to research to determine which ones are enacted, the listings of the laws do not differentiate those that are enacted.  Some laws are for the entire nation, others for only the federal territories and or federal employees, not for all of us.  See his book for more exacting definitions/ explanations, this is my simple summary. 

Supreme Law Library : The Federal Zone-   Cracking the Code of Internal Revenue Electronic Eleventh Edition

Comment on IRS - Most US citizens are not required to file & pay.

History of the 1942 - 2 year Victory Tax

May 29, 1944, Congress repealed the Victory Tax Act of 1942, but the news media did not publicize that fact

The discussion of taxes in not about money. 

It is about who controls your life and freedom


The US Constitution gives you opportunities and rights.  If you ignore your rights, others will gladly take advantage of you.

Most people live in a small world, listening to national news, owed and controlled by power & money.

They deceive you to control, tax, and reduce your rights & freedom.  With intelligence, reading and action, you can have a better life.

Will you let others lower your life, make you cower in fear, deceived, or will you stand on truth to have a better life ?

Tom Cryer, Truth Attack and many other show you this is not about your money, it is about your freedom.

    Get & act in truth - Save America from take over by deceivers.

The more I learn, the more freedom, property, wealth I can gain.  But beyond, the more I learn, the more able I am to escape the great deceptions perpetrated on most of us; health, banking, taxes, war, government, science and much more.

Federal Reserve Banks are not agencies of the Federal Government - LA, Calif. court case

Meaning of "Income" and Three Commentaries on the Mechanics and Legal Effect of "Non-Filing

Creation of the IRS: Where is the statute which created either the
Bureau of Internal Revenue or the Internal Revenue Service?

18 U.S.C. § 8 Federal Reserve notes are obligations of the U.S. and are not taxable by the state pursuant to 31 U.S.C. § 3124 !

Here is how to stop filing or paying.  return to Top of Page

Pdf documents regarding no obligation to file or pay income tax.

    Step out of Income Tax by Ray, below by Lance

Notice of Personal and Corporate Liability - 1pg.pdf

Notice of Personal and Corporate Liability - 6pgs.pdf

Notice of Personal Civil and Criminal Liability - 2pgsV2.pdf

WhyYouWantToPutA NOTICE FOR SALE OnYourCarOrTruck.pdf


Our team, the TruthSeekers, actively pursues this information and shares it as we can.

We meet to talk, share, discuss.  We act to step out of corrupt system. 

    The ultimate aim of knowledge is action.  From action, you derive benefit.

Interviews with former IRS agents and presentations simplifying and confirming this information.

Other research to connect you with reality:     9-11      General Research

Learn What's Happening in America, meetings, discussions, articles, video, people's rights & more.

Friends or people in my region may borrow from me from my A/V library;

More links on No Taxes - 16th Amendment - Comments, Corrections, Inquiries Welcome.

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Other areas of discovery, see 9-11 & Research at bottom of home page www.abodia.com

This is a collection of information I have gathered. I am not advocating tax advice nor confirming this information. Do your own research, find your own counsel.  But if you look, I'm certain you will find many things you have had never considered, and if you persist, you will become comfortable that you are closer to the truth then you have ever been before.

Similarly, others offer $ 100,000 for anyone who can prove that demolitions did not destroy the World Trade Towers on 9-11

They were exploded and turned to dust, 110 stories exploded in 9 seconds, not possible in a collapse.

WTC Building 7, also fell in 8 seconds, $ 3/4 billion building, which was not hit by planes nor have large fires.  Other building in area, blew up from the center up and outwards like a volcano.  And this is because of fire ?  Not possible. see www.abodia.com/911



Ted Elden, Charleston, West Virginia, Architect, ret. computer guru, importer,

graduate of Colorado Outward Bounds School, Blair Academy, Carnegie Mellon Univ.

I have tomes of information, IRS agent interviews, court cases, much I am ready, willing and able to share. Help me help others.

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