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John Doe has rights that JOHN DOE does not !

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McFadden- Congressional Rec 1992-3 Fed Res 1

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See explanation of how you can control government below

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Here is simple explanation from the top down.

The higher creates and governs or controls the lower.

The lower is subject to, obeys the higher.



wife, family

communities towns



Federal Government

(incorporated - subject to the Federal Government)

Strawman JOHN DOE

God creates and governs man.

Man creates and governs his cities, his State and Federal Government.

The Federal Government creates corporations,
including the strawman corporation, your name in CAPITAL LETTERS.

You can control the government as you are higher then them.

You, man, created them.

But if you do not understand this, you become the JOHN DOE
that the Federal Government created when your birth certificate was registered, and
then you are subject to government for taxes, laws, control.

It is your choice. 

As you choose to work in the world, by knowledge you can be empowered,
or by assumption you can choose to be enslaved.