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I am an investigator, concerned with the future of America, and doing something about it ! After years of a business professional career, Bob became involved with US Government top secret covert arms sales without even knowing it ! In a simple business merger,  Bob merged his toy manufacturing company with a company that imported watches.

That company  was called Vista USA INC. and was a covert operational front for US arms  sales and covert mercenary training!  Eventually the owner, Gary Best, attempted to recruit Fletcher into the business or arms sales and Fletcher refused to become involved.  Later, Bob became a witness in the Iran Contra mess, and he then became an investigator assisting with several House and Senate  investigations.  (more on that later ! ) Since then,  Bob has been chasing bad guys in the government, and producing some of the world's best  exposes. Bob's reports on DVD and VHS are viewed all over the world.

After completing a report for Sonny Bono, which involved CIA and the drug connections leading back to top US government officials, a tragic death  took place!. Sonny had decided to do a major Congressional investigation into Bob's report! Sonny's  offices called Bob and confirmed the planned investigations. Ten days later Sonny was found dead (murdered) on the ski slopes! Bob's  latest DVD is the report on Congressman  SONNY BONO"S MURDER, titled " Destiny Denied".

The following is a story done a few years ago by PROBE magazine .

Weather Control and the artificial Drug War An Interview with Bob Fletcher Background Brief: Bob Fletcher owned a toy factory in Marietta, Georgia near Lockheed Dobbins Air Force Base in 1985. In order to expand his business, Fletcher merged with a partner, Gary Best. Later, he found Best was a high-ranking covert intelligence agent who intended to use the toy company for arms dealing. Angola, West Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Ollie Northís Contra dealings were all part of the new connections of Fletcherís toy company.

Due to these circumstances, Fletcher was interviewed for the Iran/Contra hearings and was a deposed witness for the Christic Instituteís 24 million dollar legal proceedings against the Iran/Contra lineup which actually began in 1954. In spite of a five-year investigation, Fletcherís 365-page deposition and a mountain of evidence including 1,500 other depositions that linked US intelligence figures to drugs, arms shipments and assassinations, the government threw the case out on the basis it was a frivolous action.

Following his ousting from the toy company, Fletcher eventually wound up in Noxon, Montana with a small group of people who began the Militia of Montana. This affiliation put him on numerous TV talk shows and before a US Senate investigation committee targeting US militia activity in 1995. A comment by Fletcher about the scientific ability to control the weather created a storm of attempted debunking by authorities, but what is the real story? The PROBE caught up with Mr. Fletcher to ask him about weather control, new evidence of the fraudulent drug war waged by US authorities and his attempted assassination in which his left shoulder joint was shattered with a radio frequency weapon ó one of those non-lethal weapons.

PROBE: After your Senate appearance in Washington in 1995, was there any more interest in what you said about weather control, particularly from the Senator from Wisconsin, Herbert Cole, who tried so hard to debunk your testimony?

FLETCHER: No, the status with that was way back in 1990, 93 or 94, I had received miscellaneous information about the possibility of weather control. I had not made it a big deal myself, because I didnít have enough of it to be any kind of reality.

I was doing a lot of other things so I put it on the back shelf. When I received other information which affirmed the possibility it could be real, I made a random statement to AP and some other press that there was the ability to alter or control the weather and it was run by governments.

PROBE: This was before the Senate hearings?

FLETCHER: Yes, it was before that. Apparently one of Senator Coleís aides had come across that, and thought what a wonderful way to make a fool of that crazy Mr. Fletcher ó he thinks that there are electronic weather control abilities. So I was ambushed by Senator Cole from Wisconsin. It obviously had nothing to do with the Patriot or the Militia movement. The intent was to ambush me and make me look like some kind of a nut case. It caught me from left field; fortunately, I had enough in my memory banks to instantly recall enough information to at least retaliate in a direct manner to his question. This included the fact that Senator Claiborne Pell several years ago had been quoted in a news story in which he had said, "now that we can control the weather, create earthquakes and tidal waves and use it as a weapon of war we need to do a treaty." Other responses at that point were sufficient to get Senator Cole to slam his briefcase closed ó off camera of course, you wouldnít have seen it unless you were there.

All three of his go-fers (aides) left immediately and never returned, so he was not terribly happy that Mr. Fletcher actually answered his questions.

PROBE: The way most of the media treated the question was to carefully edit out the rest of your response and leave the viewer or listener simply wondering.

FLETCHER: In truth, they didnít make as big a deal about it as they could have, and I think itís because with a little bit of follow up they found that Senator Claiborne Pell of the intelligence committee had made that statement and it was true and that Mr. Fletcher was accurate. My thing has always been "make my day, challenge me." After that, the truth was that spurred me to move forward to actually complete an entire report. It took a couple of years before I was ready, but time flies when youíre having fun. I generated documentation from all over the world on weather control, finished a video and a booklet that goes with it. This is a complete chronology; it includes all the dates, who, what when and where. In it are details of the treaty signed between the US and Russia in 1978. It says now that we can create earthquakes and weather, we should not use it against each other as a weapon.

PROBE: What about domestic use; using it against your own countrymen?

FLETCHER: Yeah, itís the same old thing. There is nothing in there about using it within the country.

PROBE: You have mentioned there is actually a company in Russia that is selling this weather control technology to farmers, and it was effective for about a 200-mile radius. What about it?

FLETCHER: Sure, itís a company called ELATE (pronounced E-Lah-Tay). ABC-TV, in 1953, took one of itís reporters and did a live report from one of their locations where they generate weather control. On the business cards of the executives of ELATE, it says "weather made to order." The president of the company boasts the ability of what could be the equivalent of weather terrorism or extortion, when he says if someone wants to have a major event they can either pay us to guarantee good weather or we will give them bad weather.

PROBE: If they can do it and we can do it, donít two extortions like this cancel each other out?

FLETCHER: Yeah, I guess so, maybe two tornadoes equal one earthquake (chuckles).

But the other point with this (which is also totally documented), is that Russia and the United States have worked together hand in hand for twenty years in developing weather control. The Russians were here at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories cooperatively working, and received an award for some of their work on weather control.

PROBE: Is this a project that is still going on, or what?

FLETCHER: It is a project that has been done, many years ago. Additionally, we manufactured an inter-related piece of equipment, which is a gigantic magnetic motor which we made special many years ago and shipped to Russia.

PROBE: Your video on weather control has a lot of documentation in it ó references to the Washington Post, Washington Times, Congress, all of that. Your references make your claims a lot stronger.

FLETCHER: Any time I do a good expose, in any area at all, I sufficiently supply all the material anybody would need to cross reference enough to where you would understand that this is real. Typically, I utilise so much documentation and do so much investigative research that we would talk about a 2,000 page book if I was to include all the garbage related to it. So if I talk about a treaty, I may just do a synopsis of the treaty that I received from the UN. I include the paperwork on that in the weather control video, I certainly try to put enough out for people that dispute it.

PROBE: Letís address your attempted harassment for a moment.

FLETCHER: Itís called attempted murder, not harassment. Unfortunately, it falls into the category of, "I canít prove it." I had returned nine months ago [Nov. 95] to California, which I presently call home. I was on an extended speaking engagement on the east coast, Indiana and Illinois as well and a few other areas, where I had been talking about electronic weather control and the related plasma beams, which are ray guns that are connected to this project. For the first time, because I had sufficient documentation to do it, I introduced partially into my presentations the expose of laser weapons, microwave weapons and supersonic sound weapons and those types of secret or above top secret weapons. I had included it for the first time in my public speaking.

An interesting thing happened as soon as I got back. I received one phone call from a group in New York that I had spoken with behind closed doors, not in an open forum; it was a private group. It was an interesting mixture of people including some high-powered, pretty good financial backers. The phone call was from one of those persons who said that the FBI had come in immediately after I had departed and wanted to know everything we had discussed. That is the first time in ten years, that I know of specifically, of an agency coming in directly behind my appearance.

Now two days later, which would be the third day after I was home, I went to sleep about 10:30 in the evening. The next thing I remembered, which was 1:30 in the morning, I was sitting up in bed, the lights were on in my bedroom and there were two guys in white uniforms standing at the foot of my bed. There was a little bit of blood in my mouth, my left shoulder was in unbelievable excruciating pain and my wife was telling me I was going to be OK, and telling me they were going to be taking me to the hospital. They gave me oxygen, put me on the rack and took me to the hospital, only a couple of blocks away.

PROBE: Any presence of those black helicopters?

FLETCHER: No, I donít want to get into that, but let me back up a little. Two nights after I got home, I had joked with my wife because there was a helicopter that would come over and circle and then depart. We joked about it ó that they knew where I was and all that. That is where those rumours came from. On that night, my wife was jolted out of bed when I woke up.

What took place was, she realised I was in a grand mal seizure. She turned on the light and called 911. The seizure was rather peculiar because it lasted for almost five minutes. I found out later on from the medical people in the hospital that was an extremely long period of time. Not only that, but for a person who is over fifty, it should have killed me. After riding to the hospital I asked that they give me all the tests necessary to determine the cause of the seizures. I never had anything like that, never passed out, etc., etc. They did a full CAT scan, ECG (electrocardiogram), MRI. Within the next day or so they came back and told me, "there was nothing we can see that would have caused it." They added, "There is nothing even that shows that you had one." Apparently, in some cases there is some malfunctioning of the brain or something that shows up within 24 hours after such a seizure.

PROBE: So you donít have a problem with arteriosclerosis or congestion of the arteries or anything like that?

FLETCHER: Absolutely no, nothing. My injury had nothing to do with any of that. They had not done anything with my arm by the third day I was in the hospital. They had done X-rays, but no surgery or anything. I transferred to the Veterans Hospital because I am veteran. My brief stay was in excess of $5,700. At the VA the big point was strictly my shoulder. The entire upper part of my arm, ball of my shoulder had been blown apart.

PROBE: Not the bones crushed?

FLETCHER: Yeah, a quote from the surgeon. I had been lying on my back, the same position as I was when I went to sleep. There is no external damage at all. Once the surgeon got into the shoulder he said it looked like a bomb had gone off inside my shoulder.

That was his description. He had no idea of my background or who I was; that was his response. It took them forty minutes just to retrieve small pieces of my shattered shoulder during surgery. It was a mess, the worst one they had done at the VA in Los Angeles in years.  Some of their questions were, had you fallen out of a ten story building? They removed the upper part of the bone of my arm and the entire ball, replacing it with a titanium insert, then reconnecting the tendons, muscles and tissues to the top of the fixture so I could potentially have movement. That was done nine months ago. Unfortunately, that surgery was not done correctly, so what I have at this point in time is no connections at the upper arm to my body.

My arm is not connected to my body except by the external skin of my arm. The muscles have fallen loose from where they were supposed to have been and additionally, the shaft is now loose inside my arm bone. I will have surgery in the next 30 days. The surgery would have been done sooner, but they gave me the run around, their big concern being admitting it was done wrong in the first place. Coincidentally, as of a week ago, all of Mr. Fletcherís medical records have disappeared from the hospital with the exception of what may be on the computer.

PROBE: How did you find that out?

FLETCHER: By trying to secure them. I wanted to get my records, but they just disappeared.

They are looking for them now.

PROBE: You are still under their care. They need those records.

FLETCHER: Theyíre gone; they donít have records on Mr. Fletcher.

PROBE: Well then, with regard to the weapon or whatever was used on you, do you think their intention was to kill or to maim?

FLETCHER: No, it was to kill. We are looking at Mr. Fletcher passing away in his sleep with a cardiac arrest. One of the microwave weapons that I spoke about earlier on the east coast was developed at the Oak Ridge Laboratores in Tennessee. It is one that brings on convulsions or grand mal type seizures. As long as itís aimed at the persons brain interrupting the brain waves, as long as the trigger is depressed, the convulsions will continue.

PROBE: How does that affect your shoulder?

FLETCHER: Micro or supersonic-type waves are directed at the head. To answer, Iíve done extensive research on Tesla materials on weather control and all the beams, particle beams and all the rest of that, including microwave weapons. His [Teslaís] whole thing is the basis for all of it, actually. In 1894 Tesla was making experimental demonstrations before students. Part of one of his presentations was to electromagnetically illuminate his entire body with a charge. He would literally engulf himself entirely in what would look like flames. It was actually discharge coming out from the pores of his body, and while he was doing this he would explain what he was doing. In his actual 1894 paperwork he explained that depending on the amount of amperage, voltage etc., and how it was being applied, that the body could absorb, utilise and expel tremendous amounts of this ó way beyond everybodyís imagination.

Particularly if itís applied in a lateral direction to the body. Depending on how the wave might be applied, or increased or decreased, potentially that same application could kill a person. Not like in an electric chair. Tesla pointed out that if the discharge was to go through a solid mass such as the arm bone in departing, it would cause extreme damage to that bone. Quote unquote Nikola Tesla over a hundred years ago.

PROBE: It entered your brain, triggered the seizure and exited the shoulder joint.

FLETCHER: Yes, and thatís the intent of that particular microwave unit. Tesla said over one hundred years ago that such an exit would cause extreme damage. This youíll find interesting: when I spoke to one of the military nerve specialists in the hospital, see, everybody that looked at my X-rays and my paperwork in the hospital, every one of them questioned just how in the hell this happened. How did this damage happen to you laying in your bed at night at 1:30 in the morning.*** This one nerve specialist asked the same thing, and in most cases I was not talking about my investigative work for obvious reasons. Finally, with him I thought Iím going to tell you what I think happened and I said "I donít give a damn whether you believe me or not, I donít care." Told him a little bit about what I had done and as I got into the story he interrupted me and said, "Wait a minute are we talking about microwaves or lasers?" So right away, he knew what I was talking about and these are two different situations and weapons. I said it was probably a microwave or supersonic type weapon because there was absolutely no external damage. Additionally, the left arm was away from the point of entry. This nerve specialist gave me a gentle, positive looking nod and later interrupted me, "do you sleep next to a window?" I said, "yes as a matter of fact. I sleep on the right side of the bed on my back, to my right side is a seven foot square sliding glass door about two feet away." Upon saying that, he nodded again, let go of a little smirk and said, "That will work, letís just see what we can do about fixing your arm." That was the end of the conversation. Didnít even bat an eye. I think he knew what happened.

PROBE: Do you know of other people who have had this happen to them?

FLETCHER: Just reports. I havenít had the time to, research it. There have been hundreds of people who have experienced a variety of events like this. One of the most impressive was done during the Panamanian invasion, when Bush invaded. Witnesses there talked about a small group of Delta Force-type operatives that melted Panamanian citizens with lasers into little piles of [what looks like] maple syrup. That is similar, but it is not quite the same. It is another exotic weapon getting a test run. Just prior to this, I had been working on a video tape, an expose of these weapons which I intended to have done a couple of months ago. That plan was interrupted when I began work on the CIAís drug connections. The CIA drug connection video was done on the request of two Congressional offices. The weapons expose will be completed soon, with footage of army lasers and other things.

PROBE: Glad you brought up the drug business. Over the years, The PROBE has had quite a lot, to say about the governmentís big, but unofficial connection to this nasty business. Daniel Sheehan of the Christic Institute has filed suit, Bo Gritz went to the Golden Triangle and came back with the word from Khun-Sa, the head of one of the largest exporters of opium in the world, that he wanted to get out of the drug business. Those really investigating this business say there is no sincere interest in Washington in cutting off the drugs because of the money they get for covert operations, the "black budget" and every other unaccounted for activity. Is that changing or what?

FLETCHER: No itís not changing; itís never changed. It changes location, operations remain the same; sources change and vary. On the video tape on the CIA drug connections, I include everything that you had mentioned. I was a witness in Daniel Sheehanís legal action, which included Pablo Escovar as well as Oliver North as a defendant, Richard Secord, Heine Aderholt, [John] Singlaub and others involved with my toy factory.

PROBE: General Richard Secord also was connected to your toy factory?

FLETCHER: Absolutely. And Gary Best, Richard Secord, Aderholt and Singlaubís latest operation has been in Russia, Azerbaijan continuing with the same name they used with my toy factory, training mercenaries, shipping arms and carrying out covert operations. Taking advantage of, believe it or not, the highest level Russians which are simply functioning as double agents on both sides of the fence and most likely doing the covert arms operations for Bill Clinton. (See Bio-Brief in this article for background info on Secord and Singlaub.)

PROBE: Does this mean the Mena, Arkansas connection?

FLETCHER: No, no, no, forget that, Iím talking about the recent ones. The oneís Anthony Lake kept covered up, which is part of why Anthony Lake didnít get approved [as CIA director]. The reason Lake wasnít going to get approved was his FBI reports that showed him to be an active communist-Marxist for twenty or thirty years, directly connected with communist operations in the United States. Those were the FBI reports he did not want them to see.

Therefore, he stepped down, but he was blamed for covertly keeping secret the arms that Bill Clinton had arranged to be shipped from Iran to the Muslim area of Croatia.

This is an assumption, but the chances of it not being correct are almost nil. For those people that donít know, this group involved in the toy factory also ran the Air America in Vietnam. Since 1992 theyíve been over there.

Believe it not Richard Secord, who is considered by most to be the most non-scrupled person that ships arms and gets involved with this stuff for years and years, claimed that he and General Aderholt actually had quit dealing with Gary Best because he was too corrupted.

PROBE: Is this like the pot calling the kettle black?

FLETCHER: The extreme pot calling the extreme kettle, yes. Always the same guys.

PROBE: Recently, there has been a heightened crescendo of awareness, particularly with Representative Maxine Waterís efforts against the drug cartels and CIA involvement in California.Your opinion?

FLETCHER: It is old, old stuff. Maxine Waters is one I originally did this report for; she appears to be wanting to do something about it. With due respects to her, I think she is rather naive, as all new Congress people are, with the idea that they can do something about this [the drug problem].

PROBE: But actually, donít you think that to keep from being overwhelmed and intimidated from the get go you need a certain naivete.

FLETCHER: In the long run though, it wastes money, time and effort and nothing takes place. Her problem, that I pointed out to her real early, was she believed the Republicans (Ronald Reagan, Ollie North and others) had helped bring in the drugs to destroy the black community and that she could hang the blame there. What I told her during the first meeting with her people was that, in fact, poop into the fan will splatter all over the Democratic Party, Bill Clinton and everybody. They nobly told me at that time, that was okay, let the chips fall where they may. Well thatís ultimately the naivete, in my personal opinion.

The problem everybody has by November December [1996] when everybody was so hot to trot with this, was that after the break they reshuffled the intelligence community that potentially would inquire into this. The fellow they put in charge is a Congressman from Florida, who is in fact a Central Intelligence agent, who in fact worked with Oliver North back in the old days. In fact, he probably brought down in excess of three of four hundred thousand for his own pocket, carrying out money laundering operations under covert shields for Oliver North. So the chances of this guy moving in any positive direction... itís not going to happen. Sony Bonoís people also wanted a copy of my report and they got it.

PROBE: Speaking of Sony Bono, he said some really interesting comments when he questioned Janet Reno during the Waco hearings. The issue of CS gas being so much more potent than regular tear gas was actually bought up and took these people to task.

FLETCHER: Well, Sony is now on the intelligence committee as of January. Matter of fact, I was told they had a specific interest in two or three points of my video tape investigation. The tape includes footage of the bookkeeper of the Medellin drug cartel talking about giving Oliver North ten million dollars. It includes paperwork that I have had out of Oliver Northís safe for ten years and no one has ever seen it. [New Dawn note: In January 1998, Sony Bono died in a ski accident.]

PROBE: How did you get that?

FLETCHER: I got it very carefully. It shows actual transfers of money into drug operations for Ollie North. It shows his own individual handwritten notes saying "supply aircraft to pick up 1,500 kilos of mash." It also says, "assist in relocating refinery for the Nicaraguans." Then a handful of other drug related notes. I have interviews with three narcotics agents who landed at US Air Force bases in the United States with CIA and national security clearances.

The video also includes a complete description of Barry Sealís operation in Mena, Arkansas.

PROBE: Speaking of Barry Seal, who was shot and killed in broad daylight in New Orleans in 1982, what was he doing? We are told he turned into an informant for the DEA.

I donít think Seal was naive about the extent of the corruption, but what do you think really happened?

FLETCHER: Barry wasnít naive, but he was between a rock and a hard place. They were going to send him away. Basically, he cut a deal to maybe assist in fingering some people, which was done cooperatively with Oliver North and DEA agents. They attempted to do it, never really went any place and he ended up dying from it. The big point of it all was that he flew the arms down to Ollie North and the drugs back. The biggest, one of the biggest, individual drug smugglers in Americaís history. There was a young guy that was a continual hanger on of Barry Sealís; his name was Roger Clinton. Roger was literally a go-fer kind of guy who was awe struck by Barry Seal. In the video we have a police surveillance tape of Roger doing a line of cocaine, three and a half ounces of it at one shot.

PROBE: Three and a half ounces, come on?

FLETCHER: Well, he makes the crack that he took that much, I donít know if he actually did. It would have blown out of his ears if he did that much, that is on the tape, he says it, maybe he means for his pocket. Roger made the comment he had to get some of this stuff for his brother [Bill Clinton] because, quote, "he has a nose like a vacuum cleaner."

PROBE: Since the media continues to down play this whole thing of drugs, the black budget, covert operations and all that, where do you see this information getting out? What is Bob Fletcherís plan?

FLETCHER: We keep attempting as best we can. Mainstream press is very resistant to doing this. Since 1986, Iíve been involved in this and still itís impossible to get any serious attention by the press. Amazingly enough, I passed my tape along to a friend of mine who is an FBI station chief and he reviewed it and got back to me and said, "Where do you want me to go with it? What do you want me to do with it?" His point was that everybody was in it. Who do you turn the President in too? The FBI, drug enforcement, Central Intelligence, Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the United States have been totally involved with this stuff for decades, period. I told him if heíd like to, go ahead and send it to Washington. He said okay, if you want me to do that, put your own note on it and send it. Which he did thirty days ago [February 1997]. He told me at that time donít expect a quick response.

PROBE: Everybody that gets involved in this whole rap of drugs, arms and this kind of thing, itís a little like the movie Clear and Present Danger with Harrison Ford.

In the end of the movie Ford, who is playing a good CIA guy, corners the president on his involvement with drug trafficking. The President simply tells him that he wonít use the evidence because now heís got a blue chip in the game and can use it for promotions, power whatever. Naturally, our hero does the right thing, but it only happens in movies.

FLETCHER: In 1986 or 1987 as I pursued legal recourse for my toy factory that had been used as a covert front, the Justice Department, the FBI sent me a letter relating to information my lawyer was attempting to secure on personalities out of the toy factory. We received a letter about that request saying that information getting out about the toy factory would be considered to be a national security threat, classified by Executive Order of the President of the United States to be kept secret. That was the end of it.

PROBE: That is what Gritz and many others have talked about too, the protection of the drug racket is an issue of national security ó their security to be able to continue to do it.

FLETCHER: Yeah, national security to protect the very people who are doing it. You know, you can kill people, overthrow governments, do arms, do drugs and classify it. End of story, it goes no place.

PROBE: What do you see for the future for Bob Fletcher? You mentioned a book you were trying to wrap up?

FLETCHER: The book is called The Animal Factory, Puppets of the New World Order.

My next adventure is just to get my surgery accomplished on my shoulder and get the book in print. Iím working with NBC-TV with a possibility of getting my weather control expose on. Then the next video will be on exotic weapons, laser beams, plasma weapons and on and on. I retrieved a report relative to gene-splicing that went to George Bush in 1981 that said they could create mutants to work in certain areas. Also, they said they could splice the Negro off the face of the Earth in a few generations.

PROBE: Considering what weíve all heard do you think there is a certain amount of racism in these kinds of actions? Although others are affected do you think they are targeting the black race?

FLETCHER: Maybe, but more flagrant is letting the blacks just starve to death in Africa and generating the AIDS virus to destroy the blacks in Africa. This is certainly more racially motivated than targeting a soft or easy target for narcotics, which is the minority communities. The idea that it is done because it is racially motivated, I disagree with that, because we have it at all the lower income levels in the US.

They are the easy target regardless of whether they are black, yellow, white or whatever.

Also, it has destroyed the high-level income persons because they can afford the big loads of heroin and other narcotics..

PROBE: According to the DEA, statistically the vast amount of money spent on drugs is by the white community anyway. I would think it would help if you were trying to use a divisive weapon to attack the economy of the middle class.

FLETCHER: Itís a weapon against all America. Plus, itís a policing drain, a medical drain ó but itís very positive for the guys on the receiving end of the money.

Update: Alexander Horvat, editor of The PROBE, informs us of new developments relating to the information in the above interview. Bob Fletcher informed Alexander Horvat on 13 January 1998 that he was working with Sony Bonoís office and forwarded information on the CIA/drug connection. Bono was interested in pursuing this course. As reported in January, Bono tragically died in a ski accident. USA Today published a photo of Rep. Maxine Waters and Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, walking together in her district. A Los Angeles newspaper reports that Greenspan has pledged around two billion dollars to her district. Horvat speculates that Waters may have been paid-off to keep quiet about the CIA/drug connection.**** The above article appeared in New Dawn No. 47 (March-April 1998) *** IT WAS NEVER ESTABLISHED AS TO WHAT CAUSED THE UPPER BALL OF MY SHOULDER TO BE SHATTERED INTO MANY PIECES. I WILL NEVER KNOW IF IT WAS AN ATTEMPT TO KILL ME, OR AN EXTRAUDINARY COINCIDENTAL STRANGE EVENT.

**** Bob Fletcher is now  attempting to get assistance  in court actions to revisit the investigation of Sonny Bono, as a murder! SEE THE CATALOG LIST OF DVD's.