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updated 06/09/2009

Obama has not missed a thing that he can do to destroy our freedoms in America.  Of course it has been going on since 1913 with the Rothschild's and the Federal Reserve System. 

But it has  certainly speeded up in the last few years.


(The federal gov. is controlled by money powers that dictate to them).

"They" control:  

- our money through the Federal Reserve System,

- the food supply through GMO Seeds and Monsanto;

- the health food supplements and herbs through Codex;

- our water supply through fluoride;

- our education through "No Child Left Behind"

- our vaccinations with mercury, etc.;

- the elimination of our young men through war after war;

- our judicial system is flawed by not following the Constitution;

- our right to privacy through cameras in digital television;

- our right to choose our health insurance; and

- right to choose the method we prefer for cancer treatment

- guidance, health, morality for our children,

- the list just goes on and on.         Melba U

Winning the Battle of Hearts & Minds - Ed Jewitt

How Liberty died in America:  Global Plan enacted in current laws to remove guns from citizens, armies from uSA and remove all weapons, except by the control and direction of the United Nations, always under a Russia Leader, by agreement.

Read ID Trick

Constitution Party Response You Tube -
Darius Barnes Protesting Read ID

From the Western Socialist, July, 1947 
Quotes from the following article:
"The owning class has also a supreme and invincible weapon within its grasp: political power, - control of the army, navy, air and police forces.'
'Hence the intense stream of opinion-forming influences which stems from their ownership and control of press, radio, schools to mold the workers to the view that Capitalism is the best of all possible social forms. And that only political groups who accept this view are worthy of workers votes."  by -Thomas Anthony

.        from Tim Facemyer

Review of Dare to Hope, a book by Jason West .    by Sandy Brady