10 Quad Trillion Lien on BP Oil

$10,000 Trillion Maritime Lien on BP & the Queen of England

Restore America Plan Taking Oil Spill Action, Maritime Lien

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Executive Summary You will see links to three sections. The first is a fax cover sheet, the second is a comprehensive list of email addresses and the third is a Maritime Lien for Ten Quad Trillion Dollars filed against BP and the Queen of England for the oil spill damages. The documents goes on to establish acts of chemical warfare and other intrusions against the United States

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Definitions There are some things many of you will not understand and why should you not being lawyers.

Maritime Lien - A maritime lien is a remedy in law to seize assets fast for damages pertaining to seagoing vessels or offenses at sea. The offense should have occurred at sea or concerning a vessel. BP and the oil spill is relevant to a maritime lien because the oil spill took place at sea. There are damaged persons and damaged property. The blame is directly attributable to BP even acknowledged by them. These liens allow fast execution to seize property before the vessels sails away to ports unknown.

The Crown BP is a British Corp and thus the crown has legal title to it. The Crown also has other disguised ownership positions in BP, thus liability.

War This is being regarded as an act of war. Think about it. This is a chemical weapons attack to destroy our land, water and animal life plus the health and safety of the people. BP committed wrongful acts and then some.

Lis Pendens This is an official notice filed in some jurisdiction(s) stating that a claim has been filed. The Lis Pendens is to protect the plaintiffs interest in the property in the event they prevail in the action. It clouds the title to the property preventing the defendant from selling the property since they cannot provide clear title with a Lis Pendens on file. This was done against all of the BP assets worldwide and the Crown of England for allowing its franchised agent (BP) to invade, attack, chemically poison and terrorize the sovereign people of the United States and their property. You need to read the document.

Quad Trillion A quad trillion is 1000 trillion dollars. This claim is for ten quad trillion. This is what the number looks like: 10,000,000,000,000,000.

Where Served International Court of Justice, Hague, Netherlands, Her Majesty's Treasury in London, Bank of International Settlements Basel Switzerland, International Chamber of Commerce in Paris France.

What to Do The evil empires will try to laugh this off and sweep it under the rug. The idea is to not let them do this. Part of the document says that Obama and the USA have forfeited their rights to be in control because they did nothing thus allowing damages to continue and worse threatening lives and property around the world.

The Kenyan Pseudo President never went to college. He never even took Bio 101, Physics 101, Chemistry 101, Earth Science 101 nothing. He never ever took a single class at Columbia, all lies. The jerk does not understand any of this. He is all con man. Now this moron who got control of the USA is threatening the worlds eco systems and has in fact damaged the worlds eco system by his inability to act already. They will soon see the stupidity of what they have done installing this moron in the Whitehouse.

At this point in time the idea is to get rid of the entire de facto government and go back to the constitution, not to have them put another talking head in Obama's place but that is what Restore America Plan is in process of doing. So there is a long list of emails and you can email the maritime lien and fax cover sheets to your hearts content.

Keep the pressure on. Let the Queen understand the stupidity of allowing Obama to run the colonies. Let her pay. Money collected in such a manner would normally go to a fund and then damaged and injured parties would file claims to an independent claims review entity, they'd be reviewed, and if approved the funds would be disbursed. This is a long ways off.

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I see the FBI arrested 1200 odd for Mortgage Fraud this week. Nice
I know more is coming and we sit on the edge of the seat in anticipation patiently while still pushing/helping. I will have to come on your show next wk to share more.


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