Evacuation Plans

Thousands of UN Vans & Tons of Equipment at Private Florida Airfield

Satellite pictures by Google Maps show thousands or UN vehicles staged at Reynolds Airpark, Green Cove Springs, Florida, 40-50 miles or so south of Jacksonville.

Intel Hub – Thousands of UN vehicles are possibly being staged at Reynolds Airpark in Green Cove Springs, Florida, near Jacksonville. This facility is located near train tracks, and there are multiple storage containers for equipment and gear as well.

This imagery is from a 2010, time stamped, Google Earth Map at coordinates 29.97213,-81.660047 — so we know it is recent photography. We wonder why they are there and in how many other places such equipment could be.

Rand Corp. documents reveal that there is a planned event for the implementation of a Police Stabilization Force within the United States.

Whether or not these events are connected is yet to be seen. There have been more and more reports of military and UN equipment staged in America over the last three weeks.

Report any other movements to tips@theintelhub.com. Intelligence officials ‘certain’ U.S. will be attacked in the next six months.

CAPITOL HILL — America’s top intelligence officials have delivered a sobering assessment to Congress, saying that the al-Qaida terrorist network remains a persistent threat to the United States because its followers have been able to adapt their methods to make detection difficult.

National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair testified Wednesday to the House of Representatives’ Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, that the threat from al-Qaida remains strong.

“We have been warning in the past several years that al-Qaida itself, and its affiliates and al-Qaida-inspired terrorists remain committed to striking the United States. And in the past year, we have some names that go behind these warnings,” he said. Here is an interesting link that we found:

Emergency ALERT Relocation? NOW

(10 min. Must See video)


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Gulf Oil Spill is the size of Maine


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHGIShZ_ThA  Hidden in Plain Sight 

Video of aerial photos from Google Maps, 4,000+ UN or White Van vehicles stored now

on Air Force Base near Jacksonville Florida

            Other videos show FEMA camps built all over the US

The government is continually building and revealing major deployments of vehicles, camps, containment.


Pentagon plans to evacuate 40+ million people from Florida to inland states.


See for yourself from current on line aerial photos Jacksonville Florida

On Google Maps, https://maps.google.com/maps..

Enter / paste Coordinates        29.97213,-81.6647 

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Emergency Evacuations Plans; Secret Financial Negotiations

Benjamin Fulford - Weekly Geopolitical News

May 31, 2010

The Pentagon and US government have drawn up emergency plans to evacuate much of the population surrounding the Gulf of Mexico in anticipation of toxic rain and severe environmental damage, a military intelligence source says. The extreme environmental destruction and the deliberate failure to put an end to the oil leaks are all part of the dark cabal’s bargaining strategy since all they have left to bargain with now is the threat of mayhem. At the same time, a senior oil industry source has approached the White Dragon Society with an offer of $60 billion a month to be spent on saving the planet so long as the money goes through the Vatican, the BIS and the Federal Reserve Board.

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It is very easy to see what is happening, property values will drop,

40 million in Florida people will be evacuated.

I have many urgent reports on this from many high ups.

I don’t understand why anyone would want to put a $ ¼ million in to a collapsing market.

Goldman Sachs and BP executives sold out major portions of their stock a week before the calamity.  Look at the facts !

Maybe you do not know that many were killed by government when home owners tried to stay and defend their homes in aftermath of Katrina.

The government ran thru there with shooters to kill those who tried to remain.


I think it is cruel to take a weakened Jeannie and commit her to $ ¼ million dollars in payments to a collapsing market.


I have been following this and joining with other across the United States for 5 years.

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FEMA CAMPS?: 40 Million and more to evacuate FloridaHeading Inland

… The Government is not letting you know everything about the Gulf Oil Spill. Benzene in incredible amounts is being released into the air. People are getting sick. UN Vans by the thousands are parked in secluded areas out of site from the public on AF Base in Florida just below Jacksonville. They are also in many other areas.
See for your self.
Enter this grid into Google maps and you can see for yourself. 29.97213,-81.660047 or just find AF Base in Florida below Jacksonville F on Google maps.

Convoys are coming from the west from desert areas to help escort people to the FEMA Camps. Do you have any idea what will happen to us here inland when this many people converge upon us? This is only the people from the Tampa Area.
If they evacuate people from the East Coast as well, 100s of millions will be coming inland.
Benzene and oil is evaporating into the clouds over the sea and is drifting inland where it is coming down with the rain. We will be in danger also. Our fresh water will be polluted.
Check out all this at the below sites. Also type in this in your browser: “Plans to evacuate Florida”
https://www.examiner.com/x-33986-Politic … ons-of-BP-


Subject: Forced evacuations begin in less than two weeks

I received this from John Kaminski, who lives in Florida – disturbing to say the least.


Greg Evensen is a former Oklahoma state trooper, very reliable. Anyone within a thousand miles of the Gulf of Mexico needs to listen to every word of this. Don't be put off by the religious tone of this; the info about the troops at 500 mile intervals is true. Forced evacuations will begin in less than weeks. If you don't leave now, you will never make it. You will either die on the road, or in a FEMA camp. The troops are already in place.


Best wishes,

John Kaminski



Subject: The potential disaster and evacuation plans..


Begins with heavy Christian Bible introduction

Then goes on to official reports.

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Update on UN Vehicles and Military Build Up (Get Ready)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JF_3rgoPg80&annotation_id=annotation_991580&feature=iv  or here



Thousands of UN Vehicles and tons of equipment masking at Florida Air Force Base

Confirmed by CNN



100s of Russian and French Military Equipment.


Elden reported on these developing FEMA Camps since 2006 at his web site.

www.abodia.com/t  Truth Seekers