Follow the Money

BP Deepwater Horizon Well Permitted for 18,000 ft. but Drilling as Deep as 25,000 ft.

The three causes of BPs Titanic oil disaster: Recklessness, Arrogance, and Hubris

Sex, Lies and Oil Spills


3 things about the oil spill
There are three things we should know about the oil spill situation:

1. Goldman Sachs is among the top fifteen owners of BP.

You can confirm it here ( ) and typing "BP" in the field at the upper right.

2. Goldman Sachs sold a huge amount, 44 per cent or $250 million of its BP shares just weeks before the oil "spill" happened. (Sounds like insider advice.) There was an alleged hoax story about BP shorting sales but this comes from rawstory. Rawstory is an independent journalism project (read more

at )

3. BP and Goldman Sachs being sued for oil fraud

Given that, and Susoni's earlier (UK Telegraph) post about BP CEO Hayward selling off his personal shares of BP stock before the oil "spill" suggests to me that this was no accident but a "planned event."

Did you notice the date? It was Adolf's (Adolph Hitler's) birthday (April 20) when the "spill" started. There has been a history of bad "events" occurring on April 19 or 20..some think as an homage to Adolph.

Now more than six weeks later, with BP failing (and US failing to act) to stop the oil leak, I conclude that the failure is simply "following the script".

You know many astute and alert readers have pondered whether another "9/11" type event will occur. I think it has occurred, in the "endless oil" event at Deepwater Horizon. Perhaps we did not "think outside the box" enough to recognize it for what it is--it is a potential "extinction event" for planet earth.