Gulf Oil Spill Subsurface Gas Bubble


Richard C. Hoagland reports on BP Oil Spill Gas Bubble

            on Coast to Coast radio.                  Part 1 9 minutes       Part 2  - 5 minutes


There is a bubble, miles wide, under the earths surface, miles deep, ready to erupt up.

Pressures reach 100,000 pounds per inch. 

Human technology cannot contain such pressures, and it is miles deep.


When this bursts, it may cause a title wave to wash far inland.

Like Mount Saint Helens erupting underwater.  Releasing tsunami, toxic gases inland.


Tell President we need for geologist to see the Mud Dog data of the 40,000 wells in the Gulf.  Need a network of buoys reporting to satellites to watch bubble.


Ive been reading & listening to Richard Hoagland for some years.

He broadcast live with Walter Cronkite about the Moon Landing

He later learned that they faked the photos & video.


Truth is easy to find, but most people ignore it because it is inconvenient.