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Gulf  Updates: 6-18-10

Video: Lindsey Williams Returns to Update Us About Toxic Gases Spreading into Florida on Alex Jones Tv

Nalco linked to Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, among others

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “Billion potential barrels of oil” under BP’s ruptured well; “Thing could really explode” expert says

Oil is Blasting into the Gulf at an Unspeakable Rate: I am a longtime resident of the West Coast of Florida.  While there is  a major media blackout of any real information or warnings, we are feeling effects of this oil and the associated chemicals even here, where one has yet to see any oil upon our shores.  My closest friend is a Nurse Practitioner at a local clinic here.  She and her associates throughout the area have seen countless and increasing incidences over the past few weeks of sometimes severe throat, eye, and skin irritation as well as other symptoms.  This is being reported to the CDC so may escalate the rumored mass evacuations. more

Confirmed: Gulf oil full of methane, adding new concerns

Blown-out BP well cracked and leaking since February

BP’s use of Corexit dispersant will kill the Gulf with sulfuric acid: Environmental engineer

Birds leaving gulf coast

I live in panama city fl, in the country, on a fresh water creek. We usually have hundreds of birds daily in our yard and have not seen any for about a week or longer. This is VERY strange as we have fruit and berries,fresh water and bird feeders. It is almost silent here no birds except an occasional one in the distance. A friend directed me to your site this told me i was not crazy in telling her this. you have others who are saying the same? We live 15 miles inland from the coast. Please let me know if their are others like me who are experiecning this.
thank you, God Bless,


Yes I have heard this in many eyewitness interviews of people near the spill on the Gulf Coast. This is a very important link relating to this subject: Birds Flocking North By The Thousands   L... this is a very good indicator that your air quality is bad and most likely degrading.  This phenomenon is similar to the "Canary in the Coal Mine".  In other words birds are more sensitive to air quality than humans and air quality is the main factor currently that could initiate mass evacuations..

God bless you!



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Must Listen: Video: Cloud of Death followed by Tsunami traveling at 400-600 MPH

Gulf Coast Disaster, Is it The Perfect Storm?

Oil And Gas Leaks From Cracks In Seabed Confirmed – Videos Show Gulf Oil Spill Leaking From Seafloor

Power and Water Problems Loom for Florida as Oil Threat Lurks Off Shore

A Suggested Survival List

Doctors treat toxic illness from burning oil, fumes and dispersants; Pregnant women, asthmatics most at risk 

Long ribbons of orange-brown oil spotted 4 miles off Tampa Bay coast; Smelled like oil, felt like oil, couldn’t get it off hands (Photos) 

New RFID tags can be placed on evacuees, their pets and essential medical assets and tied to a database to report on every milestone in the evacuation, including transport along the evacuation route.

Nearly all shrimping boats abandon Key West after crew pulls up oil-covered shrimp


More Confirmation of Neurotoxin spraying – Gassed in the Gulf



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Excellent Synopsis:

Oil Disaster Will Be End of Life As We Know It


Gulf Coast Evacuation Scenario Summer/Fall 2010

BP Crop Dusting U.S. Population Under the Cover of Night

BP Call Center operator: “We’re a diversion” to prevent access to “corporate offices”; “Nothing being done to help” victims “Take precautions to move out of the area” if impacted by oil spill says environmental chemist; Toxins at 200 times normal level along coast Legal Experts: Up to 15 years in prison for criminally negligent BP executives


Huge Number of Disaster Drills Held Throughout America

Info From a Steve Quayle Listener: Remember Russian oil used a nuke when it was necessary to close down a runaway well? What were the pressures they could not control? If you ask around I believe you will find out the entire oil industry knew what pressures could not be contained. That being the case then BP, the City of London, Wall Street and all the PTB knew. Therefore I would deduce that this was a planned incident, not an unplanned incident as Lindsey Williams recently stated. more

True Salvation and The True Gospel Good News

Gulf Oil Spill-Gutsy Solution Restores Environment in Just Six Weeks

jbtutt13 May 17, - The Texas Land Office and Texas Water Commission successfully used 'oil eating' microbes to clean up large oil spills in just weeks. Microbes hunt down and eat the toxic oil and leave only a biodegradable waste that is non-toxic to humans and marine life. Marshland and beaches were pristine again in just weeks---not years like the Exxon Valdez spill. This is the answer to save the seafood industry and all the precious creatures we are about to kill.


You're On Your Own

What can only be described so far as a pathetic response by the Federal government and its agencies to the Gulf Oil disaster highlights the fact that waiting for someone to come to your rescue can be a pointless exercise in itself.

Interestingly the air force has recently conducted an "Operational Readiness Inspection" which according to a report out of Gulfport Mississippi was "an exercise in working with civilian authorities to conduct mass medical evacuations in the event of a chemical attack.." - which the oil spill could certainly be described as.


In this picture taken at New Orleans Lake Front Airport May 20, we see members of the "disaster aeromedical staging facility"carry a simulated patient.


The exercise involved the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals and "multiple military counterparts including Air Mobility Command and U.S. Transportation Command members from Scott Air Force Base, Ill." (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Samantha S. Crane). All of whom are under the control of US Northern Command, including no doubt any civilian organizations if martial law should be declared.

While it wasn't said officially, this may well have been in readiness for the necessity to evacuate perhaps millions of people from the Gulf Coast (more below).

Meanwhile, many states are going it alone, conducting their own drills. While none so far has been specifically related to the Gulf situation, emergency responders are readying themselves for everything from hurricanes to fires to earthquakes to terrorist attacks.

Among them were a medical disaster drill in downtown Erie, Pennsylvania, a multi-agency drill in Texas, and a mock plane crash in Portland,  Maine.

In Chicago, they've been going full-on as if there were a simultaneous plane crash, rail car evacuation and terrorist attack.


What we see once again is that when it comes to an emergency, no matter what it is, you are on your own. Exercises are one thing. Real disasters are another. The emergency personnel don't turn up till people are dead and dying. Plan now. Prepare now.

At the very least, consider a Survival Kit that Contains:

1. Bag, water resistant, to carry the items below w/shoulder strap.

2. 3600 calorie Food bar, 3 day supply - Five year shelf life

3. 9 packets of water (4.25 oz each) - Five year shelf life

4. Palm leather gloves, to safely remove debris

5. Hand warmers (2) , to keep you warm for hours

6. First Aid Kit - for minor cuts and scrapes Includes a mini first aid guide.

7. Emergency Blanket - maintains up to 85% percent of a person's warmth.  Very Reasonable Price


BP            Be Prepared !!

Anger In The Gulf

As far as the Gulf is concerned, frustration and anger are mounting. And not the sort of anger that President Obama has pretended at BP's handling of the situation there. The anger and frustration is because for some reason, the state and its various counties have experienced delay after delay in waiting for approval from the Feds so they can get involved in protecting their coastline from the world's worst-ever blowout.

Question: Why does a state have to ask the federal government for permission to instantly mobilize thousands of willing civilian volunteers to deal with a situation that threatens their lives and livelihoods?

Worse still, it is increasingly obvious that BP - the people who are responsible for the spill - are now responsible for the cleanup, and doing a terribly incompetent and self-serving job of it.

They have ignored the EPA and top government officials and continue to spray millions of gallons of highly toxic Corexit oil dispersant into the Gulf. This holds the oil under water where it decimates marine life - but it also means it will come ashore and do further untold damage.

BP has also appointed Security Guards to stop the media - and civilians- from going on to the polluted beaches and taking photographs. As well, they are reportedly decapitating any dead birds they find - which means no useful autopsy can be performed, which means such data can not be introduced in any later court cases.

But those who are supposed to oversea the oil industry on our behalf have done nothing to stop these practices.

The government has imposed a wide no-fly zone over the Gulf, ostensibly for safety reasons - but it also serves to stop news access, or people taking photographs or filming the oil slicks that are spreading for hundreds of square miles. And what of the poisonous gases that are being emitted?


Take a Note - a mask is something everyone should have in their personal Scoot Bag.


They keep out dust and small particles which can damage your lungs - as those who experienced the asbestos-laced dust clouds when the World Trade Center was demolished can attest.


The special valve makes breathing much easier too.  Click For More.


 Life Threatening Gas

We were one of the first to bring attention to the fact that while the oil eruption and its effects on wildlife has everyone's attention, there's a much bigger disaster potential involved here. And that is the fact that all sorts of noxious toxic gases are also being released.


"The media coverage of the BP oil disaster to date has focused largely on the threats to wildlife, but the latest evaluation of air monitoring data shows a serious threat to human health from airborne chemicals emitted by the ongoing deep-water gusher.

"....the Louisiana Environmental Action Network (which has) released its analysis of air monitoring test results by the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA's air testing data comes from Venice, a coastal community 75 miles south of New Orleans in Louisiana's Plaquemines Parish.

"The findings show that levels of airborne chemicals have far exceeded state standards and what's considered safe for human exposure.

"For instance, hydrogen sulfide has been detected at concentrations more than 100 times greater than the level known to cause physical reactions in people. Among the health effects of hydrogen sulfide exposure are eye and respiratory irritation as well as nausea, dizziness, confusion and headache."

Brain damage and cancer are other effects of some of these gases.


And you could be in harm's way as much as 200 miles inland once storms start picking up the oil and toxic gases and bring them on shore even further than they have penetrated already. What does that mean for water quality in the future? 


Foul water harbors disease.


You can survive longer with access to clean water than you can without food.

What's Your Plan?

Here are some serious questions. Please give them serious consideration.

If you live anywhere near the Gulf Coast, have you started asking yourself what you should be doing to avoid a worst case scenario (like acid rain, health problems, long term effects etc etc).

Are you giving serious thought to heading north before things get really bad? (Or are you just waiting and hoping?).

Where might you go if you do leave right now? New York state? New England? Pennsylvania - or are they likely to feel the effects of acid rain and storms and bad water as well? It's highly likely.

What if an evacuation is suddenly ordered under martial law? What would you hope to take with you?

Do you live on the East Coast and think you're safe?

What if the oil comes up the coast (as it will) and the same thing happens there - storms bring the oil ashore as toxic rain - rain that kills vegetation and has serious health effects as well.

Assuming you live more than 200 miles from any coastline, do you have relatives and friends down in the immediate danger area? Are you prepared to call and offer them accommodation?

Wherever you might live north of the Gulf of Mexico, what would happen if a whole storm of people suddenly started coming your way? (Remember Katrina and the 150-mile-long parking lot on the Interstate north?).

As experienced consultants when it comes to preparedness, we do not ask these questions frivolously. They are very important issues that you would be wise to consider (if you haven't already) and then make some plans.

Above all, DO NOT wait to be rescued - because you have to be lucky enough to survive, and who can guarantee that? Be preemptive. Be practical. Be prepared. Be Ready To Move.


Previous News:

May Levels of Toxic Gases in Gulf Back Up Claim Made by Lindsey Williams                                                                

 | New Orleans TV station reported 1,192 parts per billion


BP Official Admits to Damage BENEATH THE SEA FLOOR                                                                                                         Washington’s Blog | We have a right to know what’s really going on.

Epidemic Hazard for Venice LA.Corexits Reign of Terror

Oil boundary 50 miles from Florida Keys by June 15: NOAA forecast Ocean Researcher: Sub-surface “Oilberg” plumes will “kill wetlands”; once “in the marshes we’ll never get it out” EPA Flashback: If “oil floats around much longer” it will emulsify and be “almost impossible to clean up” Reporter: Pack of dolphin seen blowing “water thick with oil” out through their holes White House officials: Explosives to stop well may cause “uncontrolled situation”; Oil may already be escaping into “rock formations below the sea floor”

Obama biggest recipient of BP cash | Reuters


Lindsey Williams Exposes BP's Gulf Oil Spill Disaster from Insiders

UK Engineering Mag: Well casing could have been ejected from the well; ‘Doomsday Scenario’ happening? Former Shell Oil President: “Relief well may not be enough”, next step “to implode well on top of itself” Oil Expert: BP must ‘keep the well flowing to minimize oil and gas going out into the formation on the side’

Birds Flocking North By The Thousands

Multiple oil rig leaks now threaten entire Gulf

National Guard involved in the effort to evacuate and provide security for the Gulf

FAA: Aerial Spraying Operations

The Intel Hub - The Federal Aviation Administration released a set of regulations on June 9, entitled NOTAM. This document laid out what could and couldn’t be done over the oil spill in regards to aircraft activity. BP, along with the federal government have basically put the entire airspace over the spill in a complete lock down mode

Scientist Awed by Size, Density of Undersea Oil Plume in Gulf                                                                                             

RED ALERT! MSM reports "DOOMSDAY scenario" about new Oil Spill developments                                

Video: Senator confirms reports that wellbore is pierced; oil seeping from seabed in multiple places (102)

Flow Rate Technical Group member: Severed riser increased flow “far more” than 20%; now likely 100,000 barrels a day

Video: MSNBC--Devastation – You Can Smell The Oil From A Helicopter!

BP Oil leak has Underwater FLAMES NOW - Going to Blow? Video

Breaking: Coast Guard confirms oil sheen in Florida Keys; Officials lay protective boom (28)

Oil slick spotted 12 miles off Ft Lauderdale coast by yacht captain (28)


USNORTHCOM Gears Up For Potential Attack On U.S. Soil in the Gulf Region 

Oil Spill in the Gulf – The Waters are Poison: Over the past several weeks, America has been visited by an event that will be one of the most destructive ecological catastrophies in modern history. It is going to shatter records! Unfortunately, most Americans are not grasping its magnitude. This oil eruption is going to have very grave consequences for millions of people. It is going to affect the livelihoods and employment for many people. It is going to contribute to the health failure of many people. And here is the very grievous part of the story; it is going to end the lives of many people. more + True Salvation and The True Gospel Good News

BP is using highly toxic chemicals in the Gulf; Food Crops Threatened

BREAKING: Newly released aerial photos reveal oil ’streamers’ in Florida Keys                                                                

“Unfortunately, [the photos] don’t give what we saw justice,” said Chris Kauffman, referencing the photos he snapped while flying over the Florida Keys on May 22.
“We saw a lot of oil in the water,” he said. The oil streamers stretched north to south for at least 10 miles “North-northwest of Marathon,” on the Gulf side. “The water appeared to be heading easterly" ...[
link to]

CNN iReport: “Significant amounts of oil” are “floating ashore in the Florida Keys” Report via Facebook: Oil reported at Marathon Key in the Florida Keys

BP Oil Spill to reach Miami by June 9 says forecast

40 Million and more to evacuate Florida?... Heading Inland

Underwater cloud of oil moving southeast, 142 miles from Deepwater Horizon blowout

New NOAA Forecast: Oil spill 35 miles from Tampa Bay area by June 8

Now 3 oil leaks in Gulf - Florida to be evac'd?

Evergreen Air is dropping chemicals over the oil spill

EXTREME ALERT — Gulf Coast Evacuation Contingency Plans Soon to Go Operational: The operational name for the Gulf Coast Evacuation is "Swift Fox". Yesterday morning at around 8:30 Mountain time, I received information that specific towns, in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas and Georgia were having hotel rooms rented in mass by different named "Societies" using Federal government credit cards. The block hotel room rentals are for half the available rooms in hotels with a minimum of 120 rooms. Specific conversations were "overheard" that would indicate that the planned Gulf Coast evacuation is soon to be implemented. The only scenario I hear that may force the government to evacuate the coast is a multiple plume situation. Apparently, the unmitigated oil spilling has caused a pressure flux which, ironically, has caused a spider web network of Gulf seabed fissures, which has caused at least one other confirmed oil plume. NOAA is searching for two more suspected ones". This quote is from an insider who is really concerned as he should be. Here's additional info he provided. His comments in the following quote: "I know FEMA has already scoped out FEMA camp locations, i.e. vacant lots and swaths of land that can be leased temporarily in Texas and Georgia".

The inside guy said it is up to the President to give the go-signal. There is an evacuation plan drafted and in place, ready for execution only *if* the administration deems it necessary. That can happen two ways. FEMA makes an emergency declaration with recommendation to POTUS (President of the US) for an evacuation or 2/3 of the Gulf States request federal help for an evac. States can individually declare an evacuation of their Gulf residents, but that would be a state action only, not FEMA/Federal".

The National Guard is being called up to patrol areas where the crude oil spill is supposedly coming ashore.

We postulated that the Guard might be called up in our June 7 News Alert. That possibility is now confirmed by the official homepage for the U.S. Army.

NEWS BRIEF: "Guard readies as Gulf Coast braces for oil spill", By Air Force Master Sgt. Mike R. Smith,, April 30, 2010

"At least three states along the Gulf of Mexico are preparing for a potential call for thousands of National Guard members as the nation ramps up its response to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill ... Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal sent letters to federal officials asking them to approve funding to activate up to 6,000 Guardmembers to assist in the response to the oil spill. In two letters addressed to Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates and Janet Napolitano, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Jindal said the Guard 'will provide security, medical capabilities, engineers and communication support in response to this threat'."

How big is this "threat" supposed to be? Remember, the Illuminati always wants to publicly maximize the threat their actions have created so that the public will be more thoroughly conditioned and more completely terrified.

"Currently, our Soldiers and Airmen are staging for and are engaged in the planning of the effort to evacuate and provide security and clean up for the coastal communities expected to be impacted by the oil spill', Jindal wrote. 'They are engaged in the protection of vital infrastructure to include medical facilities, fuel distribution, interstate highways, water-ice distribution and power facilities, which are all vital to the recovery of coastal Louisiana ... these National Guard operations are necessary and appropriate to protect this region of our nation from a significant national event with potential catastrophic loss of natural resources'."

Now we know how dangerous this oil spill is going to be: "catastrophic".

My Merriam-webster dictionary provides these synonyms for "catastrophic":

Fatal, calamitous, cataclysmic, disastrous, fateful, and ruinous.

The government is laying it on thick and heavy in order to scare us to death. Then, and only then, will we be scared enough to allow any condition close to Martial Law in these cities and towns and beaches along the Gulf Coast. Mass Media stories are cooperating with this effort to frighten by running news stories which are telling a most calamitous story. These news stories are saying that the oil spill is far worse than BP is admitting.

However, more and more people are beginning to question whether the oil spill is that much of a problem and whether the Mass Media and the government are simply whipping a molehilltruth into a mountain of propaganda.

NEWS BRIEF: "Massive Media Blackout in Gulf Oil Spill ",, June 9, 2010

"According to documentary film maker, James Fox, reporting from Louisiana, there is a massive media black out being perpetrated in the Gulf of Mexico BP Oil spill. While that much may have seemed obvious to many, James says that people with cameras are being threatened with arrest, and locals are seriously afraid to talk. The place is swarming with both government officials and corporate officials, and by the sounds of this interview it’s a pretty scary situation. James Fox is a filmmaker that specializes in UFO documentaries. One of his films aired last fall on the History Channel."

Why impose a media blackout if the reality is as bad as the public rhetoric? The answer is plain and clear: there would be no reason to impose a media blackout; but, if the rhetoric has been blown way out of proportion, then the government would have every reason to impose a media blackout.

We believe that this entire National Guard operation is a conditioning tool by which people all over America will come closer to the belief that any disaster of any magnitude is sufficient to bring in the Guard. Such conditioning is absolutely necessary for the time when Martial Law will be imposed all across this country, and rapidly.

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