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Find anything on the internet is easy - like files, articles, documents, government forms

Of anything that you have or have seen.     Note an unusual phrase in the document.

If you search for a title or an author, you'll probably just find web sites selling the document / book,
but if you search for a quoted phrase or concepts in the document,
you often can find the very document to read, print, copy or save the document or the link.

Google Search for a "quoted phrase", like the one noted in yellow highlight. 
Search must find those words in that order.
Of billions links on internet, I usually find what I seek in 10 to 30 seconds !

"the FDA has no authority over websites, but the company had put its website address" - Google Search

I found a reference to an article with the above phrase in the article. 
Sometimes you find a page of the article, sometimes you find a PDF file.
I found this link to the full article:

Le Magazine, March 2006 - Cover Story: Why is the FDA Picking on ...

Search with the internet        Find, confirm, clarify things you suspect.

Consider 2 letters, A and B, Consider 2 spaces to write them. 
List all combinations; AA, AB, BA, BB

2 letters, 2 spaces = 2 x 2 = 4 combinations.

How many vocabulary words do you know ? 10,000 ? 20, 30, 50,000 (very educated person) ?

How many words might you find in newspaper or Jr. High School text book ?  Perhaps 10,000 ?

So in reading a news or magazine article, each word used is chosen from 10,000+ words.

2 words in a sequence, is 1 chance in 10,000 times 10,000 possibilities or
.    1 in 10,000,000 or 1 in
10 8

"a quoted string" is specific words in a specific order

5 specific words in a row, with each word in a particular place, yields 1 in 10 to the 4x5 or 10 20

If you do a google search and list words; The Quick Brown Fox. 
Google will show links where
any of the words, or word combinations may be found.
quick    brown fox    the quick    Brown River    quick fox    quick sand    fire fox  ...

If you quote at beginning and end of phrase, a quoted phrase
“General MacArthur lead the troops across the Rhine in August.”.
you limit google searches to
only documents that include the specific words in the specific order.

Take 5 to 7 word sequence, use an unusual phrase. 
Do use, “The Major crossed the Nile River in August.”  Don’t use, “The man crossed the road”.

In an unusual phrase, of 5 to 7 words, you will find only a few document that contain that phrase. 
I call this a
thought print ©, a particular phrase used by a writer in a written work.

In searching for any document, report, book, magazine article, if you search for a 5+ word quoted phrase, or even two different 3 word quoted phrases, you may quickly find the original article, book, court case referenced by the phrases (if it is on the internet- many things are).

There may be billions of documents on the internet. Not all things are there, but many are. 
With these short phrases searches, you are able to
quickly find a confirmation or multiple references to the document in question.

Searching for a magazine, author or article title often just gets you to many links of those trying to reference the article and or sell the article, or the book, or discuss it or the author.

Searching directly for the phrase, you usually find the full article, book, or report
directly on the internet.

From there you can read, print, copy or e-mail to others.

If you have a particular document you have seen or want to see,
this is easy, quick way to locate the complete document.

Reading the web site addresses, you may find a reputable source,
Cornell Law Library, New York Times, etc.

Finding a crowd of witnesses, many links, many web sites that confirms a quote
or the document is a way to find or prove a thing is true, authentic, genuine.

Here is another example.  I only had a Congressman's name, and idea of what he said.
As I searched, I found a quote from him, then I found many links that showed this quote was true.
War of Words - shows how US newspapers have been bought by bankers
(& others) to hide important news.

Once you know or suspect something, it is easy to check to confirm it.

You can use a "short quoted phrase" and add other terms, Eisenhower    Paris    Treaty

.    to be found in the article, but not directly in the sequence.

I am surprised these brief google searches can penetrate to the most secret hidden things, in just a few seconds.

           Ideas, concepts or Words searches

CIA Clinton Mena        (Mena is a small town in Arkansas, where the guns and drugs of Iran Contras were handled.)

Pine Gap HAARP        Weather controlled world wide for decades, more evil by government on going here.

Gov. is not representative like we think.  It is controlled by corporations to establish their monopolies and their control over those ruled (you & me). The few deceive and rule the many.

But when you learn the truth, you can out step their control.

The above is a beginning to your search for truth.

Elden wrote a book A New Reality that explores simple logic,
how you can find truth over and beyond what authorities may try to tell you.

We have been and are deceived because we, like a herd, follow our leaders,

without questioning, testing, checking their premises and conclusions.

Only working together, seeking truth,

will we be able to climb out of the great quagmire that surrounds us.

By deception they do rule, they do war !

Once you learn how to explore subjects thru logic,
you can Pierce the Veil of Secrecy to find the fundamental facts.

Just putting keywords together can lead you to articles you'll never find in main stream.

Comments on my book welcome !


The entirety of my web sites & vast forbidden library is based on simple logic & searches
past what main stream says is not true and does not exist.

Total Commander is my most useful computer program   ( from )

I use Microsoft Windows. 
Of all the 100s of program  I've used for years:

Total Commander (available free from internet) 
allows me to quickly find any of my 100,000+ files on my computer.

Being smart is a beginning, but having good tools helps - it requires having access to information.

I personally do most things through files
I create & keep on my computer.

If I can find something similar I did before for something that I need to do, it's easier to modify an old file & continue, then to start a new project.

Total Commander has 100s of commands. You can find any file / folder by various criteria, file types, approx. date, some phrase within file.

You do not have to remember what folder, where, or what you named your file.  Total Commander can find it anyway.

Of all my research, I am always cross referencing information to confirm and learn more.

For any endeavor, where you use a computer, you cannot find a more useful program that Total Commander !

Tot. Cmdr. also allows me to organize my copy of 10,000 news articles & books that prove that current news lies.

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Elden's search / research methods have built these web sites & beyond
He uses this tested method to find and confirm information.

That coupled with examining the unbelievable.

Like Sherlock Holmes, I follow the clues.

I sometimes follow things I do not believe are real nor valuable, but as I follow connecting articles, people, facts, I sometimes am over whelmed by the incredible detail, exposes, public records; Congressional Record, Court Cases, news articles, etc. that all link together to make the conclusions irrefutable.

Most are deflected when a few powerful people or organizations say
something is not true, or even avoid discussing it.

You have this skill, if you want to know truth.

It just takes time & energy.

The Truth will set you free.  John 8:32

What else (but truth) has an enduring value ?