Las Vegas Homeland Security Drill - a collection of information that Toby found.

Drill in Vegas Homeland Security to the location in advance.

There is lots of social media

None show any blood.

Witnesses smiling and confused in their broadcast interviews, reading script.

Triage tarps set up for injured, no blood, no bodies on the tarps.

Bullets rained for 20 or 30 ? seconds, and wounded 500 people.

One "witness" says the bullets were raining down from above. 

Can you see a bullet in the air at 10 pm at night ?

In some video, someone says the popping sound of faked bullets is being broadcast over the PA system.

Crisis actors were advertised in advance on Craig's list $ 15 - $ 20 / hour.

       Crowds on Demands ads. & their website.

Photo: Police squatting down, on Attack- Spectators not concerned.

Distance from Hotel to Concert aerial photo

"shots from 1/4 mile away."

You Tube:

       Crisis Actor Expose - What HOAX IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS? Mandalay Bay Shooting

Victims Families not allowed into hospitals.

Brian Claypool smiles several times in his interview, reading a script.

Route 91 concert

       Graphic done with double lines so 91 reads as 9911.


What public will not see: ... like all the death certificates that will never be issued and therefore not made available to the public.


There is already plenty of hoax videos.  I'm not sure which one is funniest, but this one is pretty good.  This smiling guy's buddy was shot three times in the chest by a high powered rifle, but they tell him at the hospital, "He's good".  Plus another guy died in his arms.  Where do they find these guys?

Some photos I found on you tubes of this event.

Police hide from shooter behind car

but these pedestrians are unaware of any danger.

Distance from Hotel to Concert area.  That a shooter could put several shots into one man's chest at that distance.

A longer shot than the supposedly shot from Oswald to Kennedy.

Ad on Craig's list for "Actors" for Las Vegas "event"

Below from Crowds on Demand website