Questions - see Chapter 5

1. What does the Pope, the Holy See, and the Vatican have to do with anything?

2. How does the Global Estate Trust function? Why haven't I heard of it before?

3. What is a "national trust" and why does it matter?

4. You've charged that there is commercial and administrative default - why? What is this bankruptcy you keep talking about?

5. How is our money involved?

6. What is convertible debt?

7. Are you telling me that I don't owe any taxes? How is that possible? It costs money to provide governmental services. If I don't pay my taxes, how will the schools be funded and the fire departments and libraries stay open?

8. Why are the courts at fault?

9. In one of the demonstration cases you repeatedly made a great issue of whether or not the Judge was acting as a trustee or not, and at one point even offered to appoint him directly as your trustee. Why?

10. Who are you? How do you know all this?

11. Why did you include Pat Dougherty, the Managing Editor of The Anchorage Daily News, to receive a FINAL NOTICE? He's not a politician or a public employee or a banker or a judge, so it doesn't appear to make sense?

12. I am confused with all these names that are so similar meaning different things. Can you explain in a simple way?

13. Do you mean that when I get a tax notice from the IRS addressed to my NAME, it isn't actually addressed to me?

14. So What is the bottom line of all this?

15. What is the status of an American facing the present court system?

16. If the federal government is a private, for-profit Trust Management Organization, providing governmental services as a corporation with a lot of "STATE" franchises, like Burger King, International - what does that mean for the "STATE" legislatures?

17. What can be done to correct this situation?

18. This whole situation makes me feel terrified and out of control. Why are you so cool and calm?

19. All these "legislatures" and public officials have been using public resources, buildings and everything else to benefit their own private for-profit corporations, for DECADES. They've sold off billions of dollars worth of Alaska's oil for pennies on the dollar to their cronies in the oil companies, siphoned off billions into slush funds not accounted for, by impersonating American public officials and asserting a controlling interest in the assets of the organic states ... that's what you're telling me?

20. You have put your own private assets at risk to pursue justice and correction of all these circumstances. You stated in the FINAL NOTICE that THE SUPERIOR COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA owes you "reparations" and damages in the amount of $1,600,000.00 and that the STATE OF ALASKA stands subject to dissolution as a result. How is possible? Wasn't the property foreclosed for not paying a commercial mortgage?

21. Are the accompanying "Civil Orders" legitimate? Do I have to act upon them as an elected appointed or commissioned officer?

22. Are you telling me that changing from an unincorporated government to an incorporated government is like an evil twin brother usurping an estate from a rightful heir?

23. There are really only 22 questions, but this one answers the dreadful unasked moral question.