Everything is broken:

Nicholas Veniamin & RDS on Today & Tomorrow in the USA & Abroad


Everything is broken:

- Congress, - Supreme Court, - State Legislators, - State Governors, - Law Enforcement.

- FBI has been protecting the criminals (in government) & destroying the evidence.

The government, rulers, many have been involved in pedophilia, rituals, kidnapping, raping, murdering children in their Human Trafficking Rings.

PedoEmpire.org website has free pdf books explaining all this.

- over 1,000s of years - United Kingdom, - Rothschild's Illuminati,
- No. America including VP Pence, and Supreme Court Justice Roberts

Revelations will relate to Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Chief John Roberts, Hillary Clinton,

Nancy Pelosi, Mike Pence, Jeffery Epstein, Bill Gates and 1000s more.

He has seen the evidence. It is conclusive.

What we once learned and knew, it is changed.

A new Republic is coming to us soon,
    but before that, many many high profile people will be arrested & jailed.

Trump initiated the Insurrection Act as they (Deep State)
    all certified the Fraudulent Presidential Election votes.

All but 110 of the Democratic Governors are going to prison
    with Pelosi, Biden father & son Hunter, Kamala Harris & more.