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July 7, 2009

The General Looks at the Data:


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I am writing to you in my official capacity as the President of the Natural Solutions Foundation.  However, the basis of the information that I am about to share with you comes from decades of experience engaged in real-world, real-time intelligence collection and analysis.  In this environment, the work involves piecing together divergent "bits" of information from divergent sources into a coherent picture of past events/situations from which you can reliably predict future events/situations.

Having the "picture" (from connecting the "Dots" or the  "Bits" of information) provides the base from which counter actions, plans and solutions develop.

That is the simplistic process.  Now let me show you some of the "Dots" as they exist today. You do the connecting.   You paint the picture that comes to your mind. I think after you do, you will see why it is so urgently important that we create the Push Back needed to protect our health, our rights and our freedom at this time.

1.  An "informal" [e.g., illegal] clinical trial of the Avian Flu vaccine on about 200 Polish vagrants resulted in 11 immediate deaths and an additional set of 20 later deaths (approximately 15% of the test population).  The doctors and nurses involved were charged with murder. (Fact. 2008)
2.  Approximately 3500 Chinese children died in an Avian Flu vaccine experiment. (Rumor, 2008)
3.  The Philippine High Court convicted WHO (The World Health Organization) of involuntarily sterilizing over 3 million Philippine women through the use of vaccines. (Fact)
4.  The WHO in 1985 documented that one of its' primary goals for the use of a sterility vaccine disguised as a smallpox vaccine was to "eliminate 150 million excess Sub Saharan Africans". (Fact, 1985-ongoing)
5.  The WHO 5-shot vaccine programs for tetanus in third world countries in South and Central America caused the involuntary sterilization of millions of women. (Fact, ongoing)
6.  Monsanto's MON 810 corn causes sterility according to studies published by the Austrian Government. (Fact, 2009)
7.  Monsanto's MON 810 corn contains the Cauliflower Mosaic Virus which, when ingested, lowers the bodies CD 4 cells to a point which, on immune tests, indicate that a person has HIV/AIDS.  The lowered CD 4 cells results from eating GMO corn, the staple of the diet in many parts of Black Africa. MON 810 is grown in Europe for animal feed and in many places, including the US, around the world for human food. (Fact, ongoing)
8.  Merck's Gardasil vaccine causes death, collapse and chronic illness in young woman and girls, including a new, never-before described "disease" called Juvenile ALS, a fatal condition in which the nervous system is slowly destroyed while consciousness remains unimpaired.  This vaccine increases cervical cancer by 44.7% in women and girls who already have Human Papilloma Virus.  Cervical Cancer is easily detected and cured in early stages and is not a major killer of women.  Gardasil contains substances which may cause sterility in women receiving it and any protection lasts only a few years, so 9 year olds will probably not be sexually active by the time this protection has worn off. (Fact, ongoing)
9.  Baxter International Inc. was in the process of applying for a contract to provide Avian Flu vaccines to European countries in the event of an Avian Flu epidemic.  Its Austrian laboratory shipped Seasonal Flu vaccines to 18 countries in Europe.  A laboratory technician tested the Baxter Seasonal Flu vaccines sent to the Czech Republic and discovered that they were contaminated with a highly pathogenic version of the Avian Flu, 72 Kilograms of it, although Level 3 precautions were in place and such contamination "could not have happened accidentally" according to experts in the field. No documentation of the destruction of this highly infective material has been provided although the Austrian Health Ministry insists that the deadly viral material was destroyed. (Fact, 2008, 2009)
10.  A WHO investigation into the Baxter contaminated vaccine issue resulted in NO findings and in NO disciplinary actions.  An Austrian investigation into the same events yielded the same results. (Fact, 2009)
11.  Baxter has been rewarded with a lead role in developing, producing and disseminating the Swine Flu vaccine for the upcoming pandemic. (Fact, 2009)
12.  Swine Flu was first identified to the public as a serious problem in April/May 2009 when 168 persons in Mexico were confirmed by CDC and WHO to have died from the Swine Flu.  This number was later revised downward to only 16 deaths. (Fact, 2009)
13.  It normally takes a minimum of 12 to 18 months to create a vaccine after a specific virus has been identified. (Fact)
14.  The US Government has spent more than a billion dollars to develop and to make available the Swine flu vaccine for a disease which poses no significant health threat.  (Fact, 2009)
15.  The "Seed Culture" for the Swine Flu virus was provided to vaccine companies in May, 2009.  Baxter International Inc. announced in June, 2009 that they would have their vaccine ready in July, 2009 . (Fact, 2009)
16.  A WHO container of Swine Flu virus from Mexico City exploded on a passenger train in Luzon, Switzerland.  All of the current Swiss cases of Swine Flu are from the area where the explosion took place.  It is illegal to ship pathogenic viruses in this way. (Fact, 2009)
17.  A significant number of virologists and other scientists are on record stating that the Swine Flu was created in a laboratory and could not evolve naturally. (Fact, 2009)


 1.  Canada, Sweden, Norway, France and other countries have announced intentions to vaccinate every man, woman and child.  To do so, they are ordering 2 shots per person of untested, unsafe and unnecessary Swine Flu Vaccines from a variety of manufacturers. The US Departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services both stated in early 2009 that they would do so "beginning with those who want it". (Fact, 2009)
2.  President Obama announced to the public shortly after his inauguration that every man, woman and child should receive the Avian Flu vaccine this fall along with seasonal flu shots this coming Fall.  President Obama is on record saying that he believes that vaccinations should be mandatory. (Fact, 2009)
3.  The United States has spent $714 Million GPS mapping every front door of every house and apartment in the country and listing who lives in each house or apartment under the direction of the White House. (Fact, 2009)
4.  Many people have reported that they have received calls at home or at work from agencies of the US Government inquiring about the "number of unvaccinated children in the household". (Fact, 2009)
5.  The United States, Norway, Sweden, Austria and other countries have announced that in case of a Swine Flu pandemic all health and security authority shall revert to teams and command centers run by the WHO. (Fact, 2009)
6.  Every recent major event like 9/11, the Madrid bombings or the London bombings has been accompanied by a materially identical "training exercise" simulating the actual event involving, confusing and distracting the legitimate responders. (Fact, 2001-ongoing)
7.  A major set of FEMA training exercises is scheduled for 27 July, 2009. (Fact, 2009)


Draw your own conclusions about what is afoot. And if you, like the officers and trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation, are deeply concerned by what you see, intuit and conclude from these facts, you WILL take action by clicking on the two Action Steps that follow.  And you WILL enlist everyone you know and can reach to do the same and activate their contacts and circles of influence.

Click HERE to tell your legislators and your Governor that you demand your right to Self-Shield, instead of taking the dangerous vaccine OR being incarcerated:

Click HERE to urge your national and state legislators to protect food and farming (you'll find more information below):

Yours in health and freedom,
Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III
(US Army, Ret.)
Natural Solutions Foundation


URGENT: Push Back Is Working

Net Roots Assemble! It's Time To Marshal Large Numbers of Voices

Prevent Marshal Law!


Self -Shielding and Codex Bills may be Introduced in Congress By Health Freedom Allies!

Push Back Working: Urgently Important to Act on Self Shielding Legislation Demand -- and take that demand viral! 

We have word from the office of the  most outspoken friend health freedom has in Congress that he is considering two new bills to support our freedom, in addition to the nutrient health claims bill that will be re-introduced into Congress shortly:

1. A Self-Shielding law which would give you the right to choose to remain at home rather than take a dangerous Pandemic Vaccine or be incarcerated and quarantined.

Click HERE to tell your legislators you demand your right to Self-Shield, instead of taking the dangerous vaccine OR being incarcerated:


2. A Codex Anti-Harmonization Bill. Taking the US out of Codex's restrictions on our access to nutrition would be a major step forward!

Meanwhile a New Farm and Food Safety Bill Threatens...

You can read our Counsel Ralph's blog on HR2749 here:

In it he writes: "While Self-Shielding in the face of manufactured pandemics and weaponized vaccines got our attention; while Codex further degraded the food supply... Congress was planning its own surprise: the forced-industrialization-of-farming bills, such as HR 875 & 759, have been replaced by a new "fast-tracked" (sic) "Food Safety" bill - HR 2749 - that threatens food, health and freedom. It is, in reality, a "martial law food control bill"

This new Farm and Food Safety (sic) legislation, HR 2749 is being pushed forward with limited debate as if it were a non-controversial bill and it, like the other dangerous Farm and Food Safety bills, contains implementation and harmonization language for Codex. 

The worst of the Farm and Food Safety (sic) legislation,  HR 2749 is being moved under a "Suspension of Rules" which is how "non-controversial legislation, like naming post offices" is usually done; limited debate, no amendments, one "up or down" vote and while it probably won't be voted on this week, it could come up in the next couple weeks.  WE MUST FLOOD CONGRESS WITH MESSAGES REGARDING THIS! IF YOU ONLY DO ONE THING AS A RESULT OF THIS EMAIL, PLEASE, PLEASE, CLICK BELOW AND ASK EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO DO SO TOO!

Click HERE to urge your national and state legislators to protect food and farming:

Remember, each of these Action Items can be sent in by every member of your family!

Have you clicked and sent the Action Items? Great.  Now you can get to work and find ways to motivate the people in your email list, your relatives, the folks at your local Farmer's Market, Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Block Club, School, University or whatever groups of people with whom you communicate.  A health fair in your area?  A folk dance or festival? Great. These are urgent issues and all we need is a click of the Freedom Mouse from a large number of people.  It really is up to us to mobilize the kind of Push Back that really does work.

Apparently, the Natural Solutions Foundation's enthusiastic Push Back - YOUR enthusiastic Push Back - is giving us the purchase we need to have legislation to permit self-shielding AND protection from Codex considered by a significant Congressman.

And our Push Back may even be impacting the plans of those who control Congress. In order to get HR 2749 out of committee, the sponsors had to allow an exemption into the bill -- breaching their hard line position that all food producers were to be treated like industrialized Agrabiz. That exemption covers any "food (i) produced on a farm; and (ii) sold ...directly to a consumer or restaurant." While it is not as strong as we'd advise (actually, we advise that the bill be defeated!) we were the first to call for explicit protective language for family farms, natural, organic, home, etc. food production and processing -- and your Push Back made this exemption possible! The bill must still be defeated, but along the way, we want to see the exemptions strengthened!

NOW is the time to pour on the Push Back heat.  Now, when every member of Congress and State Legislature is aware of these issues.  Now, while the horrifying FDA-Can-Declare-Martial-Law-And-Seize-Your-Property HR 2749 is being treated as if it were not controversial, now, while the phony "Swine Flu" is on everyone's lips (even under their masks!), NOW is the moment when our Push Back, coupled with helping every single person you know to take similar action, can have the greatest impact.

Self-Shielding is Your Right!

You know that Health and Health Freedom are under multiple attacks, rather like a castle being attacked by infantry swarming over the walls, catapults slamming into the towers, corpses dumped into the wells to poison the water and flaming arrows arcing high over the walls to land in the thatch roofs of the homes within the walls.

Under Common Law, which the Constitution of these United States says is to be respected, your Home IS your Castle and you are inviolate within it.  Both the UN Declaration of Universal Rights and the Geneva Conventions agree. But, just as so many other protections and strong walls of freedom are being breached, so your home is about to be breeched.  Under current legislation, there will be no vaccine exemptions for any reason. You will either take the vaccine, weaponized and dangerous as it is, or you run the very real risk of relocation, incarceration, isolation, quarantine and God knows what else.  One thing for sure, a vaccine refuser will be viewed as somehow disloyal and there is no reason to think the food, conditions or treatment will support your health!

Like a prophet running around in rags inside the castle being breached sobbing, "Repent ye, repent ye", there are well-meaning people propagating petitions to refuse vaccines which have the right sentiment, but no political impact whatsoever. There are well meaning people telling you that because 48 States have vaccine exemption options, the "Pandemic Emergency"vaccination will, too. They are governed by different laws and we believe that there will be no exemptions for them.

Taken together with the fact that virtually every country of which we are aware is either ordering 2 shots of the untested, unsafe and unnecessary Swine Flu vaccine from some vaccine company or other (and there are apparently 89 different Swine Flu vaccine trials running at the moment!) the race is on to corral us all into either a vaccination line or a relocation line.

These are the vaccines that the FDA wants you to believe are, along with Tamiflu and its cousin Relenza, the ONLY ways to protect and treat Swine Flu.  You remember that I told you in one of my earlier reports that we are no longer permitted to discuss Nano silver in this light, so we are not discussing it in that light. But I want you to know that I find that Nano silver, www.Nutronix.com/naturalsolutions

, is the finest universal nutrient immune system support that I know and has no known toxicity in any person of any age or health condition.  I trust it implicitly and believe that having a store of it for my own use and that of those that I love is very important.



Make no mistake: Health Canada, the US and Scotland have said that children will be first.  I personally am concerned that the White House-directed $714M GPS marking of every door in America (with a list of who lives behind that door) plus the phone calls that we are told were received many homes over the last months asking how many unvaccinated children live in the home may mean that YOU might be able to refuse vaccination and accept the consequences, but children will not be permitted to have their vaccination refused by parents and they may be either mandatorily vaccinated in public schools OR removed from the home if their parents refuse.

The fact is, governments are getting ready to turn over their health, police and other powers to the WHO/UN (aka "the New World Order") now that their PPP (Planned Pandemic Pretext) is being activated. Jane Burgermeister, the courageous journalist who has filed criminal charges over what she says is genocidal intent by drug companies and governments reports:

US: F.E.M.A. is planning nationwide terrorism drills in the United States set to begin on July 27th, 2009.... [9/11, 7/7, the Madrid Bombings and other disasters have all occurred during virtually nearly identical "exercises" involving those responders and troops who would otherwise focus on an event of their magnitude and suddenness - REL]

In the event of a pandemic declaration, WHO will coordinate the activities of Homeland Security and FEMA from a special pandemic control room linked to supercomputers of the UN security forces which  appear set to be the nerve center for any operation to transport large numbers of Americans by rail or road to the FEMA camps or [to or - REL] from special quarantine centers [to be - REL] set up at 19 airports.

Any systematic and sustained disruption to the operation of the WHO pandemic control room, of Homeland Security and FEMA headquarters or of the logistics of its units, of railways or other transport infrastructure leading to FEMA camps would be a severe blow to any covert mission to mass murder Americans and leave the country to be occupied by foreign troops under the direction of WHO and the UN. [This suggests the possibility of a false flag event during a Pandemic Emergency situation.  We have no information to suggest any such event, but we are mindful of the implications of such an event - REL]

SWEDEN: Sweden has ordered two doses of Swine Flu Vaccine per person (18 million). The Swedish authority that deals with disease control says on their website that in case of a pandemic there will be "cooperation" with the EU and WHO. Sweden's pandemic plan indicates special pandemic "crisis management committees" will be given significant emergency powers in the event of a pandemic and be able to usurp the authority of other branches of local and national government, and will apparently also be ultimately taking their orders from WHO and the EU.
AUSTRIA: Under Austria's Influenza Pandemic Plan of 2005, WHO and the EU are set to take charge of Austria via a special crisis management team (SKKM) to be set up in the Federal Ministry of Interior in the event of a "pandemic" emergency. Inoculating the entire Austrian population with (Baxter) shots is a declared objective of the SKKM. The injections will contain a mix of "whole virus", mercury and adjuvants - and so be very toxic. https://www.bmg.gv.at/cms/site/attachments/3/6/8/CH0742/CMS1126084167391/pp_inetversion12_061.pdf https://www.bmg.gv.at/cms/site/attachments/3/6/8/CH0742/CMS1126084167391/pp_englisch.pdf

Similar pandemic plans exist in countries all over Europe. In some countries, such as France, the injections could be mandatory.

Yours in health and freedom,

The Trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation
Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army, Ret.)

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director

Ralph Fucetola, JD
Counsel and Trustee

PS - Yes, we titled this emergency format an "Action eBlast" to differentiate it from our regular email eAlerts. This is an emergency message and we need you to take immediate action!


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Elden & our Truth Seekers have independently been studying the background and effects of vaccinations for some time. 
Our findings agree with above and offer further proof from public records. 

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