2010: Rockefeller's 'Operation Lockstep' Predicted 2020

Rockefeller Lock Step to Covid


The invasiveness that Harry Vox so incisively speaks about is a violation of our human persons, consciousnesses and beings. This is what makes it so unpleasant: it is rapist in character. As they say here, the “dragnet”, the “ultimate stop n frisk”. The ultimate power-over.

Planned in 2010

Social distancing, shut downs or lock downs.
Close borders and forbid social activities (human affairs)
Devastate economies, close small businesses, interrupt supply chains.
require masks, and body temperature checks, Biometric IDs.

2010: Rockefeller's 'Operation Lockstep' depopulation on abodia.com

2010 Lockdown, increase government control, on the internet

Rockefeller Foundation Planned covid since 2010, over a decade:

to take away basic human freedom & privacy.