CoronaVirusCoverOp2020               by Liz Crokin    Military Mass arrests,     fraud to manipulate economies


1 Get Civilians and Children off the Streets. Schools and Public Events Prevents Cabal doing mass killings for distraction. or to take revenge

2 Quarantine Cover for Mass Arrests. "Self-quarantine" is the World Leader and Hollywood Celeb version of the CEO "resignation".

3 Shut down Airports. and Borders = No Escape for Cabal (Earthquakes in Glen Falls, NY = destroying remaining DUMB hide-outs and shuttles)

4 Capture/Execute Cabal figure heads and Celebs SWIFTLY without having to RedPill the Public which can come later, after the dust has settled

5 0% Payroll Tax extend 4115 Tax Deadline = Restructure the IRS Cut off Tax Revenue to corrupt IRS money funnel to Cabal

6 Draining The Swamp Operation.... Disguised as a Public Health

Liz Crokin Says The Coronavirus Is Cover for the Military to Make Mass Arrests


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