AI Law Suit for $ 1.5 trillion- synopsis

AI Law Suit - to fix world

Here is a court case, involving at least $ 1.5 Trillions.

It charges Facebook, Google, Elon Musk & many others for their reckless use of AI (artificial intelligence) and selling such technologies to China who is using them to track, arrest, kill & harvest human organs and more.


The world is in huge trouble.

Many are beginning to get a glimpse of it


Russell Gould, a student of David Wynn Miller.  He too is trying to solve huge problems

5G, chemtrails and more by writing letters/ demands on the FAA Fed. Aviation  Admin., and FCC Fed. Comm. Commission

Judge Anna von Reitzinger, State Assemblies,

Michael McKibben, Leader Technology of Columbus, Ohio.  They spent 175,000 hours developing social network software used by Google, Facebook, Instgram ?) & others to spy on Americans.  When this law suit is resolved McKibben may be the most wealthy man ever.  In 2006, he was awarded U.S. Patent No. 7,139,761 for what is now called "social networking."

       others trying to "save" us.

State Assemblies

Restored Republic

Trump, 8 Chan, Qanon

Common law

Great Awakening

Yahushua / Yahweh

Certainly we are on the bring of huge changes in many things.  Will they bring a Draconian world or a Utopia ?

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"Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization" "District Court Southern" California