AI Organization law suit

Victims of Persecution, Rape, Torture, Concentration Camps, Sex, Human, and Organ Trafficking and Organ Harvesting in China, Hong Kong, America and around the World, Plaintiff

March 29, 2020

Case 3:19-cv-02407-CAB-AHG Document 3 Filed 02/26/20 PageID.54 Page 1 of 87

Cyrus A. Parsa,
The AI Organization
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La Jolla, California, 92037 
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Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization, PRO SE,


Honorable United States District Judge

(1) misuse of artificial intelligence, cybernetics, robotics, bio metrics, facial recognition, bio engineering, biotechnology, 5G, 6G, and quantum computing technology, endangering all the worlds people

(2) endangering the human race with the misuse of artificial intelligence technology, building AGIASI systems 

(3) transfer of AI bio-weapon technology to China, biological weapons anti-terrorism act of 1989.

(4) complicity in genocide, China

(5) violation of article 1 genocide convention

(6) violation of article 2 genocide convention,

(7) violation of article 3 genocide convention,

(8) violation of article 4 genocide convention,

(9) social engineering of the human race with artificial intelligence.

(10) bio-digital social programming of the human race by use of their bio-metrics & artificial intelligence

(11) brain washing humanity with A.I. coding & algorithm bias

(12) cultural genocide by misuse of artificial intelligence

(13) breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing

(14) defamation

(15) negligent infliction of emotional distress

(16) negligent creation of  nefarious AI quantum biotechnology, cybernetic ally enhanced technology

(17) masking genocide with al technology

(18) fraud and intentional deceit

(19) negligent misrepresentation

(20) religious discrimination

(21) failure to engage in interactive process

(23) A.I. censorship and banning "al, trump, china & the weaponization of robotics with 5G" and masking "artificial intelligence dangers to humanity" with use of artificial intelligence

(24) AI algorithm misuse & AI algorithmic bio metric manipulation

(25) breach of privacy

(26) violation of the Nuremburg code

(27) creating an artificial intelligence system that can recognize and decode if humans are resistant to artificial intelligence.

(28) not informing the public defendants products and services use proximity sensors and other smart phone and iot patented technologies that connect, manipulate and reprogram peoples thoughts, neural networks and brain chemistry connecting to humans nervous systems and electrical fields.

(29) creating and bio engineering nafarous xenobots technology mixed with stem cells, robotics and  african frog legs, bring to life an alien artificial life that can mutate or be programmed to spread disease or kill off the world citizens in numerous ways.

(30) extracting all peoples private bio metrics for quantum AI super intelligence that endangers all human beings on 5g and 6g networks.

(31) preventing Cyrus A. Parsa, the AI organization, from assisting in saving the worlds people from AI bio-tech based dangers from china and big tech, per complicity, avoidance of reporting his findings by media for 6 months.

Case no.: '19cv2407 cab ahg

First amended complaint and demand for trial by judge.

People, victims of persecution, rape, torture, Concentration Camps, Sex, Human and Organ Trafficking and Organ Harvesting in China, Hong Kong, )  America and Around the World, not limited to democracy activists, Falun Dafa Practitioners, ) Uyghurs, Christians, Tibetans, Judges, Lawyers and Journalists tortured and killed in China. John Does 1- Unlimited

Plaintiff(s) ,


Google L.L.C, Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, Eric Schmidt, Nancy Pelosi, John O. Brennon, James Corney, Andrew McCabe, James Clapper, Facebook, Inc, DeepMind )  Inc, Alphabet Inc, The World Bank, Neuralink Inc, Tesla Inc, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Sundar Pichai, Mark)  Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Amazon, Jeff Bezos, Microsoft, Bill Gates, CISON PR NewsWire, CNN, Cable News Network, Anderson Cooper, Don )  Lemon, MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, James Clapper, )  Washington Post, New York Times, Time Magazine, Massachusetts Institute of )  Technology, Harvard, Adam Schiff, Wyss Institute, Daroer, Qualcomm, George Soros, Soros Fund Management, Open Society  Foundations, University of Vermont, Joshua Bongard and Sam Kriegman, Rockefeller Foundation, Huawei, Boston Dynamics, Hanson Robotics, Didi Chuxing, Megvii Face++, Alibaba, Sensetime, !Carbon X, Festa, Chinese Communist Party, & John Doe's 1-Unlimited Defendant(s). 




a. Do you have other Civil Case(s) in this or any other federal court? NO

II. Statement of Claim

Case Summary Facts

Threatening and Endangering the Lives of all of the world's people with the misuse of artificial intelligence, biotechnology, negligent bio-weapons tech transfers, negligent failure yo stop chinese ip and sensitive A.I. biotechnology theft, complicity to genocide, and aiding in physical genocide within the slave camps inside of CHINA by TRANSFERRING  AI quantum biotechnology, financial investments, trade, surveillance systems, facial recognition, and engaging in cultural genocide of humanity via cybernetics, bio engineering, trans humanism, by controlling and re-programming the human races and the upcoming new generation of peoples thoughts, emotions and brain chemistry to accept and transition to trans humanism by bio-digitally social programming and social engineering the human race via AI coding and AI algorithmic bio-metric manipulation of their nervous systems, electrical fields, and neural networks through multiple patented smart phone, iot, proximity censors and other sophisticated technologies, as the worlds people and the AI systems and apps engage and interface with google, microsoft, amazon, apple, baidu, tik tok, wechat, huawei, megvii face++, alipay, facebook, neuralink, the internet and many social media ecosystems and platforms reprogramming people without their knowledge, understanding or free will. not informing the worlds citizens that their private data is being used to create an artificial super intelligence on quantum AI technology with 5g and 6g systems that can eliminate and destroy all the worlds people through nation state conflicts, virus"s, surveillance or numerous other risks found by cyrus a. parsa and the AI organization's 1, 000 plus AI company investigations and cyrus's published books, "artificial intelligence dangers to humanity."   

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Bidden, Hunter Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Eric Schmidt, Bill Gates, John O. Brenna, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Elon Musk, Google, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos, and vary many defendants were Negligent, incompetent and treasonous conduct by allowing CHINA, its Corporations, people and entities to steal AI bio-technology, quantum technology, 5g, drones, bio-metrics, semi-conductor chips, blue prints of F35, battleships, and space technology and American's private data.

Obama allowed our businesses, institutions, schools and citizens to invest in china and transfer sensitive AI technologies as presented in this claim to China that is endangering all of world citizens.

Failure to prevent of willing fully engaging in theft of the Worlds Private family data and Bio-metric data to build Quantum AI Bio-Digital technologies with the goal to obtaining Artificial general Intelligence or Super Intelligence on 5G, 6G and & 7G Systems that threatens all the World Citizens, beyond the comprehension and control of any government, the pentagon, CIA, NSA, MI6, FBI, DARPA, NASA or any world Power, Ignoring , censoring, not reporting, rephrasing or plagiarizing to create content and reports off Cyrus's hard work, findings and materials, rather than report and support him to stop Immense dangers to all people.

Hence making it very, very, very hard for Cyrus A. Parsa and the AI Organization to warn and assist in saving the worlds people, including warning of the CORONAVIRUS ("AI Enigeered Bio-Disease from China) by CYRUS, months before CoronaVirus's appearance in China, Published in Books AI, TRUMP, CHINA & WEAPONIZATION of ROBOTICS with 5G and the Book "ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DANGERS to HUMANITY".

By not reporting on Cyrus A. Parsa's Lawsuit and Findings, the defendants and all other media reporters, editors, owners, are subject to CRIMINAL PROSECUTION by local tribunals, city, state, national and
International complicity laws, per prevention of Crimes, Persecution, Genocide and reaction there of.
Moreover, Making it very hard to meet President Trump to further explain the brief he received about the book Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity, and disclose Cyrus's very sensitive Quantum AI Bio-tech findings and dangers to all of the Worlds people in Private, that are beyond the skill-set or comprehension of the advisors, analysts, and senior staff at the Pentagon, DARPA, NASA, Military, OSTPS, or White House.

This lawsuit is being filed on the behalf of the Worlds people by Cyrus A. Parsa and the AI Organization on pure altruistic reasons to prevent harm to the Worlds Citizens, from his data sourced from investigating over 1, 000 AI, Robotics, Bio-Engineering, 5G, Bio-Metric, and Big Tech Companies, Including 500 Chinese Companies, compressed in the Book Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity.

Defendants are in Violation of one or all 30 Counts and more than 42 Penal codes, of National and international Bio-metric privacy laws, committing treason, creating nefarious technologies, Complicity to
the prevention and reaction to genocide, Article 1, 2, 3, 4, and by not reporting Cyrus A. Parsa's warnings and guilty negligence and harm by transferring Weaponized AI Bio-technologies to CHINA, and indirectly 
to IRAN by Transferring 150 Billion Dollars in Cash that belonged to the Iranian people, to Iran's Government and clerics who purchased from CHINA, AI, Drone, Bio-Tech, Robotics, and Facial Recognition Technologies that weaponized the Iranian Government surveillance and AI technologies
against the Iranian people, the middle East, American Servicemen, harming them all, and endangering all Iranians inside of Iran. Thus, laying the groundwork for Iran to Join CHINA on the One Belt one Road 5G Systems connecting Africa, the Middle East and Europe with Huawei and the Multiple of other Chinese and Western tech companies involved globally, while creating the foundation to form nation state conflicts with advanced AI Bio-Technologies, endangering all the Worlds People living today, in numerous ways, as assessed by Cyprus's findings.

Defendants Obama, Pelosi, Schummer, Schiff, Clinton, Anderson Cooper, Soros, Biden's, CNN and many others created conflicts and impeachment hunts against the TRUMP Administration and U.S Presidency, over small matters, while obstructing, and overlooking the safety of all the Worlds citizens with nefarious dangers stemming from CHINA and WESTERN BIG TECH, Including the CORONAVIRUS, thus missing
and wasting crucial time and energy needed by the good men and women in the CIA and FBI to assess emerging technologies, that they missed and did not understand in time. Hiring and giving funding to historically incompetent think tanks, institutes, and policy analysts in Washington DC, Santa Monica, and New York that are not altruistic, are selfish, don't care about the Worlds people nor have the intelligence and wisdom to understand the big picture to properly inform and explain to President TRUMP, CONGRESS and all the Worlds LEADERS, of all the dangers of Artificial Intelligence that these Ph.D'S, TECH Tycoons, and AI Scientists are missing or contributing to, due to their short comings, lack of skills and capacity to comprehend very sophisticated emerging AI Dangers and Scenarios to all the worlds people alive.

Giving advisory or media platforms to famous, wealthy, Ph.D types usual so called "EXPERTS", that have
ruined the world and created conflicts for generations, hurting the worlds people, and its culture rather than choosing wise and good people to advise on national security risks to all the Worlds citizens. Guilty of Negligence. We are coming to the Age of AI, 5G, Quantum. Robotics and many sophisticated risks, and cannot have AI regulators and Departments who are incompetent, unwise and incapable people with Ph.D titles, who don't have the fortitude, care, and will, to safeguard the worlds citizens and all families from nefarious misuse of AI that can hurt all human beings and their families around the Globe in such a sophisticated and fast manner, that is imperceptible to human beings on the 5G networks and Emerging AI

Endangering and Threatening all of the World's Citizens, and humanity by misusing and weaponizing Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Robotics, 5G, 6G, Machines, Smart Phones, Smart Homes, Smart Cities, IOT's, Holograms, Mixed reality, nano-technology, Cloning, Gen-Editing, Cybernetics, Bio-Engineering, and the creation of a digital AI Brain Linked to Google Search Engine with the use and extraction of humanities Bio-Metrics data, Digital Bio-metric codes including facial, voice, health, organ, neural network and body recognition Technology. Thus, controlling humanities thoughts, actions, biology, bio-metrics, brain neural pathways, the human bodies neural networks that reprograms all human beings through social engineering and bio-digital social programming, without their consent, knowledge, understanding, of Freewill. Extracting humanities digital footprints in breach of the Nuremberg Laws,
FTC (15 U.S.C. $$41-58)