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"There are only three major causes of illness:
- malnutrition, - toxins and - stress. 

You will most assuredly find any combination of these in any chronic disorder."

Dr. Robert J. Rowen

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An alternative theory on wellness.

Rather than treat the symptoms, find and treat the cause. What some claim is causing ht problem, may just be the result of a different problem, and natural effort to correct it.

Most think the virus causes complications and could cause death.

An alternative view of health.

Some think the virus is the product of unhealthy things the body experiences; lack of good nutrition, build up of toxins, lack of any: - good food, water, air, rest, exercise, or too much stress.

In this opposite theory of the virus, seeing the virus is a product of a compromised body, not the cause of compromising the body.  Excessive radiation may also weaken / make unhealthy people & plants.         discusses this in several articles.


Is the virus the product of our cells fighting off all the toxins we take in from food, water, air ?


When an undertaker comes to take away a dead body, he did not cause the death, he is just cleaning up after.


Such is a theory of health.


While some are trying to kill the undertaker

others see that that is just the affect, the result of a more fundamental problem.


            Some cancer cure theories see that.


Dr Shiva discusses viruses, they cannot kill you, but a weakened immune system can kill you.


Dr. Shiva    M.I.T. PhD.  4 degrees, running for US Senate & sensible Public Health not Big Pharma


abodia. health          shows           

Chronic illness is only caused by  lack of any:

- rest, - exercises, - good nutrition, - rest

and or a built up of retained toxins (without a program to get them out) or overly acidic blood chemistry. (too much sugar and or low oxygen (or impaired blood as EMF impairs blood from exchanging oxygen to the cells.)


Finally.  The more metal we get in our bodies, the more that we are receptor to the electro magnetic fields around us.  Metal, like heavy metals toxins form food water, air are dormant/ lodging in our bodies. Chemtrails, fluoride, vaccines.

To heal bones, some have metal struts in their body, which again is an antenna gathering the EMF around them - which may harm or incapacitate the body.


A report showed 40 ? or so died in western US of Corona virus ?

They were elderly in the same nursing home, all weaken, compromised immune systems.


Was there a component of excessive radiation ?


Einstein & other said, an electron, proton, neutron, all these things have no effect or action except when they are in an electrical or magnetic field.


Characteristics are not a feature of a thing, but  a thing has characteristic in response to or subject to some other thing (field, condition.)


Wuhan was the first city to be completely covered with 5 G about the time of the CV breakout.  They also had a mishap, explosion, heavy radiation accident.

1981 best selling Novel Dark Eyes, predicted this exact scenario.  CoronoVirus, in 2020, in Wuhan !  details on

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