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Overviews to understand our reality, the players behind the scenes, how their international corporations are inner connected.

As Gates Foundation donates huge fortunes on philanthropic endeavors, they require the receiving nations to buy & use their vaccines.  So the philanthropic money given is just a ploy to extract far more monies in crippling 3rd world nations (& soon America) with their toxic, lethal vaccines.

Fauci is also profiting hugely for his misguiding the public.

Polly: We are all being thought-reformed through Global psychological warfare and trauma programming.

Items at top are most recent, to older videos down the list.

Real Life awakening testimonies.

The Medical Tyranny is turning us all into Chronic Illness Outpatients. She speaks from Sam Vaknin's article: "The Body as a Torture Chamber."

Maxwell, Epstein & the control of science.

Tracing the Eugenlcists' technofascist takeover from World War 2 until present day by looking at the role of Ghislalne Maxwell's two leading men: her father Robert Maxwell and her 'business partner' Jeffrey Epstein. In the first part I go through some fascinating history to set the stage, and then I get to more & more recent events to show that SCIENCE was co-opted to direct humanity into our current, near devastating condition.

Topics covered: US Army's "Project RUSTY", NASA & JPL, Chinese studies of Population Control, Cybernetics, Wuhan connection, Qian Xeusen (who?) and more.

Is this Torture ?  the government's virus response on us.  Compare our situation with the virus response to see it parallels the Amnesty International definition of torture & Bidermars 'Chart of Coercion.'

More Public Health Mafia

Citizen journalists are on the case! More connections come to light. First half- Wuhan Virology Lab links Second half - Victor Dzzu is EVERYWHERE. His fingers are in the MODELING as well! Also, more on Contact Tracing NGO 'Partners in Health.'

Global Health Mafia Protection Racket

BOOM revelations get bigger as we go along.  Stay with me!
Fauci, Event 201, Foundations and something called the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board.
I expose the front organizations covering for the Global Health Mafia.

Riots, Lockdown War

Protest turned riots, by paid (Soros) Agent Provocateur

Beware the Contract tracers

Public Health mafia speaks of army of frontline agents to question associations of anyone and their whereabouts.

To Serve Man, the lie of Philanthropy

Trump investigating NIH and PEPFAR !

PEPFAR is brain child of Anthony Fauci.    Deborah Brix heads it.
PEPFAR is rife with Fraud and Abuse.        NIH = Anthony Fauci.

Event 201 Global Pandemic

> > We Are Being Played < <    One of Polly's best videos.  or of Being Plagued

Who exactly is handling the Corona Virus Task Force in the US?
See back ground of Debra Birx which leads us to PEPFAR, which leads us to Bono and Bill Gates and the swampy depths of the Frankenstein Medical Industrial Complex. It's GLOBAL

I don't believe the news from Elmhurst hospital. Here's why.  It is IMPERATIVE we ask questions and bring the answers out. We are literally fighting for our lives right now.

The fear mongers are not well intentioned.  shameful lies & "mistakes" of mainstream media and their "Trusted Voices" ... See what citizen journalists are doing to get to the truth.

People would be shocked to know that the current head of the World Health Organization was involved in multiple unprosecuted potential crimes against humanity. Corona Task Force Boss Dr. Fauci loves it though.

Viral Marketing

Using video of their Event 201 Pandemic strategy session, see how Global Organizations planned to dominate the messaging in the event of a global outbreak. We are living through that strategy right now.

Did you know that Bill & Melinda Gates, the CIA, the World Economic Forum, Bloomber / Johns Hopkins, the UN Foundation & more ran a scenario for a Corna Virus Pandemic in December 2019? I have clips from that event to share with you as well as other shocking material.

Wild ride. Some might say "trippy" - but this is about exposing the counterculture of the 1960s for what I think it really was: an attempt to redirect humanity from freedom to technological enslavement. I touch on John Brockman, The Grateful Dead, Hunter S Thompson, Ken Kesey, Owsley Stanley and much more...

The Coincidences Just Keep Coming

Part free-form, part dig. I'm researching John Brockman's wife and I have to share what I'm finding because my mind is blown! I haven't put the pieces together yet but maybe you have some ideas.

And this is the world they are building

Q: What do the CIA & the Mafia have in common?
A: Large Unassimilated (censored) Communities.
This video was inspired by research into the Impeachment witnesses Alexander Vindman, Marie Yovanovich and the other guy - Voldemort. He Who Shall Not Be Named.

In the first half I show you a link I found between the Finders case & the McMartin PreSchool case.
In the second half I introduce some deep swamp activities & personalities in the state of Virginia.

Using original police records, I pull some threads on the Finder’s Cult that I haven’t seen pulled – is there a connection between the Finders cult & BCCI? Who is the David Ammerman who visited his brother in jail? Could it be that the Finders were part of Information on Demand, the company started by Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister? More....

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INTERVIEW with Marion Pettie (Steamshovel): (?? attributed to ... 1.0K 49:54 Dec 07, 2019

All the world’s a stage, and they want you to believe their story is real. I give you some examples of faked reports that led us to war and then I introduce very unlucky people who were at multiple tragic events. I move on to one example of why they tell stories and then show you a theory as to how they are able to do it. MORE..

It's a wild one! Starting from the strange death of 33 year old tech entrepreneur Erin Valenti, I take you on a tour of our real life Matrix of control. PTSD, Technocracy, real Mind Control tech, human trafficking, "Future Faking," reputation management and more

Returning to Epstein-related investigations, I look at Christine and Isabel's multiple software ventures. I go beyond Magellan and look deeper at the Chili@d/FBI story and bring you some deeper information. more..

There are links here to the NSA, CIA, Intel, Microsoft, Google

James O'Keefe at Project Veritas has requested that everyone upload this documentary since Youtube removed it as it approached 1 million views in less than one day!
GOOGLE does not want you to see the stark reality: it is a social engineering, election meddling, CULT of Progressive Political Correctness that wants to manipulate reality by

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