8 health-protecting items, generally readily available


1. Oil of Oregano, described as "nature's antibiotic." Able to kill viruses, bacteria, fungal infections, bad bacteria, etc.

2. Curcumin, able to fight inflammation and potentially reverse colon/cervical cancers.

3. Coconut oil, which can strengthen the immune system, fight off Alzheimer's/dementia.

4. Vitamin D, helps fight off colds, strengthens bones.

5. Vitamin C, boosts hundreds of metabolic interactions, staves off various infections.

6. Allicin, a compound found in garlic, has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, & antioxidant properties.

7. Cinnamon - nearly every major health situation can be treated with it. IME, finding the actual bark and grinding it yourself avoids those makers who dilute it with sugar.

8. Apple cider vinegar helps the body absorb essential minerals from the food which is eaten.

Recently, he's had several other antiviral recommendations, among them orange peel (available from orange marmalade, or blended with tastier items), the bark of the Henokin tree and/or the relevant extract, called "hinokinin," elderberries, and bubeb pepper, apparently an ingredient in Russian gin, which allegedly tastes nothing like pepper.

Another guy recommended the following dosages:

Vit. C, 4000mg daily

Vit. D, 4000IU daily

Magnesium, 400mg daily

Zinc, 50mg daily.

Just heard on Tucker Carlson last night that an inexpensive malaria treatment was just given a double-blind study in France, and it cured 100% of those infected with coronavirus; can't remember the name of it, offhand, but there may be enough keywords in this sentence to turn it up w/a websearch, though i think it was something like "Chlorapin Hydrochloride."

Disclaimer: for entertainment only, check source to ascertain what's true.