Conference-Calls        Schedules vary.  Contact a @ for details, updates.

How to gain from conference calls.   

To get on the call at schedule meetings, call 712 775 7985 enter 879 599#

Give me your first name or nick name & city, state.  If I don't have a note as to who you are I might hang up on you.

Send me in advance the phone # you will call in on. Send that by e-mail, please.

I collect & connect people & ideas.


It is GREAT if you keep a note pad near during calls or make notes after.

The one who speaks knows his subject best.  Send me a typed outline of the primary things you discussed.

I will put all our notes together and send them back out to those who were on the call. 
Please make a note as to the time of your conversation like 8:15 talked of Zip Code Jurisdiction.


You could write down websites, people names -, David Straight, etc.

then everyone send me your typed notes I combine them all together and send you the combined notes back to you.


Sure it would be great to have a secretary to take notes

We don't have that nor do I volunteer it.


Each of us have said some interesting things.

You don't have to be long winded

just make some general notes and send them to me so I can reflect them back to all of us.


I teach best from my website.

Two places I think would help you or anyone are here  learn how I use computes & devices.               learn how I communicated with 1,000s of people.

private, special, awesome 2 mail.


I think you can only get my results if you DO IT.

Fear not, persist patiently to prevail.


Nothing / little comes to he who does not act.