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    Fall of Cabal, 10 videos Parts 1-8 background of evil governments & Parts 9-10 solution coming.

overview-polly         We're being played, AmazingPolly: Gates, WHO, UN, CIA work together to frighten nations to gain money & control.

            polly's-notes    1989 Encyclopedia defines Corona Virus = Common Cold.. Mary Croft & Ted's opinions

Ron Paul virus hoax        Congressman Dr. Ron Paul show this Corona Virus is a hoax.

Covid-19 Lockdown CrowHouse, Max Igan

virologist-wodarg    virologist & transcript, virus is normal, neither unusual nor extremely harmful

virus-by-injection        The Only Way to Get a Virus is to be Injected With it, virus is not contagious

who-lies.html           WHO makes false statements

Trump unlocks Google    Trump opens up Google, You Tube to reveal their once suppressed content.

35 sources it's hype

33-masonic-headlines      Freemasons put 33 code in headlines, showing it is controlled by freemasons/ illuminati

Coronavirus caused by 5G Cowan, virus doe not cause disease but it's product of de-toxicing.

1981 Novel Predicted  Wuhan-400 virus from bio-weapon lab, all fiction, predicted 19 years ago.

CoronaVirusCover'2020    Liz Crokin    Military Mass arrests,     fraud to manipulate economies

CoronaVirus-Fear-to-manipulate-financial-markets  Shiva, Robert David Steele - Pandemic is Over

Dr. Shiva M.I.T. PhD.      Virus is Not a problem.  The response is a problem.  Dr. Shiva, MIT PhD on Viruses, fraud to manipulate economies

There is No Virus        CEOs step down, mass arrests

McBean-vaccines      Swine Flu Massacre 1976 Gov. paid $ 100 million to people damaged by vaccine, Murder by Injection Mullins

vaccine danger        whole abodia/vaccine website

CoronaVirus Update    Coronavirus does not exist!  test are flawed, US military in Europe

Quarantine Camps     Map of US showing camp locations

Wuhan Virus             Funded by Gates, patented, from bio-weapon lab in Wuhan, China

virus-does-not-exist-canaanland-moors    WHO / UN Agenda 21/30 Depopulation plan via 5-G 60 GHz waves and Toxic Corona "Virus" vaccine Injections

danger-of-5g-radiation    Doctors call for delaying deployment of 5G Due to Health Risks


alternative-health-model    - malnutrition, - toxins and - stress

tweets trumps-plan    McGregor, Q drops

Government evil        This Will be Deleted in 24 Hours....Seriously, you tube, years of gov. evil & deception.

8 health-protecting items

fear-porn                    Frightening us to control us, 2001 Anthrax, 02 West Nile, SARS, Bird Flu, E Coli, Swine Flu, BP Oil, Obamacare. always making up


simple-cure ?            blow hair dryer into face & nose, s suggested by WHO.  Cure for common cold.

YouTube-Videos    Many you tubes from other paegs all on one page, easy to find & play

borax-4-health-ashilie      treatment ? A solution they DO NOT want you to know. - Dana Ashlie + other you tubes

globalist-berwick  freedom from tyrannical government, Anarchapulco, US shutting down

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new                Ed Griffin, funny songs, National Reconnaissance Organization to spy on us.



Bad News        Mannarino, Black Swan, Lock Step:Rockefeller

Black Swan- Baratta yt overview    Stock market was long inflated, this is normal but rare adjustment, it was predictable.


virus information    misc articles, you tube, David Icke

Report 23 Mar '20    Soetoro, Presidential seal, Q Anon, arrests, Rothschild

sermon-on-virus    No weapon formed against us shall prosper, James 4:7, 2 Corinthians 4:18, Psalms 91:2-6, Isaiah 54:17


witch hunt  important CEOs quitting, Sports & celebrities have CV or are isolating, are they being arrested

zinc-antiviral            treatment, cu.re ?

livingston-on-flu            Excellent article about governments generating fear so they can control people.

5G schools

treatment regimen


Empowering Better Humans    many subjects covered as are on going and being revealed now.





If Kipling            Rudyard Kipling's poem    If    describe current confusion.

stock-market-reset    Black Swan, rare event, Baratta stock market collapsing

Vatican under attack










Reason Principles    learning 


us-mail    Zip code gives jurisdiction

misc notes


We have seen movies predicting this coming pandemic.

The movies were pre programming you.

This event is manufactured and faked.

Viruses are not contagious and can only be transferred by injecting it into your body like vaccine.

5G does cause real harm, with the symptoms attributed to CoronaVirus


Future referencecs

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