Bill & Melina Gates Foundations activities.

Bill and Melinda Gates Died in 2013 according to

introduction  link   CoronaVirus     quick over view of many articles, you tubes, etc. 

    Dr. Shiva, MIT PhD on viruses do not kill !

In 2018 Bill Gates (said he) Already Knew CoronaVirus- Like Disease Would kill 33 Million People.
    See 81 actual news headlines below.  Why use # 33 so many times ?  It is Masonic code.

Freemasons, Illuminati, Secret Societies.
They preach & desire to kill 90% of the population.
to make room for more spacious living of the super rich.

    Proof Elites want to kill 90% of population:
Georgia Guidestones,
Gates TED Talk in Davos, Switzerland,
Gates on vaccines to sterilize 3rd world nations.
    see danger on vaccines:

Secret Societies communicate with symbols & numbers.13, 33, 322, etc.
Note in these many news headlines, they continually repeat the
Masonic number 33.

Could all this be real, or might it be a campaign to terrorize most people ?
so we don't notice the world wide currency reset on going, and drastic fluctuations, in stock & markets.
causing calamity world wide, isolation of people closures & bankruptcy of businesses.

To learn more of this see:    Coronavirus 33. yt    6 minutes      

     also see virus home page    explanations, currency reset, fear to force people to take RFID chip i& vaccinations.

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