Ted's overview  The virus is NO event, it is dead, can't reproduce, A virus is produced by our bodies in effort to expunge the inorganic toxins we took in thru food, water, air. The virus/ protein ? wraps the toxins and are eliminated from our body.  Our body creates fever.  Colds expunge organic bacteria that cause illness.  Flu, with cold like symptoms, is more serious.  Cold & Flu are natural human response to toxicity, whether something we ingested or from Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G radiation or stress or injury.

Virus it is not contagious.  It is produced by our healing, not the cause of illness.  Medial facilities are counting people who die normal deaths annually from flu - they count them as a Corona Virus death.  Test are wrong, inaccurate, based on false info, hyped by news, medical, government & more.  

CV-19 is normal winter seasonal flu. which is always hard on frail, elderly, sickly people with impaired immune systems.

By research these people bring together different facts that most would never see linked. The combination of facts spell obvious control, greed, corruption, evil.

There are many related events.  It is hard at first to understand how they are linked.

World wide, there is on-going a currency reset.  Many nations and USA are stepping out of the control of the Central Banks like the Federal Reserve who have been causing war, taxation, death & destruction for centuries.

100s, possibly 1,000s of pedophiles in high offices have been ruling & destroying our countries for decades.  It is shocking and unbelievable to consider these things. They are not revealed in mainstream news, but well confirmed from 100s even 1,000s of sources: internet, You Tube, books, articles & more.

Bill Gates, W.H.O., John Hopkins Univ., United Nations & CIA have been exaggerating this virus, mainly a hoax to get $ millions or $ billions from all nations to vaccinate all people with a RFID chip, ID202 chip to trace your movement, health & vaccine history & control your money, expenditures with crypto currency and limit your "privileges" from your evolving social score, is is done in China now.

If you read/ watch a little you will be annoyed, then avoid & hate me.

If you study much, you will see how all this fits together.  To ignore evil lets it prosper.  To consider evil is the beginning of stopping it.

To judge a matter without looking at the evidence is foolish. - Psalm 18:13     Truth will make us free. - John 8:32

My collected writings on CoronaVirus are 120+ pages.  Many reference explain and confirm each other.


Fall of Cabal   Videos

We Are Being Played yt by AmazingPolly.net < < < < <   Gates, John Hopkins, W.H.O.

These videos explain more, they are a good background to understand current events.


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comments from my friends:

My purpose is to raise consciousness-- both mine and that of all with whom I connect, so it will not behoove me (or anyone) to drop my frequency, by reading/ watching/ listening to the fear-mongering. No one knows what's really going on but, for what it's worth, here's my take:

Viruses are created in the body and cannot live outside the body, unless preserved in a vaccine. Also, they cannot cross species, unless they are withdrawn from one species and injected into another. Why get tested, when there is no ‘treatment’ and, if positive, why agree to a vaccine, which is supposedly preventive?  So getting tested is worthless, as there is yet no treatment;   and a vaccine, after the fact, is nonsense. So, again: stay away from the Medical Mafia and the Genocidal Pharmaceutical Industry.

The illnesses and deaths in Wuhan are due to 5G and all other reports are from famous, elite, or criminal people--Hollywood, politicians, CEOs, bankers, TV- show hosts, mafioso, some addicted to adrenochrome-- who have now been given the option of saying they have CV, rather than admit they have been arrested and are going to prison.

There is ongoing a world wide currency reset, hopefully to remove us, the people, from the control of central banks world wide, like the Federal Reserve, which is NOT a part of the US government. - by ted]

"This will afford us access to our credit to which we have been entitled for 86 years."

Trump, Q/ Kennedy, military, et al want people away from crowds, aka “social distancing”, so the cabal cannot retaliate by harming innocents with “false flag” events, when their ilk are arrested. The alleged virus is a great ruse to save people from more cabalistic viciousness. I don't mind lying low for 3 more weeks, knowing that, soon, we'll have health, freedom, true news, free energy, access to our credit, and no more IRS/ CRA, debt, fake news, etc.

As always, I'm willing to be wrong--with evidence to the contrary.

I love that Trump's main plan begins on April Fool's day and ends on the date of his initials. (4-10-20 = DJT). That’s a man with a sense of humour. - Mary C

This is a spiritual battle that we are also participants in. We need to prayerfully focus on the victory of light over darkness. KP in Ohio