Learning                13-Mar-20

a writing for consideration & comment,.

How do we learn ?

via communication, from people

Raw data may exist in the world.  Perhaps it shows some order, i.e. it was created or influenced by some form of intelligence, people, animals, plants or even from Yahweh God.

Much of what we learn we get from other people.  We can learn from them and or from our own experience. We get information by Observation and Reason.

Some one may discover, create, invent something.  Perhaps it is recorded.  We can learn from the event or the recording.  The recording can be written, audio, photo, drawing, video.  If it is converted to digital, it can be communicated via devices, computers, tablets, internet, phone, fax.

The technology is not the info., it is just a path for the info.  The info. comes from some event or intelligence.  We don't need to see or speak to the source or author, we need only the information, i.e. the record.

The information may be true, false or partly either.  We may at first not believe it, but later learn more, then understand it is true.

We can believe imaginary things, or facts & truth. What we believe is based on the information that we get.  Many think what's important is the source, i.e. a professor, a university, government or some corporation.

I better judge a truth from my own experience.  I let the facts persuade me, not the degrees or credentials of the author.

Many false things are accepted around us as being true.  A teenager can determine they are true or not true by investigation.

We have many fundamental beliefs that are not true.  We can stay locked in those beliefs and or we can investigate and let go of false ideas, and reach for true ideas.

We judge things by our core or fundamental knowledge.  If our core ideas are wrong, then so are our conclusions.

We are often stuck on our first impression.  A plane crash, a home fire, a sick person.  What we first hear tends to quell our curiosity.  We rarely study what has been told to us, we just accept it.

When many accept a popular idea, we also accept it rather than investigate it.

People want to be with the popular crowd.  What news, media, or institution tells us, we believe as we are conditioned to think they have superior abilities, resources, information and can judge better than we can.

Surely we should not accept the medical advice of a movie star, nor accept the legal advice of a auto mechanic.  We seek someone trained or experienced in a field.

Yet, by the time one finishes college or even higher education, they have bought into academia's core beliefs.  If a professor would resist a core idea of his institution, we might be ostracized, expelled, demoted.

We are all afloat, have jobs, titles, benefits from some higher power.  To resist, argue or question them might put our benefits in jeopardy.

The illuminati, or the 13 families who rule the financial affairs of the world have the power working thru their secret societies; Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderberger, Rhodes Roundtable, Committee of 300 and others.  They've developed a way to virtually create money from thin air.  With this nearly unlimited resource they can direct research to or from certain fields, they can propagate some information and suppress other information.

You do not know what you do not know.

What we do is in response to what we know, and that is based on what we learn.

So our communication skills; reading & writing, watching, listening, talking, questioning, researching - books, libraries, internet, learning and using computers, tablets, software or applications, talking to or corresponding with people.  These skills allow us to learn and to change our life.

As we learn, we may choose to change what we think and what we do.

We can be open or closed on any issue, from any person, institution, and can change from time to time.

Sometimes we have to learn some things before we can understand other things.  Everything is connected together whether we see the connections or not. Truth is true whether we understand it or not.  Things we now know may not be true or may be partially true or a distraction from a greater truth.

Our ability to learn is is based on our ability to find and consider information. And that is based on our communication skills.

I find it curious to investigate fundamental things.  On finding 911 to be a huge deception, I've sharpened my skills on how to learn and how to communicate.

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ted elden