Reason Principles

            Our beliefs are limited to what we've seen or heard. We don't want to change.

            We accept information that confirms what we "already know" rather than consider new or different ideas.

            What we already know affects what we can learn.

            We can't imagine deep, complicated ideas until we first understand basic ideas.

            We think what's popular is safe, but avoiding information puts us in peril.

            What's popular may not true, what's true may not popular.

            We must learn seemingly unrelated things before we can understand some things we are studying.

            We must consider ideas we know are "wrong" before we finally figure out they are "right".

            Initially, to pursue unpopular ideas, we'll be mocked, ostracized & may loose popularity, reputation, benefit or title.

            We're taught false foundation beliefs so when we try to understand things our false foundation and presumptions keep us locked on false conclusions.

            We live in world of disbelief because we have not seen or heard the evidence. Have faith in Yahweh God, but with men, test things.  In all ways, submit to Yahweh.