From: Linda Hokit <>
Date: March 18, 2020 at 14:41:10 EDT

Subject: NHVT RED CROSS: Opportunities to her learn more about Responds during COVID-19


Official Email from NHVT Region of American Red Cross sent to all

Disaster Cycle Services Workforce Members

Relating to  COVID-19 Virus

Dear Workforce Member,

Please see the information below relating to opportunities you have to discover more information related to the American Red Cross responses and procedures.

Notice there two opportunities show below to gain more information about Red Cross responses during COVID-19:

1-A Webinar for specifically for DAT

2-Another opportunity for any DCS Workforce Member.

Linda Hokit, Regional Disaster Workforce Engagement Manager (

______________See information Below____________

We continue to address the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic presents as many of our government partners issue necessary social distancing restrictions.  Therefore, we must keep the safety of our workforce at the forefront of our efforts as we continue to deliver our mission with compassionate care.   

With ongoing updates to DAT response tactics and materials related to COVID-19, NHQ DCS is hosting additional presentations to review the DAT guidance and materials. In addition, open office hours are scheduled for those who have questions, suggestions, or need additional clarification on DAT Response Procedures during COVID-19.

These presentations and office hours are open to everyone. For those who cannot attend, one of the four presentations will be recorded and posted to the DCS COVID-19 Operational Toolkit on the Exchange. Office hours will not be recorded. 

DAT during COVID-19 (Option 1)

Date/Time: Thursday, March 19 from 12pm-1pm EDT

Meeting Link: 

Session Number: 737 624 568 

Password: Covid19 

DAT during COVID-19 (Option 2)

Date/Time: Thursday, March 19 from 7pm-8pm EDT

Meeting Link: 

Session Number: 730 617 571 

Password: Covid19 

DAT during COVID-19 (Option 3)

Date/Time: Friday, March 20 from 12pm-1pm EDT

Meeting Link: 

Session Number: 738 630 023 

Password: Covid19 

DAT during COVID-19 (Option 4)

Date/Time: Friday, March 20 from 7pm-8pm EDT

Meeting Link: 

Session Number: 736 657 996 

Password: Covid19 

Open Office Hours # 1

Date/Time: Saturday, March 21 from 12pm-1pm EDT

Meeting Link: 

Session Number: 732 779 511 

Password: Covid19 

Open Office Hours #2

Date/Time: Sunday, March 22 from 12pm-1pm EDT

Meeting Link: 

Session Number: 731 838 542 

Password: Covid19 



from Brad J. Kieserman Vice President, Disaster Operations & Logistics Disaster Cycle Services American Red Cross National Headquarters

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