Trump unlocks Google

Trump Unlocks Google, Madonna & Tom Hanks positive, Fake News Praises Trump, Durham Probe Update


We know that laws on the books allow the government to take control of many things when government declare an emergency.


Well Trump declared an emergency, so they take over Google (communications)

2 days ago Google suppressed important info like this video Trust the Plan or

Now that video is rising exponentially in the searches.

More revelation on this video

Watch, here are notes below.

Old laws allow the president to declare a national emergency and then take over transport, railroads, busses, communications, Google etc.

Google has long suppressed in their search engines of the things that patriots seek.

Since about March 22nd, in last 2 days Google has opened up.


Q For Beginners [QAnon]

Q - The Plan to Save the World remastered

Before it was suppressed, now it is ranked high in You Tube / Google.searches

Trump is taking control, will arrest the pedophiles world wide who are or were ruling our world.

Many you tubes show us opposite things from news.

You can know the truth, but you have to look at things you thought were not important, not true, not relevant.

The new revealed information shows they are true, relevant, important.

Wake Up

key words

Adrenocrome drinking the blood of kids before they were murdered, linked to Clintons

Frazzle Drip

In China & Korea Corono VIruses are falling quickly, decreasing.

The lock down is against the deep state, where in Trump can go after the pedophiles.

It is NOT for isolation of possible sick people.

It is a cover for the sting operation of arresting the pedophiles

The mainstream news is now applauding Trump on his actions regarding the "virus"

Lockdown is to keep crowds from assembling where the Deep State could "stage" another mass shooting.

- - -

Trump is bringing down the hidden Deep State that is ruining our country. The Deep State planned 1st to over whelm hospitals, but Trump went around that by allowing patients to deal directly with their doctors via phone or face time at NO additional charge.

- Exciting times.

Trump, in hidden messages, hopes to complete his defeat of the Deep State by August. When he say we will be finished with Cornoa (his code word for the deep state.)

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