witch-hunt        08/10/2020      Celeries, CEOs stepping down, or quarantine or test positive.

Witch Hunt:  The Storm Is Upon Us  41 mins      Very important video .    Alternate link

CEOs of Large Corporations, stepping down, high % of sports figures & actors claiming they have tested positive for CV and are remaining quarantined.  or Are they being arrested ?

Adrenochrome - blood taken from brain of traumatized children traumatized before murdered.  Supposedly prevents aging.  Many actors seem to have not aged in lat decade. Are they taking this. Some actors are now aging quickly.  Hs their supply of adrenocrome blocked. ?

Effects are temporary, may cause addition and impaired judgment.
Worldwide - Child Harvesting Epidemic

"Elite torture, rape and kill children in the nest terrifying way to extract the most potent form of adrenochrome. All ritualized. Thus is well documented. The truth of this is being released more and more every day. Be warned. You need to understand what's been happening to the children and why Haiti had so many "missing". Haiti is only the start. First to be released, there's much more.
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    for background Watch Fall of Cabal, abodia.com/new/z      

videos: Part 1-8 the evil around us. Pt. 9-10 the solutions coming soon hopefully. History proves present events.

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