YouTube-videos    08/10/2020

  Links to set:    Kids Rescued

Q For Beginners [QAnon]

Q - The Plan To Save The World remastered

Unveil the True Enemy of the People, Shutdown, Messages Received - Episode 2123b <------ Excellent Report.

Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D. discusses the Coronavirus    Germ Theory vs. Terrain- Article

Dr Russell McGregor   We Q Anon, plan and events coming.

MIT scientist Shiva Ayyadurai claims that coronavirus “fear mongering” is a “Deep State fraud” to manipulate financial markets.

Dr SHIVA Live #CoronaVirus - The time to discuss Immune Health     on You Tube    shiva's-letter to us.

5G Ex Head of Vodafone Explains with a Spiritual approach

Dr.Shiva Live: Time for Truth on Coronavirus on You Tube Mar 14, 2020            We need clean water, air & clean food

Canaanland Moors 5G or Corona virus..WTF Is Going On?  Virus does not exist.

Liz Crokin says the Coronavirus Is Cover for the Military to Make Mass Arrests

Doctors call for delaying deployment of 5G Due to Health Risks

EMF Academy 5G

5G Exposed

We're Living in 12 Monkeys  This movie, 1995, Brad Pritt tried to make us fear a pandemic.

    This technique is called predictive programming.  Many false ideas are presented as real.

    When similar things happen in life we then presume all we learned in the movie is true (advancing lies !)

#Pizzagate: A Primer" (2017) yt Marty Leeds on pedophiles, Comet Pizza- Alefantis top 50 important people in Wash. DC, John & Tony Potesta

A solution they DO NOT want you to - Dana Ashlie

WaykiWayki Musings 07 -, Coming Astrology, and Theo the Tiger yt
    to understand the world around us, observe & reason, think !

A Theory  JFK JR Reveal Mt Rushmore  yt

Government evil yt       This Will be Deleted in 24 Hours....Seriously, you tube, years of gov. evil & deception.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) yt Dana Ashlie
The Best News re Corona VΙrus you've heard all month! Kinda. yt Dana Ashlie

Bad News possible

SPECIAL SATURDAY MarketReport. By Gregory  

The central banks are gaining power always, Trump is feeding to their power over whole world.

The Next Black Swan Event: Adam Baratta yt

How the markets will & are falling/ collapsing.

These events are rarely seen, but are now HERE

Lock Step:Rockefeller Document 2010                Top of Page

They Hate Us  or They Hate Us

A preview of the draconian A horrific  controlled world coming to us with  digital fake money, everything will be AI control connected by the internet

Polly's Videos:

Not So Trusted Voices

W.H.O. rules over You ?

Patriots Fight

Are We being Played ? or Plagued

Pandemic Boss & the Ukraine swamp

Pandemic Viral Marketing

Event 201 Global Pandemic

Now this is a Killer app

2100 caged kids in tunnels rescued by us marines in California - most believed to be abducted by CPS 7 min

Kids rescued in NYC - Angel Lynn is on Facebook

Kids being rescued

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