CoronVirus Update  Mar 17, '20  Coronavirus does not exist!  test are flawed, US military in Europe

As shoppers are stampeding to stores to stock up on items like: toilet paper, sanitizing wipes and masks, bare shelves tell us the false flag threat is working.

Given the fact that the entire operation of spreading lies about “deadly Coronavirus” is propagated worldwide, by authorities (CDC, WHO, politicians, mass media, drug companies, etc. resulting in closing of schools, universities, business, churches and most every organization drawing large crowds. We are seeing entire cities and even some entire countries locked with no one coming in and no one leaving.

Would it surprise you to learn that Coronavirus does not exist!  It is only a design on paper and was patented for use as we now see.  All they have to do is to spin the truth, fake some death scenes with paid actors and you have a fertile manufactured crisis.

So what is this all about, who gains and who loses? Remember Sandy Hook where NO ONE died and all participants were very well paid, enough to encourage them to move to a new community with their child where no one knows them and signed an NDA agreeing not to speak the truth to anyone or they would forfeit their bribe money and be sued. Incidentally, to date NO death certificates were processed.

What were the organizers hoping to gain by this stunt? GUN CONFISCATION!

Las Vegas was another event to push for gun confiscation. With undercover agents at the event shouting that they were being fired upon.  Oddly not one death ever made it to the coroners.  The only people harmed were those trampled by the running crowd.  How could it happen when no one was harmed with continuous shots fired upon from two windows. One window was busted out and a multitude of shots were showing mussel’s the guns mussel flash.  Oddly the second shooter was still inside with a fully intact glass on the window that he was firing through.  Can you say ‘false flag’?  Was this a stunt to create maximum FEAR for passing more laws on guns.

The Coronavirus tops them all.  Since a virus cannot be seen except through an electron microscope, how could they discover a virus that does not exist?  How could the “test kit” identify Coronavirus? It can’t!

Every year tens of thousands people die from one of many strains of viruses. Most are elderly with comprised immune systems.  Since all the deaths must be happening from other sources, blaming the non-existent Coronavirus is a sell job.  Everyone with the sniffles, a fever or flu like symptoms are being lumped into the Coronavirus caldron inflating the numbers to create fear.  The public demands solutions until this virus is eradicated…and a vaccination will come forward and will be loaded with destructive compounds to make you very ill and will kill many.  This is what the dark ones will cook up as they never want a good crisis to go to waste.

The real purpose for the lockdown.

What if the good guys had created their own false-flag?  Who could benefit from lockdowns of cities, counties or even an entire state or country. The dark ones are on their legs and need to be rounded up and removed from power.  Enter GESARA.  The old corrupt financial system is in the process of ending and a new system is ready to replace it in 209 countries.

Remember, there are many deep state players in the financial world and political leaders who are knee deep in corruption.  GESARA compliance will allow all countries access to the new asset backed currencies.  Bankers will NOT control this, the sovereign individuals will.

GESARA requirements require all countries replace their current political system to common law favoring the individuals. Also, for a country to trade with other countries they must utilize the new currencies as no one will accept the old fiat fake money.

To accomplish this the deep state must first be contained and the imaginary Coronavirus is the cover.  Locking in areas on the planet with no communications in or out and with no travel in or out.  This allows our military working in concert with others worldwide can easily take out the deep state characters with no way for them run.

While Trump and other countries have instituted national emergencies it gives Trump many  more powers abilities without the congress stopping him.  An amazing plan coinciding with the next two weeks of containment issued by the US.

There already are massive numbers of US military in Europe.  Russia has already made their purge and China is underway.  There is a plan to assist ALL countries in the world so no one is left behind!

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