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TRAP 1 to avoid: Is the COVID-19 test giving people the coronavirus or vaccinating them without their knowledge or both?

TRAP 2 to avoid: Are they deliberately moving elderly COVID-19 patients into hospitals to kill them with ventilators?! 

5G: 60GHz interferes with oxygen absorption in humans. From the book Magnetobiology, Underlying Physical Problems.

Oxygen the atom is O, oxygen the molecule is 02 . Together they form the oxygen molecule and share some electrons. 60 GHz causes electrons surrounding oxygen molecules to spin, akin to high-powered microwaves running on 2.4. impacting molecules in food such as water. They’re heating, in part, by causing those molecules to rotate/oscillate with each wave. Movement from rotation of these super tiny water molecules helps heat the rest of the food.

In a similar way that 2.4 causes H20 to oscillate, 60 GHz even at low power causes electrons on oxygen molecules to spin. Changes to spin frequencies on oxygen electrons impact human biology.

When you breathe air into your lungs oxygen reaches your blood, brain, tissues etc. Oxygen entering your lungs gets picked up by an important iron containing protein called hemoglobin in your blood.

The impact of oxygen molecules spinning the electrons is that it makes the hemoglobin unable to uptake the oxygen and get it to the rest of your body.

Lack of oxygen is likely why people in Wuhan were seen to literally drop on the street.  

Source: Dana Ashley https://youtu.be/1oLllJ5sSZw