Covid Notes Aug 09 2021

Secret Communist Plan Fulfillment

CDC publishes ‘green zone’ concentration camp protocol, preparing mass imprisonment.

great-reset from Rex

3.19.21 Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay's powerful Interview w/ Thrive Time's Clay Clark

Great Reset by Klaus Schwab  see depopulation agenda


Rockefeller Planned covid since 2010, over a decade:

2010: Rockefeller's 'Operation Lockstep'

2010 Lockdown, increase government control,

take away basic human freedom & privacy.

Virus, Fear Bomb, quarantine, curfew,


1999 Gain of Function by Fauci

NIH National Inst. of Health website

enhance transmissibility of

Take natural occurring virus from bat or rat into a human.

Newsweek Dr. Fauci backed corona virus

backed controversial Wuhan Lab.

Fresh but never frozen humanized mice.

Recently murdered babies to mix with.


Truth about models of # to die of covid.

Neil Furgeson, Abdul

Scared everyone

Neil said 2.2 million would die from Covid 19, funded by Amazon & Bill Gates.

Amazon bought 100,000 vehicles they did not need.


2019 Bitchute by Karry Mullis Nobel Prize winner, investor of PCR test.  Mullis says PCR test cannot detect infectious disease,

When PCR tests set at 40+ cycles, gives gives 90% false positives.

PCR test controlled by Billy Gates

Treatments, on NIH website, are banned

hydroxychloroquine ivermectin zinc .

These have been used for decades over the counter, successful.

Dr. Meeham 100% effective treatments for covid patients.


  Health Freedom Conference in Tulsa April 16 & 17, 2021

Simone Gold, Lyn Wood, Gen. Flynn, Roger Stone, Mike Lindell, Sidney Powel, Scott McCabe ?

12:30-9 pm speakers each 1/2 hour

4,500 patriots, no masks, no social distancing, 11 am-


Ready to go in Feb. 2021 reported by consultant

W02020060606 patent world order 2020 by CryptoCurrency System

Coupled to device of user (human)

May verify if the award cryptocurrency is very fied ?

Lucifer technology to see mark on your arm.

Jeffery Epstein Island Temple

Jeffery Epstein wants to create his own race of people.



NY Times best selling author Kevin Jenkinsr NA modifying

Moderna vaccines is operating system

messenger rDNA

Software of life, hooks up to 5G 6G, Nano technology, interacts with 5G, to interfere with your thoughts, control your activity, interacts with Crypto Currency.


Charles Leiber, of Harvard Univ., arrested.  He was taking US covind developments to the Wuhan Lab.

He was paid $ 50,000/ month developing nano technology that goes inside the human body


2 Timothy 7  God has not given us a spirit of fear.

Every Tongue shall confess - Romans

Philippians 2:1-11, every knee shall bow.