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The World Health Organization has a plan for 10 years of infectious diseases, says a WHO virologist


The World Health Organization has an official plan for 10 years of ongoing infectious diseases.

From 2020 to 2030: a decade of pandemics.

Marion Koopmans, a WHO virologist from the Netherlands who worked at the Wuhan biolab, said on Dutch television that the World Health Organization has been working on this agenda for a long time.

Let this sink in...


For many years the WHO prepared an agenda for a decade of infectious diseases, from 2020 to 2030.


At the same time the WHO has developed the Pandemic Treaty, which gives them complete totalitarian control over all the nations in the world, whenever the WHO declares a pandemic... something they can do whenever they want, based on any test they choose.

Watch this video to hear the WHO virologist
reveal this 10 year plan...


The person who technically owns the World Health Organization is Bill Gates, also the # 1 vaccine dealer in the world. Bill and his ex-wife Melinda Gates both grin, when they talk about the next pandemic.

‘Then they will pay attention, hehe...’, chuckles Bill.

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WHO told world to 'get ready' for pandemic, right before it happened


It is clear that the WHO indeed has foreknowledge about the pandemics. Only five months before the coronavirus outbreak, the WHO instructed all the nations in the world to immediately prepare for an imminent influenza pandemic.

⚠️ See this document and discover much more...


Australia published 'Plan for Pademic' a few months before the pandemic


Clearly the Australian government is well informed about when these pandemics are about to be unleashed, as they published a manual for a coronavirus pandemic, a few months before it occurred. Did you catch that? Let's read it again...

A few months before the pandemic, Australia released a guide on how to navigate it.

⚠️ Download this plan here >


2006 movie foretold 2020 pandemic in 'Vision of the Future'


There are more people who knew beforehand that this pandemic would hit in 2020. In 2006 a movie was released called V for Vendetta, which depicts a coronavirus pandemic, that results in worldwide tyranny. The theme repeated throughout the movie is 'This is for your safety'. In what year was this movie set? 2020! The trailer of the movie stated:

‘An uncompromising vision of the future’.

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2003 TV episode depicted 2020 outbreak, to the detail


In 2003 the TV series Dead Zone aired an episode called The Plague, showing a coronavirus pandemic. Everything we have experienced was shown in this episode: Chinese origin of the virus, masks, lockdowns, quarantines, test swabs, everything! Even the cure was mentioned: chloroquine!

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This is called 'predictive programming': preparing the public for future events, so that the people would accept it more easily once it happens.


In 2012 the E.U. made a comic book about a Chinese virus


In 2012 the European Union published a comic book titled 'INFECTED'. It tells the story of a global pandemic that starts on a market in China, leading up to worldwide medical tyranny which is praised as the best solution.

That is exactly what happened a few years later...

⚠️ Download this comic book


2013 song predicted 2020 outbreak

In 2013 a musician composed a song about a coronavirus pandemic, that would occur in… 2020! One of the lines of his lyrics says:

'2020 combined with coronavirus, bodies stacking.'

He said he could predict this because he had been investigating so called ‘conspiracy theories’.

⚠️ Listen to this strange song ...


In 2017 and 2018 every nation on earth started buying and selling millions upon millions of virus test kits. Guess what they were called? You can see it on this screenshot from the website of the World Integrated Trade Solution...

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C19 Virus Test patented in 2015 by Richard Rothschild


In 2015 Richard Rothschild, a lawyer from London, patented a virus detection system for... C*V*D-19. This system sends biometric data to the cloud, where artificial intelligence can order the authorities to quarantine and inject a person.

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In 2017 Fauci guaranteed 'surprise outbreak' in next 4 years


In 2017 Anthony Fauci said:

'There is no doubt in anyones mind that we will experience a surprise outbreak of an infectious disease during the first term of the Trump administration.'

How did he know?

⚠️ Hear Fauci guarantee the outbreak


While the WHO, Australia, Fauci etc. told the world to 'get ready' for an imminent coronavirus pandemic, Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab organized a coronavirus pandemic exercise, only a few months before the coronavirus pandemic actually happened.

Interestingly, right after the exercise for the outbreak, where they discussed how only injections are the answer, Gates tweeted how excited he was about selling shots the coming year.

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It gets even more weird, when we know that so called 'preparedness organizations' released several videos in 2017 and 2018, announcing... a coronavirus pandemic that starts in the area of Wuhan and spreads worldwide.

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'Scenarios of the Future' predict coronavirus pandemic


Then we have the notorious Scenario for the Future of Technology published in 2010 by the Rockefeller Foundation. A scenario that predicts the future! Fascinating… What does it say?

It describes a coronavirus pandemic, that results in... a worldwide dictatorship.

The document praises China as the perfect example for the rest of the world, because they use the pandemic to implement suffocating control systems on society.


A second Futuristic Scenario published by John Hopkins Center for Health Security (owned by Bill Gates) also predicted a flu pandemic with a 'novel coronavirus' that originates in Asia.

⚠️ Download these 'Scenarios for the Future'


Experts, lawyers, judges and a criminal court say this is planned

Can you see now, why a criminal court in Peru has ruled that this pandemic is a criminal operation run by Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, George Soros and other billionaires? It’s also why criminal cases are being filed all over the world, against the governments, to prosecute them for murder.


Watch the incredible video 'NEXT'


Why would the criminals want to do this? Their official agendas mention three main objectives:

1) reduce the world population

2) implement new systems of control

3) genetically edit the human race

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