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Trump Slaughtermeter Hits 100% After World Health Organization Tells World to Stop Using Lockdowns  October 12, 2020, By: Sorcha Faal

socialist Democrat and leftist media one saying:the coronavirus is going to kill everyone so be very afraid”—or—

President Trump believing thatthe coronavirus isn’t going to kill you, so go about leading a normal life”.

Comparing the tactics of Trump vs. Briden: Cognitive dissonance - Mental conflict that occurs when our beliefs or assumptions are contradicted by new information.

As we learn the truth, many linger, clinging to their former ideas rather than accept what they now see & learn.

World Health Organization Tells Leaders to end the Lockdowns

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Covid Self Defense Tools for Small Business:

Educate businesses about their rights and their obligations regarding the psychological mask wearing sham.

At the bottom is a template to print the URL on business card paper and hand out. No protest, no altercations, just leave the "card" with your restaurant tip, or hand to anyone who may benefit from the information.

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WHO (Accidentally) Confirms Covid is No More Dangerous than Flu


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We Are Being Played    Polly shows $ billions flowing between Gates, Fauci, WHO, UN & or others.

Queen Dethrowned  New King
There is a new king in town - King John III - Joseph Gregory Hallett 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bA5A5Ie0V4&feature=youtu.be        https://thebloodyaussiebattler.com/greg-hallett-king-of-england-ireland/=

Border Wall System


Oil Derivative Market

Oil- Motive of Gulf War

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Zip code gives jurisdiction

Tom Hanks


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