overview        We are being played, AmazingPolly  Gates, WHO, UN, CIA working together to execute this frightening nations to give them money & control        1989 Encyclopedia defines Corona Virus = Common Cold.  Another title:  They Hate Us

Ted's overview  The virus is NO event, it is dead, can't reproduce, is made by our bodies in effort to expunge the inorganic toxins we took in thru food, water, air. Virus/ protein ? wrap the toxins are eliminated from our body.  Our body creates fever.  Colds expunge organic bacteria that cause  illness.  Flu, with cold like symptoms, is more serious.  Cold & Flu are natural human response to toxicity, whether something we ingested or from WiFi, 4G, 5G radiation or stress or injury.

Virus it is not contagious.  It is produced in our healing, not the cause of illness.  They are counting people who die normal deaths annually from flu - they count them as Corona Virus death.  Test are wrong, inaccurate, based on false info, hyped by news, medical, government & more.  

CV-19 is normal winter seasonal flu. always hard on frail, elderly, sickly people with impaired immune systems.

By research these people bring together different facts that most would never see linked. The combination of facts spell obvious greed, corruption, evil.

AmazingPolly.net shows Gates, UN, World Bank, are working together to do 201 simulation Oct 2019 of the CoronaVirus, then published on you tube in Dec. 2019, then went live in Jan. 2020.

We Are Being Played

Amazing Polly https://youtu.be/RSfP8sXtMbk

Then they present that to the public thru you tube in Dec. 2019, then instigate it in Jan 2020

They are NOT seeking to cure, but to terrorize countries to give them money & control over people for this fake "emergency"

Start at 17:30 if you want to know how they will chip all people (like cattle) and dumb Americans while they vaccinate us.

With that RFID Radio Frequency ID, they can trace your movements every where.

Bill Gates, CIA, World Economic Forum, Bloomberg, John Hopkins, the UN Foundation & more ran a scenario for a Cor-na Virus Pandemic in Dec. 2019

Virus Task Force Boss Birx Ukraine Connections
Is the Corona Virus 'Pandemic' connected to Impeachment?
These Ukraine connections suggest it might be .. Is the Swamp capable of this level of deception & evil?

Amazing Polly references    http://amazingpolly.net/blog/index.php

Polly's Videos                            http://amazingpolly.net/videos.html


We Are Being Played     https://youtu.be/RSfP8sXtMbk    Amazing Polly


Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) YouTube


Did you know that Bill & Melinda Gates, the CIA, the World Economic Forum, Bloomberg / Johns Hopkins, the UN Foundation & more ran a scenario for a Corona Virus Pandemic in December 2019? See AmazingPolly on you tube.


There whole purpose is not about disease, people, lives.  There whole agenda is to terrorize nations to give them money (& power) to respond to a world or even local pandemics.

They forgot to think of primary elements. What about the shortage of doctors & health providers, and civil unrest when this gets large ?

No, they are only interested in developing ways to force all nations to give them money to build their plans, protocols, man power, and vaccinate and "micro ID chip" everyone to track their every move, their finances, spending & health records..

They did a pandemic exercise in October 2019,.  It was discussed in the meeting Dec. 2019 which is published / to the public on You Tube, then boom, what they simulated (seems) to play out in Jan. 2020.

News is just a big marketing organization for Globalism.

The elite who want to control your world,  want to work outside of any elected, representative government. They need money & power, so they invent situations to make Americans think we must submit to government or we will die.  It is all fakery.  The body manufactures the virus as a product to carry out heavy toxins we have ingested from food, water & air.

The body is trying to heal. The virus is produced by our body. It is part of cure, not cause of illness.

Boston Health Dept, wit the Spanish Flu in 1918 tried taking mucus from sick people and injecting it in to well people. With 100s of tries they could not ever get the illness to go into another person. It is not contagious. They did similar experiments with horses.

Virus is what your body produces.  The only way to get a foreign virus in your blood is by injection/ vaccination.

If you eat any animal product or virus, the digestive system just converts to a protein and passes thru you and exits in urine or poop.

When older people die in rest home, they are already stressed by other disease like pneumonia.  The virus is found in their system and blamed, but it is not the cause it is only


.- - from Mary Croft, author of How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known To Man - -

Viruses are created in the body and cannot live outside the body. Also, they cannot cross species, unless they are withdrawn from one species and injected into another.

The illnesses and deaths in Wuhan are due to 5G and all other reports are from famous/elite people--Hollywood, politicians, Wall St., CEOs, talk-show hosts, all addicted to adrenochrome--who have now been given the option of saying they have CV, rather than admit they have been arrested and are going to prison.

The Patriots (Trump, Q/Kennedy, military, white hats, et al) want people away from crowds, so the cabal cannot retaliate by harming innocents, when their ilk are arrested. The alleged virus is a great ruse to save people from more cabalistic viciousness. I don't mind lying low for 4 weeks, knowing that, soon, we'll have health, freedom, true news, free energy, and access to our credit.

As always, I'm willing to be wrong--with evidence to the contrary.  😁

I love that Trump's main plan begins on April Fool's day and ends on the date of his initials.

(4-10-20 = DJT).  A man with a sense of humor

Ted prays it will be over on traditional Income Tax day, 15th April.

In the 1989 edition of the AMA's Encyclopedia of Medicine, there is a list of a dozen Latin names of virus families, e.g. retroviruses, paramyxoviruses, togaviruses, picornaviruses, with the common name of the disease beside it; e.g. herpes, polio, rabies, mumps, hep A & B, AIDS, etc.

The disease listed for "Coronaviruses" is COMMON COLD !!!

All this global fear, chaos, nonsense, is over the common cold, from which everyone recovers, with rare exception.

Unbelievable 'lies' exposed the coronavirus is just a common cold. By: mag truth on the run. you tube

"Coronavirus" is the New Name of the Common Cold  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmJ9nh3bWeM&t=64s


- - -

Via: Dr Kia Pruitt    March 13, 2020
We were told years ago that there would be an event that would quarantine America and possibly the planet, in order to make global mass arrests. We were encouraged to stock up on food, water and supplies. We were also instructed to remain calm. Marshall law may be implemented to keep people off the street while these arrests occur. Schools would be closed, flights grounded, airports closed, etc


Because the people being arrested for participating in corruption and worldwide pedophilia and human trafficking, crimes against humanity, TREASON, murder, rape etc is massive and effects every aspect of society. This includes Hollywood entertainers, NBA and NFL athletes and staff, politicians, pastors, banking CEOs, corporate heads, school officials, coaches and educators. Some of your doctors, lawyers, judges, college professors, school teachers, police officers and chiefs, firemen, business owners, airport workers, pilots, bankers, priests, everyday people are currently being arrested for their crimes against humanity. A lot of them are involved in nefarious behaviors and secret societies, so the masses have not been privy to their wrong doings, ritualistic abuse, child sex trafficking, child hunting parties, ritualistic murders, drug trafficking, involvement in underground activities in the Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.S.), etc..

This is why some of us reported on a notable resignation list for two years. Many people were on that list under the guise of resignation. We also reported on military tribunals which began January, 2019. Some of us watched military tribunals take place on c-vine dot com. The corruption is huge. POTUS asked that people not be in crowds. One reason other than catching the virus is because the deep-state NWO corrupt leaders could attempt to retaliate, since they know that we have been involved in a covert operation against them. Be safe.

The planet (the world) is being cleansed. The Corona virus is a "cover "

While it is true that the deepstate/ global NWO elites created the virus and attempted to infect the masses, Trump and the global Alliance co-opted the operation and used it as a cover to arrest global elites, including the POPE and the UN-royal family, politicians and Hollywood elites. The mainstream media will announce that folks came down with the virus. Actually, they've been arrested. Some have been at Gitmo for a while, actually. At some point an announcement will be made

Remain calm and be stocked up. Those people who don't have food and supplies will have an opportunity to get it from neighbors or the military because troops will likely be on the ground to 1) make arrest and 2) keep everyone calm. A curfew may be implemented.

We were instructed also that new monetary policies and our new gold-backed system will be implemented and trillions injected into the economy, AFTER the global mass arrests.  Otherwise, these nefarious beings would have once again, stolen our wealth and re-empowered themselves. Soon, the Republic, our lawful government. will be restored and constitutional law. Be encouraged. Things are finally getting better for humanity.

What an exciting time to be alive. Soon, we will enjoy the benefits of NESARA-GESARA and our sovereignty and finally enjoy planetary peace and prosperity. Be well.

- - -


Ted says: We choose what we want to believe.

We each read from many sources - we CHOOSE our reality as to who we want to believe.

We typically see if it agrees with what we already know.

Since many of our fundamental beliefs are wrong, even when we question things around us, we (may) fallback on wrong assumptions.

I read / watch a lot.  I bring you my conclusions but I am not including the 100s of articles that I've reviewed.

 We all have belief, and or "knowledge" based on what we were "taught" or conditioned to know; from school, from work, from news & life's experience.

In 2005, I started to study what really happened on 9-11 to WTC in NYC.  After huge 1,500+ hours of study, I realized that 9-11 & many things are not how I was told.  The good news is that I learned I can know things popular media, colleges, even government will not tell us.

Those who are curious and learn how to research, can summon up these alternative ways to see the world.

You can read a little or a lot.  YOU can build whatever way you want to think.

You typically just deepen what you think.

I look at alternatives information until I am convinced it is real. I build my website to show you much of the source evidence I have.

I build my website to show you much of the source evidence I have.

The virus is NO event, it is dead, can't reproduce, is made by our bodies in effort to expunge the inorganic toxins we took in thru food, water, air.  Virus is not contagious.  They are counting people who die normal deaths annually from flu - they count them as Cornoa.  Test are wrong, inaccurate, based on false info, hyped by government & more.  

Coming 5G networks are harmful to humans, animals, bringing forth CoronaVirus type symptoms.

By research you bring together different facts that most would never see together.

The combination of facts spell obvious greed, corruption, evil.

I show much more detail here on this website.

- - -

The Only Way to Get a Virus is to be Injected With it - Aajonus Vonderplanitz  ! ! Horrid vaccines !!!

The "virus" is normal, just seasonal.  It is dead, cannot reproduce, is NOT contagious.

It is the product of our body clearing the toxins we have inside from tainted food, water, air..  It is produce by our body, it is NOT the cause of illness.

See lots of important info on the Viruses, simple 5 minute cure from W.H.O. and discussion of currency reset, crashing the economy, pedophiles, deep state & more.

These are very exciting times. I think all things will come out better, and hopefully soon.

Bye Bye Federal Reserve, that monopoly of private central banks who have been stealing America's wealth for 100 years.

I list many you tubes that explain all these things in more detail and more clearly.  I find info that simplifies the complex information on going.


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