Shows Rockefeller captured medical industry, development & patent of virus,
Rockefeller Lockstep document 2010, decades of developing the current PlannedDemic.

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Overview - virus, PLANNED pandemic, economy, vaccine, RFID, Penny Kelly

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CoronaVirus, currency reset, kidnapped kids, 5 G radiation & more.

Proof on Covid Scam    zinc-antiviral        04/15/2021

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Attorney Fuellmich- virus world's biggest scam

Lawsuit against Perpetrators of Pandemic Hoax Interview

Dr. Thomas Cowen explains there is no virus, never detected, not contagious, tests are scam.

Coronavirus and Constitution    Masks do not prevent virus spread

Fauci says: Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread

Moderna   covid-nonsence   World Doctors Alliance
CDC Admits: No Conclusive Evidence Cloth Masks Work Against COVID

Police blow whistle on coronavirus deception

YouTube bans truth   Medical Ignorance and the Mass Murder of Coronavirus Patients

Take Down of Evil Cabal, Cabal's Plans, what is happening, transcribed.
How Trump, NSA, Q-JFK Jr., Against all Odds, Took Down Cabal, Part 1 by Kat - 7.30.20 ~ Intel
- discusses: pedophiles: legislators, Hollywood Celebrities, Media Moguls,
Deep State manipulating virus to shutdown world economy, force new laws, wipe out their debts and our rights.

YouTube purges Truth Channels
Intl. Doctors &lawyers on Covid exaggeration / hoax

COVID-19 is not very contagious

Trump rescues 1,000s of children

(passionate) Kennedy, Bigtree on pandemic, Trump stopping human trafficking.

CoronaVirus Pandemic Hoax

 admitted in mainstream

- Facts on Covid-19       - Experts question panic        - Virus is Not Contagious doc htm


Who is Bill Gates articles & videos Gates is dead


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Grubernment liars, time to wake up (removed) - yt You can't catch a virus, It is not alive..

Dr. Thomas Cowan - virus is not proven        Pandemic Documentary   Masks ?

Butterfly of the Week, 27 April 2020: Under House Arrest as a Result of a Crime Committed by the CDC

Here is index to ALL my files on virus, pandemic, & related    other news Queen dethroned

Covid Nurse Exposes NY Hospital, Pandemic Epicenter, yt
Registered nurse Erin Marie Olszewski, May 12, 2020,

Erin spent a month at Elmhurst Hospital in NYC. After witnessing the same malpractice matching testimonies of other outspoken nurses in the U.S., she decided to wear a hidden camera to prove there is a bigger threat than Coronavirus taking place there. Here's Erin emotional interview on The HighWire.

Watch the entire exposé from Journeyman Pictures, )

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Covid    ^top page    See webpages on Covid - Deborah Tavares  talks of the DEW Direct Energy Weapons used to incinerate homes, cars & towns, while leaving adjacent wood forests unburned.  People in our local towns & counties are signing agreements to allow this genocide of our own citizens.

Learn more of the DEW systems our US military has developed, which they show & boast about.  They are using this technology to destroy people & property in uSA pretending this is the results of climate change. Agenda 2030.

COVID-19 is not very contageous  160 articles on virus & pandemic (exaggerated numbers & panic)

CoronaVirus Pandemic is over, Bill Gates, 5 G Radiation
Wuhan Flu predicted in formerly published book. Eyes of Darkness

How they will fake success of vaccine

German doctor sues the World. Topic: The Covid Hoax.

Robert Kennedy Jr. Destroys Big Pharma, Fauci & Pro-Vaccine Movement  vid

Covid-19’s 3 Biggest Lies debunked
500 Doctors Tell Trump to End the Lockdown

Dr.Shilva   5g-cause-virus,    arrests-cv,    disease-not-germ-theory,    doctors-reports-virus,    economy-shutdown,    fake-news,    Fall-of-Cabal,    God-wins-sermons,    kids-rescue,    NESARA,    planned-pandemic-prepared-before,    Polly-guru,    quarantine-camps,    reason-explanations,    restore-republic,    satanic-rituals-adrenochrome,    treatments-health,    underground-DUMBs,    vaccine-avoid,    virus-by-injection-vaccine,    virus-reports,    you-tube,    z-bad-reports,    z-to-file, shows Gates, UN, World Bank, are working together to do 201 simulation Oct 2019 of the CoronaVirus, then published on you tube in Dec. 2019, then went live in Jan. 2020.

> > > > We Are Being Played < < < < <

Lockdown Rules Hilariously Explained  -  video

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Is COVID-19 Even Real?

What does Elmhurst Hospital look like when the news cameras aren't rolling? Friday, April 3, 2020

Covid Nurse Exposes NY Hospital, Pandemic Epicenter, yt

overview         We are being played, 
Gates, WHO, UN, CIA working together to execute this frightening nations to give them money & control

 - - -

GOV.UK  Status of COVID-19

As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.  The 4 nations public health HCID group made an interim recommendation.

RT Question: Covid-19's meant to be a new Black Death, but in Britain no more people are dying than usual.

- - -

Tip-of-Iceberg- COVID-19-Pandemic

Kids rescued in NYC & 2,100 in California

- - -

The Coronation by Charles Eisenstein


This is a very thoughtful discussion, ir-regardless of what you think of the virus.

   (Title sounds like Crowning the King)


He is not siding with government nor with conspiracy people. He examines the progression of civilization.

- - -

Not So Trusted Voices -  Links to Polly's videos.

also here: on Bitchute

See shameful fear mongers, lies & "mistakes" of mainstream media and their "Trusted Voices" ... See citizen journalists viewing empty hospitals UPDATE & VIDEO

Citizen reporters go & do what the media won't! - Dana Ashlie

People go to local hospital and video the empty lines & waiting rooms.  They're not busy or overwhelmed, they don't even have staff I place to test people

#FilmYourHospital!! It's excellent:

- - -

A SHOCKING CORRECTION: Dr. Fauci went from a Possible 1.7 Million US Deaths Due to Coronavirus to a Possible 200,000 US Deaths in 14 Days!       

(comment: I think current projections are 60,000 or less.  The problem is that they are not testing, nor are test accurate.  They are just relabeling what last years was called pneumonia, this year, they arbitrarily call it Covid-19.

Pres. Trump is abandoning Gates/ Fauci exponential models and dealing with real numbers - except those numbers are also inflated by the improper way they are labeling current deaths.)

- - -

There is no corona-pandemic" Billy Six   walking thru empty hospitals.

Doctors do not see any more deaths than usual this winter.

What they once called pneumonia death, they now label CORVIS-19.  The "tests" look for pneumonia symptoms, found in those who died and label it as a CONVID-19 death.

Some indicators by the "test" are found in those who died, but they mostly died from other pre existing conditions they already had.

.- - -

The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life

The advancement of electricity, lights, radio, radar, satellites does harm & death to people and life. 5, 6, 7 G

- - -

5G is our danger, not a virus. A virus is a product of out cells pushing out toxins caused by increased radiation, i.e. 5G

    Invisible Rainbow, analyzing electric fields as they grow more intense around us.

From 1933 to the present day, virologists have been unable to present any experimental study proving that influenza spreads through normal contact between people.  All attempts to do so have failed.

    The military physician Dr. George A. Soper testified that the virus was spreading faster than the speed of movement of people. Various experiments were conducted attempting to infect subjects either by direct close contact or by inoculation with mucus or blood of sick people – but the experimenters were unable to demonstrate any infection by this means.

   It has been scientifically demonstrated that a living organism needs to be bathed in the electromagnetic system of our natural environment in order to function well.

- - -

Beast System Goes Live - This Is It, Share Now Before Censored  at 18 min Jeff Berwick

What we are taught, what is commonly known is opposite to the truth.

Jeff Berwick said every day, 300 people die in NY hospitals.

- - -

Official Qanon | Anonymous's Message to Bill Gates

- - -

Fear is the only thing to fear.

We fear the unknown, when we lack knowledge.

Knowledge is the cure for fear.

People who suppress knowledge gain advantage over you. 
Observation & reason
can over come ignorance & fear.

- - -

How to awaken those sleeping?

    As with all things.    patiently persist

   In peace & prayer    until we prevail.

Thru the window of truth,  Let's break the bonds of slavery.

- - -

The Underground War, Happening Now

Credit; Annette Cividanes The underground war happening now between dark hats and white hats. The white hats are taking control and winning.

- - -

The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg, discussed by Dr. Thomas Cowan, linked from my website

this book summary shows the progression of electrical fields and their increasing damage, telegraph, lights, radio, radar, satellites.

 - - -

Grubernment liars, time to wake up Removed from yt

Former Vodafone Cell Phone Company Boss Blows Whistle on 5G Coronavirus

They Hate Us  or They Hate Us

A preview of the draconian A horrific  controlled world coming to us with  digital fake money, everything will be AI control connected by the internet

Polly's Videos:

Not So Trusted Voices

W.H.O. rules over You ?

Patriots Fight

Are We being Played ? or Plagued

Pandemic Boss & the Ukraine swamp

Pandemic Viral Marketing

Event 201 Global Pandemic

Now this is a Killer app

Part 2 – DUMBS WAR: Gene Decode. B2T Show Oct 24

Putin and Trump vs the New World Order: The Final Battle

David Icke Exposed! Another Deep State Player Fooling (Almost) Everyone, Mass Arrest Update.'

Start at 8 minutes

- - -

A virus is NOT alive, it cannot replicate, is not contagious.  It's a product of our body healing, expunging/ throwing off inorganic toxins.

            We can only get a virus in our blood being injected with it.  We can't catch it from people, animal, touching, eating or breathing it.  If our body makes it, then it's in process of healing.  If injected from external source, then it can be harmful.

            By eating or breathing we cannot take in a virus that gets in our blood.  It will just go thru the body and out with waste.

 - - -

Treatments may lead people to the WRONG idea that Man can fix what nature is already repairing.

   No amount of fluid, medicine, vaccine or pill can take you out of electrical fields or radiation.

   You get out of radiation zones by walking away, or not living in one.

The problem is vaccines & 5, 6, or 7G radiation.

   Healthy living is a "cure"  sun light, fresh, clean food, water & air, exercise, good nutrition, expunging toxins, rest, relieve stress.

   The demise of Paradise Calif. tells me there are huge forces working against living people.

We need to stop people trying to kill most of us, Bill Gates being a demonic leader & others.

   We only know from reports of others, we have to trust our intuition or actually the Holy Spirit, Yahweh / God's voice within us.

I am not aware of any vaccine ever being a benefit to anyone, unless you say to kill some people makes life better for other (rich) people.

   You can't fix a problem if you don't understand it.

- - - 

The vitalistic philosophy that health is more like a fountain that flows from within rather than caused by something from without.

- - -

   Ideas to explore: is a search method.  This website is a gathering of information. It makes no claim to truth nor to advice in regard to finance, health, law, or any discipline or thought.  However if You investigate these ideas, I'm sure you will find them true and Confirmations abundant.

 - - -

Unveil the True Enemy of the People, Shutdown, Messages Received - Episode 2123b

    at 18 minutes this is very clear yet brief.  Watch for 6 minutes till 24 min.

virus hype, world wide currency reset, mass arrest of rulers, politician, Hollywood, Vatican, all these are tied together. Mainstream news, of Deep State, MSN hype the panic, but Trump is guiding us thru this masterfully.

Does the 2019 Coronavirus Exist? 

        See Tweets show plan to restore lawful government

    According to David Crowe, guest contributor of today's lead article, the coronavirus panic is just that, an irrational panic, based on an unproven RNA test, that has never been connected to a virus. And which won't be connected to a virus unless the virus is purified.

    Sayer Ji and Thomas Cowan, MD, discuss the present CoronaVirus scare and ways to navigate this intense time to support your radical resiliency. Learn more from Sayer at: and

Corona businesses recorded at Missouri SoS

The CoronaVirus it much fakery for many reasons

            - to cover up or distract from the world wide currency reset

                balancing the value of money between nations,

            and mass arrest of criminals worldwide in series:

            Saudi Arabia, US, UK,

            - also they planned to implement gross vaccinations

Dr Shiva discusses viruses, they cannot kill you, but a weakened immune system can kill you.

    Many news headlines on the Virus include the Masonic # 33.

CoronaVirus-fear-to-manipuate-financial-markets  during world wide currency reset.

    Isolation from crowds is disturbing and bankrupting companies.

Current articles & news.  The (faked) virus pandemic is OVER. David Robert Steele

Virus was to cover up TheCoronaVirusCoverOp2020

or distract from the world wide monetary reset (drop of Stock Market)

            and other mischievous events.

There is no virus, but huge events are taking place world wide. Watch !  GITMO, mass arrests, military, martial law.

Bill Gates intends to kill millions, in 2018, he predicted CoronaVirus would kill 33 million...33-masonic.html
CornoaVirus    1981 Novel predicted CoronaVirus in Wuhan    shows much of the deceptions of the fake pandemic


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John Hopkins Center for Health Security Event 201

   with Bill Gates Foundation and World Economic Forum, Oct 18, 2019, NYC

Why Mega Corps accept Lockdowns.

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Is this the patent to the CoronaVIrus, a man made bio weapon, funded by Bill Gates ?



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