Comments on pre meditated mass murder by Jim H

We are faced with a depopulation agenda being implemented.

Mass Genocide & the Corporations are puppets for the governments doing their biding. Every Corporation is pushing the needle mandate on people. The Corporations are Schools, Universities, all Government service providers, Federal, & State of States (all fifty) Police, Courts; Hospitals, Governors, at every level and let's not forget the  501-c-3 Churches through their IRS, State charter have got their lips zipped. Silence to Crime makes one an Accomplice to Crime. No different than when the German Orthodox churches played their instruments loudly as the trains hauled the screaming prisoners toward the Auschwitz' ovens. Our modern version is the Covid, booster, kill shots. The Concentration camps & Ovens have been replaced by Hospitals and the Saren gas has been replaced by the kill shot, drug Remdesivir and Ventilators. The payoff is the Hospital gets $39,000 for every Covid labeled death regardless of death due to comorbidities or vaccinations and the schools are getting paid $$$ to jab your children without your permission! Now they are coming for your children!