Fight the Mandates!

……a list of Law Firms that can help

Here is a list of Law Firms that can help with the mandates:

From Stew Peters:

This is my SUMMARY of three documents from Joy Garner, which are included below.  Perhaps you know of her study at

“We reject the idea that anyone must accept this garbage as a condition of employment.”

This approach is called a “Retaliation Firing” and it can get you triple your normal pay from an abusive employer.

Review this plan with the lawyer who will help you implement it.  The Lawyer will collect from the damages awards at the end, so he can take your case without requiring a retainer.   He should get an order that the employer continues to pay you (even if they fire you) throughout the court battle, and establish that you are entitled to Damages for any adverse action they take against you.

1.     Do not QUIT your job.  You would lose valuable rights.

2.     Do not sign anything your employer puts in front of you. They want you to surrender your rights. They want you to ‘voluntarily' get the EUA product.

3.     File a complaint with OSHA and your state labor board and any version of OSHA that exists in your state, BEFORE the employer specified deadline.  This is an “instant checkmate” against the employer.  Any firing that occurs after this has been filed will be presumed to be retaliatory.    The complaint must begin with, “There is no public health purpose served by these discriminatory rights violations, interventions, and actions.  In fact, these interventions are causing a public health hazard.”

a.     Provide EVIDENCE. Include data, facts, links to articles and peer reviewed papers. Many are offered in her documents attached.

b.     Whistleblowers should include direct fact, eye-witness testimony, your sworn account, photos, video, etc.

c.     Read the attached documents for additional ideas and data from her on how to write your complaint. She offers to personally help you.

4.     The next day, present a copy of the complaint to the employer. Steadfastly confirm your intentions.

Study her documents below:

Cover Letter,     “Protect Yourself by Knowing Your Rights” ,        “Protection for Employees Who Refuse…"

for fuller explanation, links to resources, and to confirm the assertion that NONE of these interventions are protecting the “public health” is true and correct.


Don't sign those electronic. keypads at the hospital, doctors office or urgent care. They have verbiage in there that gives them permission to vaccinate you. Tell them you want the hard copy to sign, then write NO BIOLOGICS/VACCINES. This happens even if you're going in for surgery. I worked in a hospital, and they did this often. There were several ICU patients they vaccinated while sick which is also so wrong. Don't leave your toed ones alone in a medical facility.

Know what you are signing!