Is it really “con” or a “sham” related to the COVID-19 issue, or could it be a group of Americans trying to help other Americans stand up to this face mask hoax
 The ADA may or may not have a “code” supporting the Face Mask Exemption—however, good science DOES support the statements that healthy people wearing a face mask pose a health risk for the wearer.  Think about it, what are the “systems” in our bodies by which toxins and waste products are released?  ANS.: (1) Digestive end products are eliminated via the colon; (2) waste products via the kidneys (urine); (3) waste/toxins of the skin are eliminated by the sweat glands; (4) waste/toxins are exhaled via the lungs; (also the lymphatic glands eliminate into the colon).  So, by wearing a face mask we breathe back into our lungs the very toxins/waste products that our body is trying to get rid of ! ! !
 The real and most dangerous fraud associated with the COVID-19 “pandemic” (actually it is a “planned-pandemic”) is promoting and scaring people about the supposed dangers of it.  It is proving to be less lethal than the common flu (and yet we’ve never shut down our economy, our schools, our social gatherings because of it ! ! !).  Moreover, the death statistics have been over-inflated due to the fact that hospitals get huge amounts of money for each patient under their care who dies of COVID-19.  THUS, people who come into their system with other types of issues, i.e., heart conditions, brain injury, car accident, lung disease---all get labeled as COVID-19.  AND, we are now seeing that the people who’ve isolated themselves in their homes (like good little boys and girls) ARE the very ones getting sick now (for the most part).  AND, for the most part, the actual numbers of people dying from COVID-19 were those interned at the various nursing homes (mostly located in “blue” states)—which means that they already had a life endangering health issue to begin with.

 REMEMBER—the larger picture here is a very active attempt to collapse the American economy, the family unit, the American “spirit”.  —in other words, to enslave all Americans, reduce the population drastically—we are at war with the criminal deep state, the communists, the fascist, the totalitarians, and the bureaucrat elites.  

 Now personally, I wouldn’t use a “card” (real or fake).  I would simply tell the truth.  Wearing a face mask increases my chances of hypoxemia or hypoxia—exposing that fact would be keeping the focus on the medical side.  If needs be, I would also go into the “political” side of this issue as well.  I would explain that taking orders from the World Health Organization (WHO), or Dr. Fauci—who helped develop COVID-19 in the Wuhan laboratory, by diverting U.S. tax money-to its development has created this “Hoax” that we are dealing with today. 

For additional perspectives and detailed facts on the issue, watch the following video: