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Jim Stone Freelance Journalist

Errors in staging this fake Pandemic

Hospitals have loading bays where they accept semi trucks and other trucks, they don't just offload and load stuff on the street. IF this video was legit, it would not have been staged like this. New York has over 50 semi trucks dedicated to moving dead bodies because New york, an average of 421 people die per day. These trucks do not ever get loaded on the street.

THEREFORE, this is a staged hoax, and if the virus was real they would not do it this way, they would obviously just roll it right into the truck off of a loading dock rather than risk themselves trying to hoist something that could actually infect them (let along the public) up into a truck, out on the street.

This is such bulls##t it is as if a high school civics class in a below average area was dreaming up ways to "fool the public". You NEVER see hospitals loading bodies into trucks right out on the street.

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More and more people are going around to hospitals and proving there is no Coronavirus treatment happening at all.

The Coronavirus plot is obviously wearing thin!

"I'm on a paramedic forum, and those that live/run the NY City area are saying most of the hospitals are deserted and calls are way down from normal.  What the media is portraying is absolutely false."

In the U.S. it appears (some) very unscrupulous doctors are using ventilators to murder people. Practically everyone who gets put on one dies and the cause is lung rupture. They are turning the pressures up on the respirators so high they are exploding people's lungs. That alone will obviously produce "coronavirus symptoms", blood and all. Most likely this is what happened to the elderly community they recently purged in New York.

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KEEP AN EYE ON THE FARMS. If we get substantially into April and no one has done any preparation work in the fields, that will be a clear signal that the people running this virus scam are going to intentionally starve everyone out. The national grain reserves are gone. Those vanished under Clinton and Obama. Years ago, America kept 3 - 5 years of grain in storage to help the nation through catastrophes. It was called the strategic grain reserve. Now it is empty. America HAS TO plant every single year now and if they shut down agriculture in the U.S. you can damn well bet they will shut it down elsewhere, and the food is not going to come out of thin air.