Once were the Living Documentary    06/17/2022

Please listen.  This is critically important.

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Once were the Living

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Once were the Living (Documentary by Spacebusters)  or

https://odysee.com/@TruthHertz:2/onceweretheliving:9 or


Go to 1:43:45  Listen for 10 minutes to Dr. Thomas Cowan explains why there has NEVER been any detection of this imaginary virus.

See how the 4th Industrial Revolution, the alleged COVID-19 pandemic including its “vaccines”, and the upcoming Great Reset are connected.
    "Test swabs” put up your nose delivers the nano medical device. It can alter your mRNA, How the nano dust tech works.
    Yes, people get sick and always some people, usually elderly people, do die. The total number of deaths in USA is about the same over recent years.

In 2020 we had virtually NO One to die of flu, while many died of "Covid".  Can't you see ?  They just label the death from flu, tuberculosis, and other normal elderly illnesses as now called covid. They do this to scare us to take the vaccine.

The swab test in your nose is not a test. It is the implanting of nano or micro dots of technology.  The swab test or the vaccine, both are designed to put these micro dot medical devices in your body.  They can never be removed as they spread throughout the body thru the blood.

Vaccine is defined in law for public health & medical use. The covid vaccine is NOT a vaccine. It is a nano tech implant, in body of a medical device to alter your rNA, DNA.

I have & recommend Dr. Cowan's book, Contagion to explain there has never been a virus isolated & identified, but a virus is a simple way for medical people to blame some thing on a set of symptoms.

Dr. Antoine Bechamp correctly shows the body gets sick when it lacks basic nourishment, rest, good water & air, and exercise.

Once were the Living is excellent documentary.

There are 87,000 ? doctors & nurses warning us of the devastating effects of covid vaccine, which is NOT a vaccine but an internal, untested, medical device to cause huge harm and which can be controlled remotely changing basic characteristics of the one with the imbedded medical device.

The super rich bankers & elites who wish to control all people and resources (oil, minerals, food, …) over the world.

By putting these micro chips in us, they can monitor our location, activities, control our health & vaccinations and control our freedoms and our access to money.

I have 200+ articles explaining all this.